How to tan your skin quickly

How to get a tan quickly in a solarium: useful tips

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Leather in a soft bronze color - a hit for all times and seasons. Girls even in winter look like they just returned from a resort a few days ago where they stayed for at least a week. Unfortunately, the aristocratic pallor does not apply to everyone, so in this case you have to rely on modern developments that are supposed to give the skin a pleasant chocolate color.

Of course, you can go the simple way and use the cream with the effect of tanning, but this method works temporarily (a day or two). To boast of tanned skin for several months (if not all year), you need to visit the tan bed in a timely manner to get the effects.

Please note

Before going to the solarium, it is a good idea to see a dermatologist who will determine whether or not you can sunbathe this way. Ultraviolet radiation is contraindicated in certain diseases of the skin, internal organs, hormonal disorders, etc. An unrecognized disease can lead to unpleasant consequences, from uneven skin tone to serious health problems.

Fast - does not mean in a session or two, not forcing events. No matter how much you want to achieve the desired effect in a short period of time, nothing will come of it, and you can also damage your skin. Fast - it's 5-10 sessions with an interval of 48 hours.

It is not possible to resort to such emergency methods for sunburn more often twice a year (a maximum of 20 procedures each at the interval specified in paragraph 2). Most often, the staff of beauty salons do not recommend feeling afraid especially for the condition of your skin: frequent visits to the solarium lead to premature aging of the skin.

Conditions of participation

Since you have not found any contraindications and you are absolutely certain that you will "gild" your skin in a solarium without having to resort to a cream, you should observe the following rules:

  1. The day before visiting the solarium, use a special body scrub with abrasive particles: they will peel off the skin, remove the hot spots and dead particles. If you do not do this, you run the risk of getting "leopard color".
  2. Do not use various perfumed shower gels and soaps immediately before the session: they destroy the natural protective layer (layer of fat) on the skin, which creates the risk of serious burns. Such means should be showered at least one day before going to the solarium.
  3. The previous rule applies to shaving, depilation and all types of epilation: these procedures break the integrity of the protective layer of the skin again.
  4. On the day of your visit to the tanning bed, do not use toilet water and deodorant, do not include perfumed creams and body lotions. Also wash all cosmetics off your face.
  5. Use the means that are offered to you: glasses on the eyes, nipples and especially large moles and a hood for the hair.
  6. Use special cosmetics for the skin (only for a tanning salon, not for time in the sun), protect them from possible burns and accelerate the tanning process of the skin. These creams should be applied to the skin before the procedure. after you need to use fixing lotion.
  7. After finishing the procedure, you should not take a shower for two hours so that the effect adheres to the skin and is not washed off with water.

Don't forget these rules and sensible precautions: Excessive enthusiasm for tanning beds will only hurt you! If you feel bad (dizziness, nausea, fever) after the first session, you should not return to the solarium.

Tan even faster

If you follow all the rules and use the necessary tools, the tan will be quite quickly and accurately. However, when there really is no time and a bronze skin tone is required, there are additional tips that you can use to enhance the effect you want.

  1. Attend meetings regularly. Since you have shaded your skin like a person who has returned from a vacation from hot countries, you should not miss the scheduled sessions. Two days passed from the first to the second. This is the only way you will REALLY get a tan.
  2. Between sessions, it is advisable to use the cream with vitamins A and E: they fix the shade and do not let it "peel off" too quickly (the tan obtained in the solarium peels off faster than the natural one).
  3. Eat orange foods - carrots, pumpkins, persimmons, oranges - they contain beta-carotene, which supports your skin tone.
  4. Use a vertical solarium instead of the usual horizontal one. Lamps in the first emit more α-rays, which is why the tan burns faster and more evenly. A session under such radiation should not last longer than ten minutes. And in terms of hygiene, visiting a vertical tanning bed is much more pleasant.
  5. Use bronzator. Your skin will not turn gold and will not overflow even when you go to the solarium on a regular basis. If you want to give it a slight, pleasant shimmer and deepen the tan, bronzers will come to your aid.
  6. Do not refuse the creams and lotions that the staff of the tanning studio offer you: they are made with special fixatives, thanks to which the tanning effect lasts longer.

Even in such a simple matter, there are a lot of nuances to consider, since you have seriously started to give your skin a pleasant chocolate color.

Do not neglect the tips: use creams, drink vitamins and know the measure, no matter how much you want to tan in a short time - it will not work! Even if you immediately use all of the advice we wrote at once, you won't become a mulatto in one day. All of the above have a cumulative effect, so be sure to be patient. In the end, beauty needs sacrifices, also in the form of time.

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