How to make candle wax harden faster

Remove wax stains from tablecloths, carpets, clothing, etc.

They give off a warm and cozy light: candles. However, if they drip or if they are blown out too vigorously, unsightly wax stains remain. With these home remedies you can remove them from your textiles.

If you like romantic candlelight, you will certainly have struggled with a wax stain on the tablecloth or on your clothes. This is annoying because these stains are considered to be particularly stubborn. But there are means that make an expensive cleaning service superfluous.

Cold helps against candle wax

A basic tip when you want to remove wax stains: As long as the wax is still warm and soft, it is better to keep your hands off it. Otherwise, you'll just enlarge the stain. So wait a few minutes for it to harden. We recommend the freezer compartment so that the candle wax hardens faster. The reason: the wax changes its structure due to the cold. It becomes porous, crumbly - and can thus be removed more easily.

Remove wax stains from the tablecloth

Table decoration: Candlelight is something beautiful - wax stains on the tablecloth are not. (Source: Imaginechina-Tuchong / imago images)

This is where they appear most often: ugly wax stains on the fabric tablecloth. With these practical instructions you can remove the candle wax easily, quickly and without leaving any residue:

  1. Put the blanket in the freezer
    Put the tablecloth in the freezer of your fridge or freezer for a few hours. If both are not available, place ice packs or ice cubes packed airtight in plastic on the candle wax. When it has hardened, remove the coarsest wax.
  2. Iron away any wax residue

    Iron: In combination with blotting paper, the household appliance can remove wax stains. (Source: OBprod / imago images)

    Experience has shown that pale wax stains are still visible afterwards. To completely remove these, you need a hot iron and blotting paper, unstained napkins or kitchen towels. It is important that the paper is not too thin. Place a page of blotting paper on and under the wax stain and iron the paper on medium heat and without steam - preferably in slow, circular movements. Over time, the blotting paper should have absorbed the candle wax that has become liquid again.
  3. Treat residual stains and wash the blanket
    Colored wax stains can still show through on light or white tablecloths. Here it is advisable to pre-treat the pale residues with stain remover from the drugstore and then to wash the blanket in the machine. You can wash white cotton tablecloths in the boil wash at 90 degrees. A program with 60 degrees is advisable for white or light tablecloths with colored embroidery. Always follow the washing instructions on the tablecloth.

Our tip
You can also put small textiles such as cloth napkins or scarves in the freezer so that the candle wax hardens faster. After a short time, the wax should crumble off and leave hardly any traces. Remaining residues can be removed with a 60-degree wash.

Remove wax stains from carpeting

You can also use the cold trick when wax drips onto larger textiles such as carpets or carpets. Place ice cubes on the soft wax to harden. Then remove the wax stains by carefully scraping them from the surface. Remove loose residues with a vacuum cleaner.

Our tip
Blotting paper and an iron are also used here for the remaining wax residue. If there are any edges or an oily stain, treat them with a little alcohol.

Remove wax stains with hot water

Alternatively, you can try a non-iron method. To do this, soak the textile on the affected area from the back with hot water. At the same time, press an absorbent paper or old cloth against the stain. The wax should be "sucked out" this way. If there are residues, use alcohol or vinegar water to help.

Be careful with sensitive materials

Sensitive fabrics and synthetic fibers cannot withstand great heat. It is better to leave their treatment to a professional dry cleaner.

The same applies if you want to remove colored wax from sensitive materials. Here you should let the candle wax harden and only remove it roughly. The rest is best left to the cleaning experts to do the rest.

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