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A pedagogical wisdom that is no longer so new is: Kevin, that would not be a name, but a diagnosis, and in the case of the American evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald it is generally "tough, pure anti-Semitism", for example among the system henchmen and enthusiastic informers from the sunny country , among which, at least on the face of it, there are not only other civil servants but also numerous empties. A "RaichskasperDavidFriedric" warns on November 12th, 2019 in view of his sighting of a meeting of the well-known self-declared emptier Nikolai Nerling with MacDonald at the Dutch right-wing fire sword conference (emphasis added by the copier):

He interviews, in bumpy English, the editor of the Occidental Observer Kevin MacDonald, a friend of John Irving.

The whole thing is anti-Semitism at its worst.

-https: // topic = 4953.7875

Well, the thing about "anti-Semitism" is true in that MacDonald's explored the phenomenon of non-Jews' hostility towards Jews and has ample evidence to show that this so-called "anti-Semitism" is true to the saying "it always belongs two to this “in no way represents a purely irrational impulse, for which at the most mindfuck rays from outer space, unknown viruses or projective psychological processes would be responsible, in which the dull goy splits off his own abysmal, nasty, piggy personality parts and on the innocent Jew transmits, which thus a scapegoat version is slipped over. It must be noted here that the scapegoat ritual, in which the sins of an entire people are attached to a completely innocent being, is of Hebrew origin and there is actually nothing directly comparable among Aryans.

Instead, MacDonald turns it the other way around: anti-Semitism is by and large a thoroughly rational matter for him, in that it is simply a reaction to real Jewish strategies within real ethnic competition. And that is actually the worst form of "anti-Semitism" according to today's general reading: hold Jews responsible for hostility towards Jews! Kevin MacDonald does not contest this, for him Jews are a prime example of his concept of the “evolutionary group strategy” among “diaspora peoples”.

Apart from the anti-Semitism discourse, the conception of “evolutionary group strategies” is not recognized in science as it is generally assumed in evolutionary biology that the individual is the lever on which the evolutionary forces act, not the group. MacDonald counters this by saying that here humans are fundamentally different from animals (or as it should be according to today's biology: the other animals), since there are no instances with these that are responsible for compliance and enforcement social group-related norms and practices, which the narrator does not find entirely valid, but should not be pursued further here.

It is interesting that MacDonald thinks that his choice of the Jews as an object of study for his theory was a rather coincidental one, he could just as well have taken the Spartans as a “diaspora people”. For the narrator, this represents a successful stair joke, because the legendary ancient warrior people, who experienced an immense surge in popularity in recent years due to the "300" films, on whose bow wave the "new rights", in particular the "Identitarian Movement", who adopted it as a symbol of their proclaimed struggle for the ethnic and cultural self-preservation of the “European peoples” or “Europe” against a globalist supremacy, in fact represented a “diaspora people” themselves, which as a foreign intruder in a subject Host culture had spread, from which it fed aggressively, predatory and parasitic! The fact that the “Lambda” logo, which the identities from the “300” films copied for themselves, has its counterpart in the LBQT movement, is not entirely without its comedy, although it must be humbly admitted that they have that wear small lambda on the sign.

Oh, the narrator is just wondering whether he has strayed a bit from the path again! Hm, actually not, at least not so much, because the lambda leads us straight to the opposite of Kevin, that of the illustrious sympathizers here with surely well-known talking doll Nicolai, the emptier. The latter, more inclined to the “right-wing” old school, repeatedly expressed deep distrust of the identitary Lambda logo in his didactic lectures, suspecting, for example, that it didn't look much in common with the first letter of the Greek alphabet, but rather with the tip of a pyramid remember and thus rather blatantly in the direction of bricklayers and "Illuminati" wise!

