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With the free program "PDF to Excel Converter" ("Convert PDF to Excel") you convert PDF documents into Excel files, which you can then edit. To do this, open a PDF that contains a table with the software and start the Conversion. You will receive an XLS, XLSX and XML document as output. If you only want the output in one format, adjust this using the options. There you can also choose to output in CSV format. The result depends on the source document. For more complex tables, it is advisable to open the XML file in Excel. For multi-page PDFs, select the page that actually contains a table. Practical: the PDF converter converts either individual files or also Batch processing entire folders with multiple PDFs into XLS format. Note: In the free trial version of "PDF to Excel Converter", the Windows program converts only one page per PDF into Excel format. However, you can repeat the process as often as you like. If you want to use several pages at once, you need a license that is subject to a fee.

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