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General [edit | Edit source]

Oran is a character who appears in Darksiders II. He is a creation and one of the few Guardians who was not called to earth during the Apocalypse. It can be found in the southern part of the fjord in the Schmiedelands - it is initially inactive. After this death has received the Creator Key, he can Oran reawaken. He immediately receives two small side quests from him - "Wandering stone" and "The Chronicle of the Creators".

Quests [edit | Edit source]

Mute stone[Edit | Edit source]

The first side quest gives you a half-destroyed creation called Oran, who lies behind the water of the Ford's harbor in a bay without saying a word. As soon as you have the Creator Key, you have to come to him and then talk to him.

Hiking stone[Edit | Edit source]

You have to find your arms and legs for Oran. He gives Death a fragment of his Heart Stone to find and reanimate the rest of his body. They are quite big and lie around in the landscape.

Left arm: The arm is right next to the dungeon entrance to the scar. Go and activate it.

Left leg: If you ride from the disastrous forest into the charred pass, you will find the Beim right at the entrance of the pass.

Right arm: In the middle of the shadow gorge at the apex of the gorge in the north.

Right leg: In the fjord, in the southern niche, before going into the pass to the cast fortress.

Once you have all the pieces together, you go back to Oran. Death puts the giant together and gives him the fragment back.

The Chronicle of the Creators[Edit | Edit source]

Oran wants the Chronicle of the Creators. First it goes to the shaman Muria in Drei-Stein, who speaks to her about the chronicle. Before she helps you, you should find shadow foliage. To do this, you have to kill flesh and blood creatures who like to eat the leaves, so no creations. For example, if you travel to the fjord, there are enough strays. It takes a while, it feels like only one in ten drops one of the six necessary seeds. Do you have the seeds, you bring them to Muria, who gives you a magnetic stone. With this you travel to the disaster forest. Ride here on the hill in the north. On the cliff to the north (west of the entrance to the slip) there are a couple of pillars in a niche. You just have to go there and the Chronicle of the Creators literally flies to you. With her you go back to Oran.