Yes, in fact, such an instant movement as the Identitarians should be treated with caution, but this applies, as the local elite reader should not be new either, AT LEAST to the same extent for the self-declared emptier of the people and brains! The narrator can at least not be accused of not tirelessly pointing out his manifold mistakes and the overall inferior quality of Leerer's didactics, which is why his outrageous derivations of the terms "left" and "right", his most embarrassing mistakes with regard to historical data, especially with regard to third parties Reich and World War II, his even more embarrassing “attempts” to “develop theories” according to which the “Teutons”, for example, “invented” Christianity six thousand years ago on Neolithic sun shrines, since the term “Holy Mass” is derived from “holy sun” and “ Messen “, his embarrassing method-acting, such as rubbing himself inconspicuously against the goggles in front of tears-choked poems, should only be mentioned in passing.

What is absolutely remarkable and outstanding for the narrator, however, is that here in this short interview two poles meet, who play a special role in terms of their ideological character, whereby the grotty folk emptier represents, so to speak, the antipode to the scientifically serious-looking Alpha Kevin.

As far as Kevin MacDonald is concerned, he had managed to combine the crucial points in a humble narrative mindset that make up the largely unified anti-Semitic worldview. His trilogy on “Judaism as an evolutionary group strategy” appeared to be stringent and consistent overall, despite all weaknesses and possible starting points for criticism. The translation of the volume “Seperation And It's Discontents”, first published by Libergraphix Verlag in Germany, was pretty much the most unsuccessful thing the narrator has ever come across in this regard and he would probably be better with the original been served. However, this does not change the fact that it was clearly illustrated here in sober language that there is covert ethnic competition between Jews and non-Jews. This was a real eye-opener, with the realization that, contrary to the talk of “demonization” and “slander”, the wolf actually corresponds in many aspects to the traditionally traditional image, quite comparable. Which in turn makes the label “worst anti-Semitism” seem justified at first, since MacDonald's work could theoretically be potentially dangerous to Jews and Jewish power structures.

Especially because the supposedly irrational anti-Semitism at MacDonald is largely rationally justified in an understandable way and represents a REACTION - REACTION, REACTION, wasn't there what? MacDonald clearly showed that Jews as a diaspora people not only adapted to an existence in majority societies, but also developed appropriate cultural techniques to transform them, i.e. to redesign them so that they are only used by the minority, which in turn has numerous allegories and analogies to the animal kingdom, especially the terrifying and fascinating cosmos of parasites.

When reading MacDonald, comparisons between host animals in which parasites have latched onto the nervous system and manipulate their behavior in such a way that it only serves the interests of the parasite, its protection and reproduction, and the peoples, come to mind which Jews have occupied the decisive key positions in finance, politics, the economy and in the education sector! The famous Sacculina crab attacks a defenseless crab, castrates it and uses "Mind Control" to ensure that it feeds the parasite instead of its own brood. Roundworms that attack crickets and are dependent on host changes in their development cycle make their host animal jump into the water so that it can be eaten by fish in which the cycle is completed. A similar practice is used by the liver fluke, whose larva grows in ants and, when the time comes, drives their host to the tip of a blade of grass, where it staples with its biting tools and waits to be eaten by sheep The parasitic life cycle is completed by the fact that the leeches mature into adults, mate, lay eggs, which get outside through the excrement to be ingested by ants - the examples are innumerable.

Mono-ethnic cultures are, as MacDonald discussed in more detail, not necessarily beneficial for "Jewish life", so key positions in the majority society are occupied and the people concerned are made to act against their own interests: they forego offspring, pamper those from strangers, makes his borders permeable and his country into a land for everyone, suddenly understands foreign interests as his own, gives up any own identity and takes over that of the parasite, etc., and so on. Terrifying. You don't want to admit it.

