Copy funny stories with whatsapp smileys

WhatsApp smiley stories: the best variants


With a little creativity, great stories can be told with smileys on WhatsApp. Whether full of humor, sad or exciting: Writing stories alone with the almost unlimited number of smileys in the messenger is a special challenge. The best smiley stories are definitely worth a closer look!

The nice thing about smileys is that they often say more than words. So if you want to share feelings, situations or moments on WhatsApp with others, you can either use photos or videos or create a smiley story. The selection of smileys for this is now huge and leaves a lot of scope:
  • A nice smiley story can be created by planning your vacation: What do you want to see, where do you want to go, what should your fellow travelers definitely plan? The anticipation should continue to grow!
  • Speaking of vacation: A WhatsApp smiley story is also ideal for keeping those who stayed at home up to date. What was on your program today, what is planned for tomorrow? Expressed with smileys, it looks a lot livelier!
  • Not only the vacation, but also the everyday can be expressed in smiley stories. Dreams, for example: They are often so diffuse anyway that it is difficult to describe them. So smileys help!

The importance of WhatsApp smileys

With the huge selection of smileys on WhatsApp, the question quickly arises what individual emojis actually mean. In general, every imaginable feeling can be expressed with the colorful faces. A more detailed list helps to understand the individual meanings.
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