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Ae 4/7 # 10952 SBB



The SBB Ae 4/7 was a complete success! The locomotives of this series were on the tracks of the Swiss Federal Railways for a good 7 decades and provided reliable service there. The locomotives were built from 1927. It was not until 1996 that the last machine disappeared from scheduled service.

The locomotive was intended as a universal locomotive - i.e. for passenger and freight traffic - and fulfilled all its intended tasks there. The 127 machines with the 2 'Do 1' wheel arrangement achieved a V max of 100 km / h. The 4 drive motors developed up to 3120 hp. The service weight varied depending on the construction lot between 118 and 123 tons.

The drive of the same name by the Swiss engineer Buchli was particularly striking. The gearboxes of the driving axles were arranged on one side of the vehicle. On the right-hand side, the drive wheels were exposed, which gave the locomotives a somewhat asymmetrical appearance. (Compare also the Ae 3/6 of the SBB and E16 or class 116 of the DB).

If you want to find out more about the locomotives, we recommend the article in Wikipedia.

Ae 4/7 SBB - Wikipedia



I own an older Liliput model, but it doesn't look bad. Apart from the too bulky windshield wipers, a coherent overall impression is conveyed. The locomotive body is green, the frame and the running gear are painted gray. The buffer beam is equipped on one side. Unfortunately only two of the four driving axles are driven!