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Friday 31st August 2012

Virginia Beach

Before I can talk about today's SUPER day, I have to tell a little bit about yesterday!
I was riding with A. and actually we wanted to meet D. and T. at Tony's Pizza and have dinner together. So I took some really great photos of A. and her Penny and when we went into the stable, I got a text message from D. Was then quite shocked "Meet us at the Heathcoat Hospital. T. got hurt." A. and I went to the hospital, even though D. said we shouldn't stress ourselves. Up to that point they had found out that T. had injured himself during soccer training and that it was probably something in the hip. I was nervous ... madness, as if it was my child or brother or something, I really got really fond of them :)
Fortunately, there was nothing gross, "just" a muscle strain, but of course it's a lot of pain. Since he was given quite a strong narcotic and was not doing so well, D. and L. decided that he should go to VA Beach with L. and not have to go to school today (Friday). So L. and T. drove off and I went to a Mexican with D. and A. It was really delicious!
Then I picked up Jenny and we went to Cold Stone for an ice cream and chatted a bit before we went home.

Of course we chatted until sometime in the night and by then I was pretty tired. Accordingly, the alarm clock at 6 o'clock in the morning was somehow too early for me;) But I just woke up, Jenny the sleepy head slept on: P Then I went to school with A. shortly before half past seven, were still up at Starbucks a drink and then I'm home packing my suitcase: D
At 9:30 am Jenny, D. and I left the house and we went to Wegmans shopping for the weekend ... well, we actually left $ 220 there ... but that's the way it is here, healthy things are just terribly expensive.

Then we drove to the kids' school and picked A. up. Then there was a good sandwich for lunch from Subways and then on the drive to Virginia Beach we watched "2012" in the mega-fat car with two built-in televisions and wireless headphones with a great sound. It was cool :) Despite the weekend traffic, we were there in about 3:40, so it wasn't that bad.
Once there, the groceries were first moved from the huge cool box into the refrigerator, then we were unpacked and then we all sat together. The house here is so beautiful. Wonderfully furnished. In such a beautiful shade of green combined with white. I think I want something like that too: D

In the evening we rode our bikes to a restaurant for about 5 minutes. There we had to wait about an hour for the table, so we took a few photos and just relaxed. The food was really amazing, my hamburger was soooo good, not greasy and just wonderful. I then shared a take-away dessert with Ariana.

Jenny and I were then also on the beach, it was nice to see everything at night. Yes, I liked it :)

I'm looking forward to mooooorgen. And I think there will be photos when I come home or if I find time here :)


Thursday August 30, 2012

Driving license!

So today I finally got or got my driver's license.
The driver's license cost me € 20 and consisted of 10 questions about traffic signs (all had to be correct) and 25 questions about correct driving behavior, American laws, traffic regulations, effects and all that stuff (80% had to be correct). Then there was an excursion with an employee and that was it. It all sounds very easy (it actually is) but I have to admit that it was my second attempt today: P
Yesterday I was there already, somehow took it easy because I know the traffic signs and I didn't really learn a lot. With the first 10 questions (where all of them have to be correct), there was a small language barrier and so I got the question wrong. Driver's license not passed - DRAMA PERFECT! : D
After a phone call with a good friend at home (cell phone bill says hello ...) I felt much, much better and I went back to the matter with a stronger will. My initial "No shit, now I'm going to fly home soon because I'll never pass the test ...!" was gone thanks to the conversation and I felt reasonably well again. In addition, dear Jenny, of course, also persuaded me very well and was totally on my side ... thanks Mausi: - *
Fortunately, my host parents didn't say anything either and then I went back to the "learning book". This time I read it through sensibly and figured out that you can learn the whole thing on the Internet! Suuuuuper Carina, if I had done that from the beginning ... there were always sample questions and so you could really practice it. If you feel like it, you can go underthis linktry out :)

After I brought the kids to school today, I went home, did the laundry and learned a little bit in the meantime. At around 10 am I went to DMV in Warrenton. Of course I was still quite nervous before the test, but everything worked out fine, got both the 10 questions and the 25 questions right. Then it was time to drive. Of course, I wasn't afraid of that and it was all very easy. After she checked my car to see if everything worked, we drove a lap and well, that's it!

Next week I will get my driver's license sent to you, there will be a photo :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Virginia Beach with the family and Jenny. Yeeeeeah, that's gonna be great 8-)


Tuesday August 28, 2012

1 month!

