How to Enter the Elysium Jade Dynasty

What does the ascent into the 5th dimension really mean?

By Michelle Walling,; translated by 14111963

At the moment there are many misleading teachings that quite skew the extent to which the 5th dimension is related to ascension. These tricks are specifically designed to separate us from the truth that we are multidimensional beings. As this veil is now getting thinner and thinner, we slowly become aware of the truth of the 5th dimension and its importance for our ascent.

Many meanings have been ascribed to the word "ascension" by the spiritual and metaphysical communities. The meaning of the word "ascension" in the sense of this article aims at raising our consciousness in a completely new understanding and at our ability to be able to exist in many dimensions or places, as it once did in our true nature and form was given.

Quantum physics has already proven that our thoughts create our reality and that everything around us is energy or vibration, each at a certain level of resonance. A dimension is a collection of certain resonances that are superimposed on the edge of this dimension with the edge of the next dimension.

Our physical body was created by the Annunaki to keep us trapped in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. The resonance of the 3rd dimension gives us the physicality and thus the experience of having a physical body. The original, successful prototype of man, who allowed the soul to inhabit a three-dimensional body while consciously connected to many other experiences and memories, was changed by them. These manipulations cut us off from remembering who and what we are while being presented with the illusion that we are only made up of one body. Very early in this reality we are programmed to be aware of our physicality and biology, and science does a good job of explaining the reality of the 3rd dimension to us.

The 4th dimension is closely linked to the 3rd dimension and includes space and time. This is the place where the main headquarters of the matrix is ​​located. Space and time were created to experience a physical incarnation. There was a time when many people had enjoyed this experience on earth until the time of the takeover [the earth by the invaders]. Most of the followers of these invaders exist in the vibration of the 4th dimension and either wish to enter a three-dimensional body or to steal the energy from a three-dimensional body in order to receive life energy.

The 5th dimension and the higher ones are outside of space and time. The existence of a body in this dimension does not contain a dense, corporeal-material reality, but there is the possibility of assuming a shape that is perceptible to others in the fifth dimension. There is no erasure of memory in this reality as those who commit evil deeds remain trapped in the 4th dimension.

From this basic description of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions it can be concluded that it would be most desirable to live on earth in the 5th dimension (or higher), in a planetary body within the 3rd dimension that is connected to the Source, or then to return to the Oversoul (and possibly also to the Source). When it is possible to live in the 3rd dimension again without being under the influence of these lower entities of the 4th dimension, it is quite possible that some choose the 3rd instead of the 5th dimension until the soul moves the spirit to do so move to the next level of development.

Our spirit is a part of the essence of the source that is incarnated in this physical body. Our mind is connected to everything at all times. It is connected to the source, our oversoul, the consciousness of mother earth, the animals, the crystals, and all human beings on this planet. Our Oversoul has many spiritual aspects and experiences in all dimensions. Because we are connected to our Oversouls, we are connected to all dimensions. Aspects of the 1st and 2nd dimensions relate more to the worlds of the elementals.

Ascension enables us to access our multidimensional being and expand our connection to these parts of us. We must also understand that because of a betrayal, we have accepted imprisonment in this three-dimensional body as well as the erasure of our memories. Forgetting who we are allowed us to immerse ourselves deeply in the experience of the 3rd dimension, but we were also left defenseless to those who live from our energy. The easiest way to become slaves and rob us of our energy was to do everything possible so that we never become aware of our abilities and our multidimensional nature. Ascension helps us understand how we got to where we are now and that it is in our strength to tear down the wall that holds us prisoner.

Some people who have already done their “cleanup” and see their experience of this physical, corporeal reality as ended, can certainly move with their consciousness into the 5th dimension by “dying” (or ascending) out of their physical body. They can move to many other places too, depending on their vibrational level in this life. While beings from higher dimensions can move into lower dimensions with their consciousness, beings from lower dimensions must increase their vibration accordingly in order to resonate with the vibration of the higher dimensions. With awareness and past life experiences, it is actually not a great challenge to raise the vibration accordingly.

In previous lives, before the human body and the 4th dimensional matrix included consciousness in the body, people had the ability to travel through time with their consciousness and fifth dimensional body. The physical body could be put into a standstill mode when one wished to travel in time. If one wished to travel out of time, a week seemed to have passed for that person, while on earth, physically, only a second had passed.

For many people, the goal in this life will be to regain these techniques in order to access all the knowledge and experiences of their Oversoul that they have had during their three-dimensional existences. As soon as your vibration increases through intention and changes that you make in your life, parts of the 5th dimension and higher become accessible to you. These include sensory enhancements and abilities that are described as miracles or magic.

In order to stay on planet earth while it is vibrating up, some individuals will endeavor to manifest an ascension from negative to positive by incarnating into a physical body connected to the Source. These beings would not be able to increase their vibration if they could not come to earth as "piggyback", and these beings were fortunate enough to either incarnate here in a body or to walk into a body. These are beings who have chosen a negatively polarized path to serve Source in this dual creation. Even if everything will return to the source in the end, there are still some negative beings who have chosen the "piggyback" version, while the others kicking and screaming quickly return to the source and are converted into another form of energy because they have completely cut off their energetic connection to the source.

The poisoning of the planet as well as the planned destruction by HAARP and CERN have the main goal to prevent humans from ascending. The Matrix prison that was imposed on us was a brilliant plan and was planned by them long ago to steal from us the energy they need to survive. The people have been deceived and tricked into agreeing to this plan with their free will, so there are now several ways of intervening to free those who wish to leave this prison. The prison door is now open and the wake-up call is on its way to those who want to hear it.

Some of the ascendants will now choose to drop their bodies and move into the 5th dimension. Other people have come to earth to remove the programming and blockages that keep people trapped in the 3rd dimension, in which they cannot remember their multidimensional nature and so do not know about their ability to help shape many experiences in time and outside of time. These people will restore “Disneyland of the three-dimensional incarnation” on planet earth. Your work will not be easy, but as a reward, your souls will expand to the highest potential. If in the end we are all connected to the Source, why should we stop trying to directly access the experiences of our Oversoul? If in the end we can anyway merge with the Source while still maintaining our identity as part of the Source, then Exploring the “Wild West” could be a journey that you don't want to miss.



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