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Meet Harry Styles 'Sister: Gemma Styles' Age, Job And Her Very Interesting Instagram Revealed

3 March 2020, 16:18

Here’s everything we know about Harry Styles ’older sister, Gemma - from her age and what she does, to her Instagram.

Harry Styles is super close to his sister, Gemma, and they’ve always supported each other throughout what they do - from the ‘Falling’ singer’s X Factor audition to her graduation.

But who is Gemma Styles, what’s her job and how old is she?

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Here’s what we know about the One Direction star’s sibling.


Gemma was born on December 3, 1990, making her 28 years old.


Gemma is a writer and journalist with notable achievements on her website,

She’s written for numerous publications and also posts regularly on her personal blog.

The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ star’s sister also has a collaboration with Kenmark Eyewear and she has promoted the retro sunglasses on her website.


With a whopping 5.1million followers, Gemma’s Instagram boasts artsy pics, selfies and snaps with her boyfriend, Michal Mlynowski.

Harry & Gemma’s relationship

In an essay Gemma penned in 2016 for Another Man magazine, she explained what it was like to watch Harry grow up in fame, as she gave a detailed experience about his life from the big sis perspective.

Sharing adorable family stories of the pair throughout their childhood, she said: "When I went to university and moved out of home for the first time, none of us had any idea that a 16-year-old Harry would be following suit a few months later. He was talking about choosing his A-Levels and had plans to be a physiotherapist.

“[At that time] our interests were very different, except for music - he would often ask me what I was listening to and I’d give him emo and chart indie stuff to try. It was surreal, years later, sat in a Leicester Square cinema watching the premiere of the One Direction film, listening to him speak about the music that drifted down from my attic bedroom.

"It was only after I’d left home that I realized he would actually miss me. Mum said he slept in my bedroom for about a week after I left. I don’t think it was just because I had the bigger room."

She also went on to say that she escorted Harry to his X Factor auditions as he’d 'never been to London before ’.

Years later, in his 1D prime, the ‘Adore You’ hitmaker joined Gemma at Sheffield Hallam University for her graduation and even took to Instagram to write: “My sister graduated today. She’s all clever and that. "

Matching tattoos

The siblings hit another level of close when they got tattoos dedicated to each other.

Gemma has a ‘H’ in morse code, whilst Haz inked a gem on himself and has his big sis ’name tatted in Hebrew.

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