How to plant Japanese hair grass

How to plant rhubarb

Rhubarb is one of the very popular summer vegetables and fruits, which can be used to make very tasty rhubarb compote, cakes or jam. Rhubarb has a slightly sour taste and is great with sweets. So you can easily plant it in your own garden ...

The following is required

  • nutrient-rich soil
  • good rhubarb seeds

1 First, you create a smooth surface on a bed

Garden compost should be mixed under the soil so that the soil is adequately supplied with nutrients. Rhubarb grows very well in heavy soils that are free from wild herbs. It should also be in a sunny spot so that it gets plenty of sun and goes up well.

2 Then simply sprinkle the seeds well distributed over the earth

3 Now the seeds need to be watered regularly. It should be noted that the rhubarb does not swim

It is easier to plant rhubarb if you buy mature root stocks from the gardener. These grow much faster than seeds, and you can divide the rhizomes so that at least one shoot bud remains on them and replant them. It should be noted that the end of the root is not wet, otherwise it will start to mold. In addition, dividing the rhizome rejuvenates the plant.

Rhubarb is planted in early autumn and March, these are the best times. The best-known varieties are the Holsteiner blood rhubarb and the Sutton rhubarb.

Only the stalks are suitable for consumption, the leaves are poisonous and should not be eaten under any circumstances. Rhubarb will be harvested by June 21st. After the summer solstice, it should no longer taste that good.

[The picture is from iowa_spirit_walker - via Flickr - thank you very much]