Minecraft how to find slime ball

Slime ball

This article covers the slime ball. For the slime, see slime. For the slime block, see slime block.

Slime balls are objects that are used to manufacture.

Extraction [edit]

Slimes [edit]

Slime balls are dropped from small slimes.

Pandas [edit]

Baby pandas can drop slime balls when they sneeze.


Slime balls can be bought from a traveling vendor, namely 1 slime ball for 4 emeralds.

Manufacture [edit]

Surname ingredients Input ┬╗Output
Slime ballSlime block

Use [edit]

Slime balls are needed for making sticky flasks, linen, magma cream, and slime blocks.


  • When the slime balls could not be used as a crafting ingredient, they were often used as money or other unit of value on multiplayer servers.
  • Magma cream can also be obtained directly from magma cubes. Killing magma cubes is therefore more profitable than making them in a workbench.
  • Because slimes sometimes spawn in areas they don't fit in, they die, and so slime balls can happen to be lying around in caves.

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
  • Slime ball added
    • Dropped by small slimes on death
    • Cannot be processed further and has no other functions
Beta 1.2
  • The spawn rate of slimes is extremely reduced
    • As a result, slime balls can only be found under the rarest of circumstances
  • Slime spawn rate is increased slightly
  • You can get more targeted slime balls
  • Added Sticky Flask that needed Slime Balls to make
    • This was the first use for slime balls
Full version 1.0(Beta 1.9-pre2)
  • Added magma cream, which requires slime balls to make
Full version 1.4(12w40a)
  • Slimes also spawn in swamps at night, making slime balls easier to obtain
Full version 1.6(13w18a)
  • Leashes are made with slime balls
Full version 1.8(14w02a)
Full version 1.14(18w43a)
  • Slime balls can be obtained from sneezing panda cubs
Version history of the console edition
TU1CU11.00Patch 1
TU3CU11.00Patch 1
  • Added Sticky Flask that needed Slime Balls to make