80s film in which children build a spaceship

Looking for cartoon, 80s (?) Years, with a spaceship, researchers and a baby on it


I have been looking for a specific eco-themed cartoon / anime for years that I saw several times in my childhood.

The sci-fi setting is relatively gloomy and I can only remember a few emotionally moving scenes. The main protagonist is a young man in military service (?) On a spaceship. His superior (father?) Is a callous power man. He is very strict and does not like compassion / softness and does not particularly value life.

In a particularly nasty scene, extraterrestrial animals are locked in a cage / enclosure, reminiscent of blue-gray monkeys (with large eyes and typical funnel-shaped alien ears). The supervisor orders the protagonist to shoot the animals with a permanently mounted gun for target practice purposes. The protagonist protests, appeals to the manager's sympathy and finally refuses. The supervisor then shows how to do it and kills the totally frightened, helpless creatures.

In the final scene the spaceship is on fire. The supervisor is seriously injured on the ground and there is only one escape pod left. The protagonist and the supervisor argue intensely, while burning debris falls from the ceiling in the background. On board the ship is also a kind of Noah's Ark, a technical object in which all information about earthly life (earth wiped out or lifeless? Destroyed, plundered?) Is stored (DNA etc) similar to the Genesis project in Star Trek. With this object the earth can be revived or another dead planet can be revived. The supervisor now appeals to the protagonist to save his life, since he is a human being and more valuable than the lower beings in the ark, that he also deserves to live, etc. In the end, however, the protagonist saves the ark and sacrifices himself and his superiors. The spaceship explodes and everyone dies.

In the somewhat cheesy final scene you can see the positive effects of the ark. Life returns to earth (?), Everything becomes green and fully developed, living animals fall with parachutes from the sky for repopulation. "Happy end"

Who knows this film? I'm very sure that I saw him in the early 90s or maybe even in the late 80s and at least twice. It must have been on TV.