Woah folks, time is running out kind of real. Yesterday it was actually a month that I am here. Hard to believe. It doesn't seem that long to me either. That means I'm 11 months with the family and 12 more months in America. It sounds kind of long again, but actually it's really only a short period in life that you spend elsewhere.

I thought I would write down a few "facts" that I noticed so much here in America and Haymarket / VA:

- To lock a car, you have to press the button twice, when a horn sounds, it is locked
- To unlock a car, you have to press the button twice, otherwise only the driver's door is unlocked
- Americans are friendly, seemingly friendly, but it's more pleasant than in Austria
- You can basically pay for anything with a credit card
- Still mineral water is free
- You can get the drink refilled for free in almost every restaurant
- Supermarkets are huge and have five times as many choices as any Merkur in Austria
- it is air-conditioned everywhere and you always have to take a vest with you, otherwise you will really freeze with summer clothes
- you can overtake on the right
- you can turn right at the red traffic light
- Pizza Margherita is not just made with cheese but with tomatoes, mozzarella and rocket - our Pizza Margherita over there is "Plain Cheese"
- There is at least one outlet shop in every shopping mall
- if it rains too much, if it snows, if it is icy etc. the children get free from school
- Private schools are very concerned about the safety of children
- the people here are generous
- Diesel is not available at every petrol station
- the traffic light does not flash green, but jumps to yellow and then red
- when the traffic light turns green, there is no yellow in between, it will turn green soon
- if you blink the light at a red traffic light at night it will turn green (illegal)
- there are police cars everywhere
- there are a lot of police officers on bicycles
- many Americans ask me what language we speak in Austria
- many Americans confuse "Austria" with "Australia"
- German bratwurst and sauerkraut are also popular here
- Nutella, Haribo etc. taste different than in Austria
- According to the Americans, peanut butter is very healthy for children because it contains so many proteins
- Americans only eat white bread
- the walls are so thin - you can hear every step and every word
- the butter is salty and is not stored in the refrigerator
- There is no fabric softener (or is it not used?)
- You can leave the shopping carts at the parking lot, i.e. you don't have to move them somewhere
- white tennis socks up to the knees are just extremely (!!!) modern and popular
- the radio stations play about 10 (understated) different songs per day and all the same, i.e. if I switch through 4 stations, it can happen that the same song is played every time
- if you want to post a letter / postcard, you can simply put it in the post box and give it up with the red "flag" (?)
- You can go out on the street without make-up and in sweatpants / sportswear and no one looks at you stupid
- There is at least one Starbucks per location

I can't think of more than that, but the list will definitely continue!


Sunday 26th August 2012

After chilling out the morning this morning, my family returned from Tennessee that afternoon. Then we talked about our weekends, talked about the coming week and roughly put together the shopping list. Then I continued to watch Batman Begins in my room until D. finally came and asked if I would like to come to dinner. Of course I agreed and quickly got ready.

It then went to the Japanese (where you are seated with strangers at the table so that it gets full) and there the cook cooks the food in front of your eyes with a little show and so on. It was really very interesting and of course I also had my camera with me :)
I decided (just like the kids) for Teriyaki Chicken and it was really, really good. After dinner we talked about dessert and since Cold Stone - a great ice cream shop was just across the street, A. and I really wanted to go there. T. didn't like the idea because he doesn't like the ice cream that much and the parents didn't really want to go over there either. Well, all of a sudden D. said that I can drive over in his car and he goes shopping with L. Everyone looked at him in amazement (including me) because that's his car, his new VW that he thinks is pretty great and everything. Well then they went to the car and the kids said to me that he trusts me a lot, more than the other au pairs until now, because I drive so well and we also have German cars at home. So may I feel honored ... haha: P

Then we ate an ice cream at Cold Stone or a brownie and then drove home. There I started watching Cupcake War with the kids in the parents' bedroom. Haha the show is so funny. 4 teams battle each other to see who makes the best cupcakes. Phenomenal!
Then D. & L. came home and I was just kind of uncomfortable that I was in their room. But didn't say anything, had a good time in the advertising and yes.

It was a good day, I feel incredibly good :)


I love these days...!

