Ghir Chowr i Tadsa Tamazight

Amazigh Virtual Museum

"azul tanmmirt i ogmatengh li yaran ayad, ihtajjat ​​lhal bahra gh ozamzidgh li kolo ton miden awalnsen ola akalnsen zond amdkl idgh iskern aya aykhassan tamazgh ayouz i ogmatengh ayouz i ogmatengahr akawight bahra gh ogharasennagh dagh3 irghamigh ogharasennagh
Mustapha. December 31, 2007

"azul fallak;
je suis trés touché par ton travail en musée amazigh sur le web, je sais que c'est un vieux projet pour toi "
khalid smirss 2008

"Salam si brahim you really did a good (job), you make people know about something that every body ignore several years ago however, it 'll be more appreciated if you mention religious side"
Amzil Abdellah 2008.

"c 'est une trés bonne idée de montrer que la langue amazighienne est une langue trés qu elle mérite une grande considération."
OUYAHIA said 2008.

"I'd like to thank you so much for having designed this blog, for only people who are jealous for their own lnguage keep on developing it and fostering its use worldwide .. Berbers, though still far from being known worldwide, are a minority that symbolizes dignity, pride, respect and all valuable virtues being the basis of a better world status .. Thanks again Brahim and keep up :)

Hassane, a Berber from Ouarzazate 2008

"My Dear Friend Bahim,

I am very happy to see that you are developing your blog. I am sure that you will definitely make a difference through your writings especially that you are following up the great work you have done for Tamazight in Morocco, now, from America. I really wish you a very good luck in your long march and my ONLY Advice for you - if i allowed - is that you need patience and perseverance to carry out the great job. "

Association Eudcation et Solidarité. March 2008.

"Your new website is great. Many thanks for the link.
We realy need educational sites in English as many of our people live around the world and only master English.
Please keep the good work and goog luck! "
March 2008

arksimghorgh is the blog i 've printed's now before my eyes in 19 pages. I've made an overview of it. it realy worths reading.and the subject worths working. tbarkallah fllak tgyt dima tamouh. iajbyi bahra igh tgyt ait wawal dlmarjiaank. awr nttanag lakhbarngh dar wiyad aynasnoufa. ait mkka adbahra yssen talatinens. "
Douiri Abdellah April 2008.

Dear Brahim;
As a Sociology BA holder, i ve been always attracted to Amazigh social institutions as well as any related anthropological issues. Therefore, i found your "cultural project" entitled "Amazigh virtual museum" a good means for anyone who wants to learn and know more about the Amazigh peoples, as well as its cultural and historical aspects. Indeed you represents an instance of "Berberitude" research needed to create a new and deep understanding for such an indigenous culture "Tamazight". Hence; carry on Mr Brahim good luck with this great mission.
To your knowledge, i'm actually collecting data concerning "Tighrmatin" and traditional buildings within the Dades valley, and i will be too glad if you accept to broadcast my research conclusions via your site.
thanks in advance, your ex-class mate in the Agadir English Dept in 1997
Hassane El ouahi "philosophy teacher in Ouarzazate".

"I went to the Brahim Boussaid's blog.
As I told Mike you gays are such an incredible good work for the Berbers to be known.
as you have said in your reflective text about me, I guess I am an example of those who are
making sure our cultural heritage and our ancestors' knowledge is not lost "
Hassan Ouakrim / May 21,2008

Azul fellak gma,

I'd like to give you my congratulations for this blog, who is really interesting and useful for me.Continue this fight to enlarge the amazigh culture.

Evaristo García

Sept 2008

"I wanted to comment on how interesting I found it to be. I was also very interested in the writings that seem so far off from what I know in English. I would love for you to put more info on there so that I can learn a little more. I was also surprised to find out that you were a language teacher, if you taught Hindi, you would have a new student as that is an area of ​​great interest to me. Keep up the great work because it is important for people to know about all the different cultures and practices of the world. "
Sheryl Gooden
Sept 2008