And the further conclusions are also frightening if you think about all of this consistently. After all, what is the general procedure for pests and parasites? Isn't the Jew as a parasite an anti-Semitic archetype? Just think of the swarm of rats in “The Eternal Jew”, blended with shots of dark figures in Polish ghettos! Doesn't this thinking inevitably lead to genocide in the final analysis? Not with MacDonald himself. He is of the opinion that the Jews should be specially taxed for the damage they caused to the host peoples through their parasitic mafia-like networks, a kind of "Jewish gift", as it was already known in the Third Reich. Puuuuh! He does NOT “deny” the Holocaust, but publicly represents an attitude that roughly corresponds to that of Ernst Nolte in the “historians' dispute” in the FRG in the 1980s, according to which the mass slaughter in Russia by the Jewish-dominated Bolsheviks and under Stalin could not have escaped the German right and had motivated Hitler to his "Asiatic deed", he acted according to the motto that an opponent who is capable of such a thing must be met in the same way. An interpretation of the story that the narrator is not entirely averse to, without wanting to go into more depth.

Although MacDonald, at least according to the narrator's memory, does not go so far as to categorize the Jews as a “race”, he does go on the genetic level: In order to survive as a diaspora in the majority society, one must not be too nice, because this inevitably leads to mixing, assimilation and thus merging into the majority society. This would also be the origin of the hostility towards the goyim, which the cultural-religious authorities, especially the rabbinical community, would have steadily promoted over the centuries. The friendlier individuals often took the route of assimilation, whereby the core, on the other hand, as a result of evolutionary selection, would have become increasingly hostile. Orthodox Judaism today is practically a generator from which elements are centrifugally thrown into the environment again and again, which, as it were, already have genetically determined predispositions for a certain hostility and subversion towards the majority society, which explains that there are also pure “Jews of descent “Ultimately behaved Jewish in a certain way and made it clear that Judaism was a matter of descent and not of religion. In fact, the gene pool is open like a barn door through the definition of ancestry via the mother, but on the other hand there are other factors, such as social and cultural selection through strict marriage regulations, etc.

The interview with Empty Nikolai does not bring any sensational new insights. Alpha-Kevin basically only presents his concept in short form:

Yes, Jews are very interesting and worth looking at. In fact, you have to do it by necessity.

They are very different from Europeans in their thinking, especially with regard to their interpretation of history and the consequences of it. Looking back on their history, white Europeans would think of kings and knights, Jews would remember their coexistence with white Christian Europeans as a long chain of humiliations and persecutions, even though they would have managed to get close to those in power again and again and to be granted considerable power and influence, from which ordinary non-Jews sometimes suffered greatly, which in turn led to "anti-Semitism" as a reaction to Jewish practices such as usury.

No, he does not claim that “the Jews rule the world”, but they would like to settle close to power, occupy key positions, influence politics in their interests and transform societies accordingly. In addition, however, foreign policy is particularly important, so American foreign policy is conducted essentially in the interests of Israel, which is expressed in all the wars for Israeli interests. The actions of the USA against the Third Reich could also be interpreted as being guided by Jewish interests.

As far as the response to his work is concerned, most of the time he was kept silent. With a gentle smile, he cites Harvard professor (((Steven Pinker))), who described MacDonald's work as "hideous" and at the same time admitted that he had never read it and never wanted to do it. Another, unnamed Jewish academic wrote a detailed critical review and also had a lengthy correspondence with MacDonald, although he would have remained extremely hostile and derogatory without being able to refute Mac Donald's work on any point. This is still "unchallenged", waiting in a sense for a serious opponent.

As far as the criticism of MacDonald's work is concerned, according to Wikipedia (although you can forget the German wiki, but the English-language one gives quite a bit of detailed information about MacDonald), the "anti-Semitism label" seems to prevent reliably that scientists who value their reputation approach the matter objectively and analytically. On a much more precarious level, like with UFOs and paranormal things, it is an established scientist who even gives the impression that he takes something like this even remotely seriously, risks his reputation and his existence, which is why one is already good as such Must show reasons to deal with it even with the tip of your fingers. MacDonald's statements in the interview with the emptier are largely confirmed in realiter: As far as MacDonald's theses themselves are concerned, the criticism essentially consists in pointing out that his concept of group selection would contradict the central principles of contemporary evolutionary psychology. Otherwise, Mr. Steven Pinker from Harvard actually attests that MacDonald had given up all science in favor of wild ad-hominem attacks. This can by no means be confirmed by the narrator, as already mentioned, the style of MacDonald in his Judaism trilogy is characterized by sober objectivity, although in the matter quite relentlessly, but Mr.Pinker actually says that he did not deal in detail with MacDonald's work, as if the vulgar ad hominem tour were literally jumping towards you even with a fleeting leafing through, which is by no means the case.