Yesterday was soooo a great day. Loe came to me at 10am and we went to the gym across from me. After I knew nothing about something like that and Loe was fully athletic, she explained and showed me the whole thing and then we got started. I fully concentrated on leg training, because I want beautiful, sporty legs: D First 20 minutes (start small for the beginning) on ​​such a ... device. I have no idea what that is called haha. Then we did strength training on all kinds of equipment and then did some nice stretching. Yesterday nothing really hurt me, only when I climbed the stairs I noticed that I had done something for my body: D

Then I chilled on the couch at home and watched Charmed before I tidied my room and washed my laundry for 2 hours. I am Braaaaav. I also made myself something to eat, of course, and then I cleaned up the whole kitchen.
Somehow I haven't seen the cat all day until then and since I'm alone with her, I should keep an eye on her. Well, at some point she came into my room and I was happy that the cat was fine: D

Later Loe asked me if I wanted to have dinner and / or movies and of course I agreed. Food and cinema are always good: DD
Before that, however, I had a Skype date with my mom, brother, grandma and aunt. But somehow that didn't work ... thanks to our super-bad internet at home in Austria -.-
With that little bit of work, I showed my family the whole house. And when I got to the door to the garage, I noticed that it was open. There is still a small space in between, the door of which is always closed, before entering the house, but it was still weird that the door wasn't completely closed. Well, then I closed it and went on.

When Loe finally picked me up at 5:30 pm, this door was open again! Then I was somehow "slightly" worried but well.
Loe and I went to Manassas to the "Golden Corral". There's an all-you-can-eat buffet for a staggering $ 11.39. And the food was really delicious. Among other things, I ate a medium steak ... yummy. But the VERY BEST was just the dessert buffet. I tell you dreamlike! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but I'll take it with me next time.

Absolutely eaten as we were, we went to the cinema. As soon as we smelled the popcorn smell, we wanted popcorn again. Haha. Then wanted to share medium popcorn and a medium drink, but since the big popcorn was $ 1 more we of course took that: P
Then we went to the cinema and said that we hope that the $ 18.50 for the IMAX cinema will pay off ... and then the preview started. You could already tell the difference. The sound was really awesome. We went to The Dark Knight Rises and I was so blown away. The film was just super good, although it was somehow difficult to understand for me - e.g. Bane spoke very indistinctly for me, but I still heard what it was about: D But I'm thrilled, the film is really great. So if you haven't seen it yet - take a look at it!

When Loe took me home, I imagined the worst scenarios because of the open door. Of murderers, cat robbers, etc. But luckily Coco came running right away and the door was closed this time, I'm still alive, so I think everything is good here in the house: D

So it was a really great day. The only thing that makes me sad is that Loe will fly home again in the next 2-3 weeks :(

Today I feel the sore muscles incredibly, everything hurts me, but it feels good to have done something.
Later I'll probably skype with my dad and then let's see, I think I'll reduce myself to relaxing :)


Saturday 25th August 2012

The day before yesterday, Thursday, August 23, was the first day of school for the kids after the holidays. Since a kind of "event" takes place on this day with explanations, information, etc. for the parents, I went there with the kids and L. It took until noon, it wasn't overly interesting, but it was nice to get to know something new. I also loved all these kids in school uniforms and the whole atmosphere was really exciting.

On Thursday afternoon I made lemonade with the kids and they sold them: D

Gester, Friday was just a really, really stupid day. I didn't have to take the children to school and could sleep until 7, but I forgot to turn off the alarm clock, so it went off at 6. When I finally met Loe at 8:15 am to go to Manassas to get our driver's license, our satnavs couldn't find the addresses. Great. Somehow it worked. When we arrived at DMV, however, we had to find out that we were missing a statement from the bank and that we were therefore unable to get our driver's license. Well, let's go to Starbucks and then home. I told L. that and she said I had to go there again with a statement. Well, I didn't have a statement - you normally only get that after a month. So I had to go to the bank and ask them for one. But it didn't work. The nice gentleman in the bank then printed something out for me and said I could try it. So I'm back to DMV - but - of course it wasn't enough.

In the afternoon I got a full headache, so I slept for a while: D

In the evening we went to a bar in Fairfax with Jenny and Lisa-Marie. Before we got there, we took photos and then an older man came and asked if he should take a photo. We like it so much. I get up and he says, "Wow, you're so tall. Why aren't you a model ?!" Haha, the Americans;))
We spent a nice evening there, took some nice photos again and now I'm going to sleep.Somehow weird all alone in the house, but it fits :)

Washington D.C. photos can be found in the menu under "Pictures" or on Facebook!


