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    • neuroCademy goes online. Use the time to yourself free of charge in neurofeedback, transcranial brain stimulation, cognitive training and more further training. Here you can find the Web seminars.
    • Series: "By therapists for therapists": Use the Online consultation hours our sleep specialist to answer your questions about the meaning and Integrating sleep into therapy to deliver.



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neurocare helps patients with sustainable therapy for mental disorders, chronic pain and rehabilitation. In our neurocare therapy centers, we integrate the therapists' work with neuromodulation technologies into individualized therapy concepts. Our technology division neuroConn has long been recognized worldwide and is a leading technology provider in the field of non-invasive neuromodulation. In our neuroCademy we train therapists and conduct research into neuromodulation and integrated therapy concepts in order to then use them in our daily work with patients.

Everything that people do, think and feel is stored in neurological patterns in the brain or muscle memory. Neuromodulation helps to reprogram problematic neurological patterns or to train positive and new patterns. In synergetic interaction with the therapist, behavior disorders, cognitive disorders or motor disorders can be treated faster and more effectively. We are proud of the success of our therapy concepts: By combining psychotherapy and individually adapted, state-of-the-art neurotechnology, our approach is successful in 75 percent of ADHD patients and 78 percent of patients with depression.

At neurocare, we also use neurotechnology in diagnosis and prognosis, and we tailor our treatment to the needs of the patient. Often times, mental health or neurological therapies are still performed with a universal approach, especially psychopharmaceuticals. Individual differences are ignored, although it has been shown that not every patient has the same cause of symptoms. Our integrated and individualized approach is timely and necessary. Neurocare is a leader in the fast growing neurotherapy market.

Further training, supervision and evaluation of neuromodulation

In the neuroCademy we train medical professionals, psychologists, health professionals and scientists in the application of evidence-based neuromodulation methods with the aim of using these techniques in a clinical setting or in research. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, the participants receive extensive practical experience with rTMS, tDCS and neurofeedback technology and their application. Over the past decade, we have trained more than 1,000 professionals from over 30 countries in the use of neuromodulation techniques. We have always received excellent feedback from our trainees, with an average rating of 8.9 / 10.

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Leading developer and manufacturer of technologies for DC-EEG, SCP neurofeedback and transcranial electrical stimulation

neuroConn is our leading technology brand from Germany. It has stood for practice-oriented medical technology for more than ten years. It is used in neuroscience and clinical research as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders such as ADHD and depression. Our devices for SCP neurofeedback (slow cortical potentials), full-band DC-EEG and transcranial electrical stimulation are constantly being further developed in cooperation with world-leading research institutions and clinics. On the one hand, this enables us to offer standardized and clinically evaluated protocols for therapy. On the other hand, we provide flexible and combinable systems and solutions for neuroscientific research projects.

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