The main thrust of the criticism of MacDonald, especially on the part of the lobby organizations Anti Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), is directed against his amalgamation of science with political activism, which also violates scientific principles, at least if you chant as a professor that Judaism as a whole as an “evolutionary group strategy” clearly exerts a negative influence on the West or the white peoples, even if not every Jew is involved. Of course, that doesn't work, even if such amalgamations are generally accepted and propagated in “Scientists For Future”. In fact, Kevin MacDonald has become a figurehead of Old and Altright and can actually be seen as a political activist who clearly states on his portal "The Occidental Observer" that he is committed to "White Identity, Interests and Culture". In view of the currently openly anti-white narrative and agenda, it's hard to say anything against it, isn't it? And if this is represented by a sober and serious-looking man like MacDonald, it is not surprising when in a situation like today all pro-white currents rally behind him.

Well, is Kevin MacDonald really upright and right in wrong? Or is there something fishy about it, regardless of doubts about the concept of “group selection” and the accusations made by its opponents from the Jewish lobby organizations ADL and SPLC? Perhaps also from a white nationalist perspective? Is there hair or even bristles in the white identity soup?

In his search, the narrator met a loud-mouthed Negro woman who calls herself the "tree of logic", drummed herself loudly on her breasts and chattered loudly, for having revealed Kevin MacDonald and his "Culture Of Critique" as a fraud:

Well, this negress, who is posing around in front of her guns, a US flag and a mighty bi-handed decorative sword, appears to be more Texan than Texan, while pro-gun and, of course, "libertarian" decorative swords seem to be somehow a mark of "libertarians", At least the confessing upper libertarian woman Matthie has two of them, but in terms of firearms only gaspoppers, whereby the narrator, as a friend of diversity, finds it overall to be welcomed that Carolin is now also in Schwatz! Yes, the negress is extremely chatty and even Jane Goodall's most impressive chimpanzee males pale against her demeanor, who pulled out their full stop after being given a couple of tin canisters to amplify the resonance!

Unfortunately, what comes from the prognathic rows of teeth and the thick lip is also the purest sheet metal! So, she wanted to date dear Kevin - for a video conference, of course, and after he had agreed to do so after a lot of ado, he backed out at the last minute -bath! After a tenacious follow-up from Logicbaum, Kevin insisted that she should rather invite Andrew Joyce, who was at least a recognized expert, connoisseur and expert on the Jewish Question like Kevin himself! AHA, sums up Logic Tree with cannibalistic teeth and eyes rolling: Because Kevin is obviously scared, pinches before the date and also looks for cover behind someone he describes as his equal, if not superior, the matter is done and his “Culture Of Critique” not only as insubstantial, but demystified as the work of another! Andrew Joyce is practically the ghostwriter of Kevin, at least the logic tree has unequivocally determined and acts as if she is holding the severed head of Kevin in her hands while the rest is already simmering in the saucepan!

But apart from the fact that this tree logic is anything but convincing and stringent, at least what corresponds to the standards of morality and abstract thinking customary in western white societies, not a single point of MacDonald's content is refuted or even addressed by the content of "Culture Of Critique “is out of the question! The fact that Kevin ultimately did not feel like going on a date with a logic tree must be enough, after all, other ALTRGHT greats like (((Brian Enoch))) or Richard Spencer, who not only has close ties to the Bush family, but also ominously naked Negro (m? / W? / D?) Hidden in his booth (the narrator himself witnessed how such an enigmatic being, inadequately wrapped up with a towel, padded through the picture in the background while Spencer was holding a video conference, was able to record the recording but can't be found in the supposedly never-to-be-forgotten world network), no problem with that either! Haha, Uga, Uga, Uga, dance in a bast skirt or was it bananas after all? Oh, no more joking around now, but if you hear something like that and worse in the stands at every history and ethnology lesson on the Youtube University, our colored cousins ​​don't need to feel like that either:

1 ReplyTudor Me1 month ago Low Fertility Rates, Low Sperm Count, Highest Suicide Rates By Race, Opioid Epidemic, Crystal Meth 2.0, Race Mixing, LGBT, Feminism, All Of These Prove That The Universe Is Culling Them.