Wednesday August 22, 2012

Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, I have to digress a bit on yesterday before I can move on to today. Yesterday I had dinner with Jenny & Lisa at the Jukebox Diner - and it's really cool there. Really American style, music from the fifties and so on. Well, we took so many photos, etc., that I was up until half past ten to put everyone on Facebook: D

Accordingly, I was finally tired when I got up at 4:30 am today! Then I quickly got myself ready before I checked again whether the kids are well. Around 5am we left the house and went to Washington D.C. with L. hazards. She works there and always goes there at this time. We were in L.'s office in Washington at about three-quarter six. First we went to Starbucks for breakfast before she gave us a few directions so that we could find our way around while sightseeing! And then it began.

First it was the turn of the White House. Because we were there so early, there were of course no people around and it was pretty quiet and pleasant. After we had finally viewed the White House from both sides, we went on to the Washington Monument. That looked really great because the sun was just about to rise. Unfortunately, since the earthquake a year ago, it has not been possible to go up the monument. At this point our shoes were already completely soaked because the meadow was of course freshly dew, but we went through it to shorten everything: D
After we had also photographed everything here, there were small disagreements between my travel guides. T. thought that the Lincoln Memorial is to our left and further over, A. disagreed. But then we followed T.'s advice and slipped over there. I then had to go slowly to a restroom but of course nobody was to be seen far and wide. When we reached the memorial, we noticed that T. was wrong: D It was the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Well, we didn't care either and I was happy when I saw the sign "Restrooms". Of course it was locked at half past eight in the morning. So I went to the guards and asked them very kindly if they could unlock me. They then kindly informed me that they wouldn't open until 9am. Thank you too!
So then hiked on and next came to Rosewood Memorial Park. It was really great, super nice to look at! And there were restrooms! I'm full of joy ... isn't there a sign saying that they are closed and that we have to go to the next one? GRRRRR.

The next memorial was the Martin Luther King Memorial (no trace of restrooms) and there two super nice gentlemen who had just been jogging took a photo of us :) We then talked a bit with them and then we went on to the World War II Memorial. This is so beautiful. Whaaa madness. I think that's what I like best of all the memorials. From there it went straight on to the Lincoln Memorial.

On the way to the Lincoln Memorial we met a lot of very friendly squirrels (brown and black) and restrooms. Yeeeeey: D
But our highlight was definitely the squirrels. They are so cute and cute and aaaaaah. But they supposedly have rabies ... and that's why we took a few panicked steps backwards than they almost climbed to our feet. But they are heartfelt nonetheless.

After all, there were a lot of people at the Lincoln Memorial. You really noticed that it was already later and all the tourists came out ... Of course 90% of them were Chinese / Japanese / whatever. Since we really wanted a photo of ourselves together, we finally stood there for 5 minutes and looked at people we might find trustworthy enough to ask them if they would take a photo: D After we found a nice gentleman (and which almost destroyed my lens) we were finally happy and set off again.

On the way back we met some squirrels again, many, many athletes (they all don't work?) And we finally stopped in a souvenir shop. The kids bought souvenirs ... I limited myself to postcards, haha. We ended up taking pictures there with a presidential background and such. After we have finished "shopping", we are back in the direction of L's office. Since it was still relatively early, we sat down in a coffee shop, drank some iced mocha and chilled a bit. We were all pretty tired and HUNGRY! But of course we didn't eat anything, after all, we wanted to go to lunch later.

Since Lori wasn't quite finished with work, we ended up going to a museum. There was an exhibition by Titanic - 100 years obsession and it was really interesting :) We spent about 30 minutes there before we went to the second exhibition 1001. But it was so strange that we were finished after 5 minutes ... haha.

Finally L. was ready to go and so we ate lunch. I ate a good Caesar Chicken Wrap ... mhhhm it was really tasty. Then we made our way home. I had a really good time with everyone driving home. I'm slowly getting the feeling that my English is getting better or that I dare to say more and so on.

At home we just chilled out. A. still had an appointment with the doctor and so T. and I streamed music and waited for L. and A. to have dinner together. There was finally soooo a delicious Shrimp Caesar Salad .... boooooooah mhhhhhhhhhhm :)) Then everyone cleaned up together and I asked L. how expensive her hairdresser is. I decided that I would rather not go to a 0815 hairdresser, I'm kind of afraid for my hair. She then meant $ 120, but only if that's really all, usually it's not that much. I think that's actually okay anyway ... She's going to make an appointment for the two of us - I'm excited.

