How to clear the Weblogic cache

Empty the cache in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE & Co.

It is also possible to restore the default setting. To do this, activate the option “Empty on exit” or set the hard disk space to “Off”.

Android caches and mobile browsers

So that they run faster, mobile operating systems such as Android or iOS and mobile apps also store data in the cache. If larger amounts of data accumulate there, this can have negative effects, as with the desktop computer. If an app is unstable, it can therefore help to clear the mobile cache. There are three caches in the Android operating system:

  • Cache partition: Used to store temporary data such as videos and pictures.
  • Dalvik cache: Directory tree of all installed apps. Also serves as a buffer for apps that require a lot of capacity.
  • App cache: Separate cache for each app.

Empty cache partition and Dalvik cache

Cache partition and Dalvik cache can only be used in Recovery mode Clear. The minimalist emergency operating system does not have a graphical user interface, but consists of a simple text console that provides access to recovery, maintenance and installation functions. The manufacturers of the devices define a certain key combination with which the smartphone can be started in Android's native recovery mode (stock recovery). With most smartphones, you have to hold down the “power button” and “volume down” simultaneously for a few seconds. However, the key combination may vary depending on the manufacturer. The navigation within the minimalist menu is always identical:

  • Volume key: switch between different options
  • Power button: start a function

With the option “wipe cache partition” located directly in the main menu, you can delete the cache partition.

If you want to empty the Dalvik cache, you have to start the smartphone in custom recovery mode. There are special apps for this. One of the best known is the freeware ClockworkMod Recovery. The cache can be cleared using the “advanced” menu and the “wipe dalvik-cache” option.