ReplyTudor Me1 month ago @ siksikaOur fertility rates are above the replacement level of 2.11, particularly in Africa; Some of those counties fertility rates are as high as 7.0, but even here in America, our fertility rate is at the replenishing rate of 2.11. However, you cannot say the same for the white man’s fertility rate anywhere on the planet. Bye bye and good riddance.

Yeah, Bye Bye muh niggah, and watch you get your big mouths stuffed without Big Bad Whitey! But what about Kevin now, when the logic tree obviously didn't quite manage to deconstruct or "destroy" him, as it is called today among young influencers? I mean Kevin is WEISS and, as a black woman, logic tree is one of the big losers on the dating market next to the Asian hubby, so she should be used to something like that without making a big revelation every time! Where can you find really sound against the new right Alpha-Kevin? Well, apart from the fact that the unrestrained Trumptrain free-riding of the Kevin in view of the network-related wiring of the Donald certainly gives rise to legitimate questions about Kevin's very own topic of "group strategies", there are still some notable markers in his academic vita that one in the face of allegedly the most dangerous anti-Semites in the USA seem a bit strange.

A certain Miles Mathis, himself not entirely without justification as a conspiracy theorist and nutcase belonging to the “Loonatic Fringe”, has summarized some notable points in this regard:

Kevin MacDonald, the editor of the Occidental Observer, simply fails the odor test. For example, smell this: MacDonald has a trilogy on Judaism, the first entitled "A People that Shall Dwell Alone". Though the trilogy has been dubbed the most anti-Semitic thing outside of Stormfront, it was published by Greenwood Publishing Group. This was founded in 1967 by Harold Schwartz and its scientific department was set up in 1970 by Robert Hagelstein, who remained its vice-president until 1999. Wait, an anti-Semitic trilogy was published by two guys named Schwartz and Hagelstein? Do you see the little red flag here?

This also fits, as we found out that from 1989-2000 he was the reviewer for the magazine "Child Development", which was published from 1995 to 2000 by Larry Steinberg. It's from his own résumé. Another Jewish name that overlooked him when he was about to become one of the country's dangerous anti-Semites. MacDonald was also an editor for Population and Environment magazine from 1999-2000. He was reportedly fired for the articles he selected for this journal. This magazine was published at the time by the Plenum Publishing Corporation, a company headquartered in New York. The plenary session was ultimately absorbed by Springer, which was Jewish. Looks like MacDonald has been "allowed" to post some incriminating information in order to establish the credibility that fake opposition needs to establish.

Another red flag is that MacDonald was doing his research and publishing these books while he was a professor at California State Long Beach. This is one of the largest universities in the state, with around 37,000 enrollments. It owns the largest art college west of the Missisippi, which is not irrelevant here. CSULB was set up after the war, in 1949, which is also not insignificant. The university president from 1970 to 1988 was Steve Horn, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Remember, Brookings rejected the New Deal and later worked on the 1948 Marshall Plan (an arm of the then-new CIA). She was also involved in creating the United Nations. The institute was funded early on by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. It was involved in Watergate as one of Nixon's main opponents. Charles Cholson jokingly wanted to bomb the BI with incendiary bombs. Although she is sometimes referred to as liberal, this can only be a joke as she is fascist.

But back to Steve Horn. We find a second link between Rockefeller and Horn since he was Nelson Rockefeller's campaign coordinator in California in 1964. So you should begin to recognize where Steve Horn comes from and thus where the leadership of the CSULB comes from. I would say Kevin MacDonald didn't end up there by accident.