Now I'll slowly go to bed ... tomorrow school starts again and that means I can get up at 6 ... JOY: D

Follow pictures ;)


Monday 20th August 2012


Well, not quite, but at least today was a pretty exciting day!
Last night I just couldn't fall asleep after watching Charmed on my Mac, then I played on the iPhone until half past one on the Whale Trail (I love this game !!!) and then somehow fell asleep. At 3am I finally woke up again, had very poor sleep and then I woke up on time every hour. When the alarm clock finally rang at 7:30 am, I wasn't really excited about having to get up. Then I got up at three quarters, quickly jumped into the shower and when I finally got into the kitchen at 10 past 8, I already saw the kids. I asked why they are already awake and they said that the cleaning lady had knocked so loudly. Suuuuper. Last week she came too late, this week too late and woke the kids up for me: D Well, it wasn't a problem, we all made French toast together. It didn't turn out that good, but it worked for our first attempt. After breakfast and tidying up afterwards, I showed them "Whale Trail" and they immediately found it good and downloaded it onto their iPads: D Finally played the absolutely addicting game for an hour and then went to move.
I then brought A. to the farm to ride and I continued with T. for his "shots" against allergies. Then I went to my bank with him and gave up my checks at a drive-in ATM. Soooooo cool.

T. and I then went to Wegmans and bought groceries. Somehow we could find everything except the chicken. Well, after running back and forth for ages, we discovered the right one: D

When driving back I had a flashing bus in front of me. Thought from further away it might be a school bus - puff cake, that was a postman: D They drive on the street and then stop at the post boxes and give the newspaper to the post boxes right next to the street. Haha.

After we picked A. up again, we had lunch before I went to wash the kids' bed linen. Then we kind of baked cookies. But well ... we just had to put cubes with dough on a tray, put it in the oven and after 12 minutes we had cookies, haha: D

And then we went on the "adventure" - HIKING! We drove about 10 minutes to a hiking trail that T. knows from the previous au pair and then we started. At first everything was very easy, flat there, etc. We also took a few photos and finally we ran into a turtle! Of course we took photos of the turtle and the turtle with us. Totally unusual to see something like this in the wild. Then we went on and the kids told me that we can also meet snakes, spiders and bears here ... Thank you, too, it calmed me down a lot: D Finally it got a lot steeper and my two have a very nice pace posted. Unsporting as I am, of course I had the feeling of dying - but I bit through and fought my way up the mountain. On the way we met a woman with her son who told us about nature and that rattlesnakes and bears are not uncommon up there. Wuhuuuu I saw myself dying: D
When we finally reached the lookout point, I was really overwhelmed. It was really nice up there, great views and just a really beautiful place. You could even see Route 66 :) We then took a few photos and then set off on our way back. You could already see the rain clouds coming and we had heard of a thunderstorm warning. The descent was a lot more pleasant but we got into the rain during the last 10 minutes. At first it was drizzle which was pleasant but shortly before the car it started to POW. We just ran more like madmen.

When driving home you couldn't go 40 miles faster because you couldn't see anything because of the rain. Then arrived at home at the same time as L. and then (after we put on fresh clothes) we made dinner together. D. is in Virginia Beach today, so there were only 4 of us. Then I looked through the photos with the kids and they chose which I should send them by email :)

And now I'm just completely knocked out. I guess I'll have a look at Charmed and then go to bed. Hiking 5 miles and uphill and full throttle are exhausting: P


Sunday 19th August 2012

Going to the movies!

When I got up today, I actually feared that it would be another "do nothing" day: P But then I decided to text Loe and ask if she had already planned something. Well, first we wanted to go to the pool and / or Starbucks and I was really excited because I would have ridden to her by bike (= sport). Well after the weather didn't play along, we decided to go to the cinema. Rain and 20 ° C is more like cinema weather: D We decided on the movie "Total Recall" and to be honest I had no idea what the movie was about, didn't even see a trailer (only the trailer preview) but somehow I liked him so I suggested him.
Loe picked me up at 3:15 pm and I looked out beforehand how the way to the cinema in Manassas would be. In addition, of course, I also looked for the address and since Loe couldn't get along with the navigation system, I entered the address within a very short time (I'm just used to navigation systems). But do you know what that wonderful thing was? The navigation system did not work! It was looking for a signal all the way to Manassas. Fortunately I am soooo a good co-pilot and so we actually found our way to the cinema without a GPS on a street we have never driven before. Even though we are both blonde! HAHA!

