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Convert water from ml to tablespoons

How many ml of water is one tablespoon? The question is asked by many who do not have a measuring cup on hand. But even without a scale, you can convert the ml of water into tablespoons. All you need is just a tablespoon and water! Everyone has that in the house 🙂

Because if you are baking a cake or something else in the kitchen that requires the exact ml amount of water, panic quickly arises. You don't have to rush to the nearest supermarket to buy a measuring cup - use our online calculator - it simply works out the tablespoon you need.

We'll present you a simple formula beforehand, which you can use to calculate how many ml of water are in a tablespoon:

1 tablespoon is 7.5ml of water

If you want to know how much 100 ml of water is, you only have to divide 100 by 7.5 and you get the number of tablespoons = 13.33 tablespoons of water. That's 13 full tablespoons of water + 1 tablespoon 1/3 full.

But we make it even easier for you, our online calculator quickly calculates the required number of tablespoons for you. You don't need a measuring cup to determine your result!

In order to save time, you should write down the number of tablespoons right away so that the next time you can simply grab the tablespoon instead of having to take the measuring cup again 🙂

Our calculator makes it even easier for you,

Here you can simply convert the ml of water into tablespoons

Conclusion: With our calculator you can measure water without a measuring cup

Here you will find another clear table

Ml water)tablespoon
15 ml2
20 ml2.67
25 ml3.33
30 ml4
35 ml4.67
40 ml5.33
45 ml6
50 ml6.67
55 ml7.33
60 ml8
65 ml8.67
70 ml9.33
75 ml10
80 ml10.67
85 ml11.33
90 ml12
95 ml12.67
100 ml13.33
105 ml14
110 ml14.67
115 ml15.33
120 ml16
125 ml16.67
130 ml17.33
135 ml18
140 ml18.67
145 ml19.33
150 ml20
155 ml20.67
160 ml21.33
165 ml22
170 ml22.67
175 ml23.33
180 ml24
185 ml24.67
190 ml25.33
195 ml26
200 ml26.67
205 ml27.33
210 ml28
215 ml28.67
220 ml29.33
225 ml30
230 ml30.67
235 ml31.33
240 ml32
245 ml32.67
250 ml33.33
255 ml34
260 ml34.67
265 ml35.33
270 ml36
275 ml36.67
280 ml37.33
285 ml38
290 ml38.67
295 ml39.33
300 ml40
400 ml53.33
500 ml66.67

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