We are told on MacDonald's homepage that the CSULB ultimately shied away from responding to this powerful anti-Semite whom the Southern Poverty Law Center has long termed one of America's most dangerous men. The university prepared and published a short statement in 2008 in which it distanced itself from him but at the same time upheld his First Amendment rights. But since the last book in the trilogy came out a full decade earlier (1998), it's hard to understand the timing. Are we to believe that they have only just realized that one of America's most dangerous men is on their faculty? Amazingly, until his retirement in 2014, he was left alone, never having to answer a tenure committee. This should show you that he was protected, and not just by his office. If the fascists really want to fire a professor, they can do it, full-time or not.

As an example, James Tracy, an associate professor of journalism and media studies at Florida Atlantic University, who was hired in 2002 and joined in 2008, was fired in 2016 for his independent blogging activities involving scams like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook Mass shoot revealed. Note that Kevin MacDonald and his staff do not expose scams like this one. Even if a fake mass shoot like the Charleston Church shoot of “Dylann Storm Roof” directly affects “white interests”, MacDonald and his staff do not make it public. Current or "former" MacDonald employees can be found at The Occidental Quarterly, (especially the questionable Greg Johnson), and (especially the suspicious White nationalist Matt Parrott).

Well, the narrator has to humbly admit that he already finds this more convincing, or at least more thought-provoking, than the one with the alleged unscientific ad-hominem argument of Pinker et al. or the flimsy rejection of the Ebony logic tree, even if that with the "hoax revelations" shows how Matthis is to be located in terms of conspiracy!

Whereby one must in fact note that precisely these "shootings" like from the retort, after Charleston and others in the States and Christchurch / New Zealand now also arrived in Germany with Halle, from the suspects mentioned always within the narrative of a genuine perpetrator , a genuine act, without any suspicion of staging, even mentioning “Formfleisch” or “Beyond Meat” in passing, regardless of whether the whole thing rhymes or not, no matter how red the pennants are! Those ALTRGHT instances always take over the representation of the government and propaganda journal: angrier, young white man who thinks he is being pushed into a corner, radicalized via the internet and happily provided with a "manifest" according to ALTRGHT standards as evidence for an ideological underpinning of the act! Understanding of the perpetrator and his motive is then regularly emphasized, but the act itself is rejected.

In this context it should not be forgotten that one can interpret mega-hyped works like "Joker" as a large-scale attempt to implement the same figure of the marginalized and potentially dangerous young white man in the collective consciousness of whites as well as non-whites! But what strategy is being used with the Kevin, according to Mathis, and why?

We have seen over and over again that the industrialists like to create their own opposition so that they can control the conflict. In this way, none of the really great truths ever come to light. To me, this looks a lot like what's going to happen to MacDonald and the Occidental Observer. As another easy-to-understand example - something that jumped at me straight away - note that from the beginning it has been MacDonald’s core thesis that non-Jews cannot compete with Jews. According to Wikipedia he says

that Jews have a "group evolutionary strategy" aimed at limiting exogamy, strengthening cultural segregation, promoting welfare and economic cooperation within the group, and regulating marriage and births within the group in such a way that a high level of intelligence , Resource acquisition skills, parental care, and group solidarity are achieved.

He later implies

that combating these strategies for non-Jews would result in a high level of discrimination against individual Jews regarding admission to universities or potential jobs, would involve, or even an immense taxation of Jews to compensate for the Jewish advantage in owning wealth.

If these two things together don't seem very suspicious to you, you better take a closer look. While he claims to make Jews look bad - because of the anti-Semitism labeling - MacDonald actually makes them look good. They then pretend to take offense, etc. But as I have already shown in earlier writings, Jews are not really worse than anyone else, so I tell you, they are not really better either. By and large, they are not successful in a variety of specialist areas because they are more talented for it, they are successful because they are more interested in it - and because those who are successful have fewer scruples about being successful without talent. This is certainly the case in my specialty: art.