When we arrived at the cinema, the biggest problem was to find a parking space, after what felt like 10 laps we decided to park a little further away from the cinema instead of hoping for free parking spaces next to the entrance. When we got in line at the box office in the cinema, the big shock - $ 28 for a cinema ticket ?! Luckily we found out that this only applies to IMAX films and luckily "Total Recall" was NOT such a film. So we "only" had to pay $ 12 for a perfectly normal movie: P
Then we went to the bar to choose something delicious to eat. Loe and I then decided to take set No. 2 - 1x large popcorn & 2x medium drinks. When the guy asked us if we wanted the popcorn with butter, we nodded dutifully - they were really good too, but I don't want to know how many calories they had: D
The medium drinks were by the way bigger than our big drinks in Austria ... how can you please drink so much in a 2h movie without having to go to the restrooms? Schreeeeeecklich!

We then watched all kinds of previews, advertisements, etc. for about 30 minutes and were almost done with our popcorn when the actual film finally began, haha. "Total Recall" itself was great. The actions were good, I understood EVERYTHING (is my English actually getting better ??) and somehow the movie wasn't really predictable. He was also pretty full of action and sci-fi, so exactly my thing. And Colin Farrell ... oh my gosh ... he's so hot: D Alone he was absolutely worth the money haha. No, but also Jessica Biel (who I actually don't like at all) really enjoyed the film and yes. I was really happy with my choice of film :)

We actually wanted to have dinner after the cinema, but we were both so eaten by the popcorn that we skipped it. Now I'm at home, go through the list for tomorrow's shopping with L. and then I'll probably throw myself into bed and read a bit or finally answer my FB messages: D

bad sat nav ...
Loe :)

Saturday 18th August 2012

Today was again really chilled. I tried to sleep in, but somehow it didn't work because I decided to skype with dad at 10 o'clock ... so I had to sleep in after all: P Then I just had a little breakfast, showered and then I got out carved into the sun. Aaaaah it was so wonderful, I tell you. The only problem was that suddenly a lot of mosquitoes stung me within a short period of time and I fled back into the house. Then somehow I was super dizzy and I went to bed and watched Pretty Little Liars and just didn't do anything. After I got hot flashes (yes, yes, just laughs: D), I slept a bit until 6 pm and then I felt better again.

And then came the INCREDIBLE! I cooked: D Made the first Kaiserschmarren in my life and it was even good! I was so proud of myself haha I took the worst pan especially so that I couldn't destroy anything, but that wouldn't have been necessary, I did well: P
Then I cleared the kitchen together, cleared the dishwasher and now I am chilling wonderfully in front of the fat TV in the basement with barbecue chips and watching Gossip Girl. Fortunately, Gossip Girl is just starting here in Season 1 and so I can watch Gossip Girl for 100,000 times. Gorgeous :)))
The only strange thing is that on this channel (style.) There were already 2x advertisements in the last 25 minutes, but luckily only 3 minutes ...

Oh and I've eaten sooooo much here that I've never tried before. Peking duck, mussels, shrimp ...: D

Friday 17th August 2012

Feels like home.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was already on the way to the riding stables shortly after 9 am with the kids because A. had lessons. T. and I stayed and watched or I actually took photos. That was really fun to try out a bit again. And when I see A. riding like that, I feel soooooooooooo. I already know one thing, when I come back to Austria, I'll start riding again !!!!!!!
Yesterday afternoon was not so exciting: P

Today T. had his Tae Kwon Do exam in the evening and I took a few photos right away and he was really happy. Then we went to Bonefish for dinner and I had a really good chat with everyone and yes. I just really feel at home here, get on well with the whole family and yes. A. asked me about my camera while I was eating, because she really wants one. And T. asked me which sneakers I find the most beautiful and so on. That made me happy.

Then I went out a little earlier with the kids and we chatted outside until the parents came.And right now we sat together forever and looked at photos and stuff. Yeah, it was really funny :)

Sorry for writing so little today, but I'm so very tired. The photos will come tomorrow too, I have to go to bed !! : D

Actually, I just wanted to say that I'm incredibly HAPPY to be here and yes :)))


Wednesday 15th August 2012


Today I actually wanted to get up at a quarter past eight so that I can wash my hair and all that. Well, somehow it turned out to be 7:50 ... but it wasn't that tragic. My kids sleep forever anyway: D
Then I had a nice breakfast and chilled on the couch. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Phew, I was pretty scared! Then I opened the door very carefully because there was such a strange man standing outside. But was just some window man who just repaired our windows (or something). Haha yeah uh uh well. Unfortunately, the clean was loud and so the children were awake relatively early (between 10 and 11). I had breakfast with T., A. preferred to wait for lunch right away. Well, then I played a little xBox downstairs or I wrote a letter and then ate at a quarter of one p.m. Of course I enjoyed my wholemeal bread again ... mhhhhm :)