How To Make Testosterone Suspension Homebrew

How do you do that?

  • How do you do the DS homebrew?
    Please explain to me, I only know how to do the WIi homebrew, not DS homebrew!

    Thanks in advance!
  • Too bad, I would have hoped it would work without it
    supacheata - actually only bought his 3DS because of Super Smash Bros. And that's out now !! Awesome game!
  • The DSi has at least one slot for SD cards. It may soon be possible to run homebrew on the DSi using an SD card in a similar way to the Wii. With a normal DS / DSlite there is no other option than a flash card.
  • That is always the dangerous thing about your own software that you can load (for manufacturers), there is usually a way to take advantage of it.

    So wait and see and drink tea, until now the menu doesn’t work
  • do you only need the flashcard?
    I thought you had to unscrew the DS and put a paper clip somewhere in between.
  • ~ Lev ~ wrote:

    I thought you had to unscrew the DS and put a paper clip somewhere in between.

    What you probably wanted to do is to flash your DS (i.e. to change the firmware). But that takes a little more effort. The simplest and safest solution is really a flash linker. These are cards that look like a DS game. Only that the top has a small slot where you can insert a memory card. Your homebrews are then on it in * .nds format (just like commercial games).

    These cards are often used by pirates to play illegal game copies. It's much easier here than with the Wii.
  • LOL: D paper clip in ^^ how unprofessional that sounds: D. Nobody would come up with something like that voluntarily; or is it ?!

    Better let that be.

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