But the second quote is even more suspicious than the first, as no sincere person would have any interest in preventing Jews from honestly succeeding and doing things that need to be done. We should only be interested in preventing Gentiles like Jews from advancing dishonestly, right? Well, we wouldn't do that by limiting Jews' access to universities and jobs, or by taxing them at a higher rate. We would do it by enacting the laws we already have in the books (but which we no longer enforce).

You see how the Jewish question is being used to keep you from turning your gaze to the larger problem of pandemic corruption in all areas. Since everyone recognizes that Jews are a tiny minority, there is no way they could cause this corruption without collusion with everyone else. A righteous majority cannot possibly be corrupted by a tiny minority. Even assuming they are pursuing projects to corrupt you, if they succeed in corrupting you, you cannot claim afterwards that you are or ever were virtuous. You are either just as bad as they are or you are a slug.

Yes, somehow the humiliated narrator feels like a nudibranch stung or fisted by the killer bee, after all that outstanding blog bee and a prominent victim of insect death, also referred to as a grim yellow TEUTONENFISTER by some, not without respect, never tired of his always to whip disciples crawling to the cross in his own slime in front of him, that no Jew is to be blamed for the lousy character of the German bigwig Christians and their worthless subjects.

But our dear Alpha-Kevin has not clearly named the weaknesses and starting points of the white Europeans for Semitic social parasitism and this does not move on a level beyond “good” and “bad” or “good” and “bad”, like Is it also appropriate to work in the scientific fields of evolutionary psychology and biology? Is the crab as “corrupt” as the Sacculina cancer that attacks it? Somehow, Conspiracy Mathis falls short here, but the maturing of the most dangerous anti-Semite in the USA from a Jewish point of view in thoroughly Jewish structures is quite rightly questioned and he is more convincing than all the representatives of the “Culture Of Critique” with their consistently sparse -sparse and inaccurate statements. So to finish off, Mathis again, with a conclusion that you could meditate on, especially in view of what actually resulted from all the raids over the years and decades in such a purely practical manner.

This is how you see MacDonald turning in a desired direction. He tells you these half-truths that will lead you to his solution: Discrimination against Jews! He acts just like the ADL wants, saying all the wrong things at all the right moments. It leads you to discrimination in response and away from enforcing existing laws in response - just like the big boys want it to be. They will even admit that they are very bad guys unless you really penetrate their methods or see the obvious solutions. That's what controlled opposition is about, you know - admitting what people already know and then dissuading them from finding out anything else. Block, block, block.

As the strongest argument against the integrity of Alpha-Kevin, however, one could rate his handshake with the Volksleerer in the video linked above, in which he also certifies the Nerling to do “valuable work”, which is why he should “take care of himself”. The predicate “particularly valuable”, that is, from a capacity that the narrator has long rated as serious and authoritative like MacDonald for an established dull head in front of the gentleman! Whereby one could at least argue for Kevin that he should not be informed about the contents conveyed by the emptier and for his part sees in him only a figurehead for white interests in Germany and Europe.

Incidentally, the narrator is humbly no longer sure whether the emptier is employed directly by the local "services". In fact, he could well be "real" in the sense that right-wing associations / networks, also from overseas, could stand behind him, as some have assumed. Here too, of course, the question remains to what extent such structures can really be genuine. In the opinion of the narrator, however, he is by no means a single perpetrator and a sure-fire success, as there are too many indications for external control. In view of what he wants to sell "to the people" as a doctrine, that is quite irrelevant. Even if it should be "real", it is simply too dull and stupid, including its vendor's tray of carelessly cobbled together nostalgia junk. It is not for nothing that the emptier, with his appearances at the side of King Fitzek and Jo Conrad, has finally sunk into the category that corresponds to his level. And so the question is whether you like the emptier now or not, not from “right” or “left” but from “stupid” and “less stupid”. So a few years ago you dove into certain, explosive contexts with the serious, scientifically arguing Alpha-Kevin, only to experience how he now proves his reference to an idiot magnet like the void? But think for yourself where you stand while the narrator checks whether the fat shekel check has already arrived.

I like it:

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