Procedure text for operating the motorcycle

Shift a motorcycle

Shift into higher gears.When you have enough speed to shift into a higher gear, turn down the gas and pull the clutch back on. Place the toes of your left foot under the gear lever and lift it up as far as you can. You can continue to shift into a higher gear by repeatedly pushing the lever up. One push up goes into second gear, another into third, the next into fourth, and so on. CAUTION: Experienced drivers do not need to use the clutch to shift up. You simply lift the gear lever slightly with your foot and when you then turn down the gas, the next higher gear is engaged. It takes a bit of practice to get this smooth, but it saves shift time and also slightly extends the life of the clutch plates.
  • If you are in first gear and lift the gear lever halfway, you will be in neutral.
  • If you let go of the clutch and crank up the gas, but nothing happens, then you are in idle. Pull the clutch in and push the gear lever up one more time.
  • If you accidentally skip a gear, don't worry. The motorcycle doesn't mind as long as you make sure that you adjust the throttle to the gear that is engaged. [2]