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Although almost every citizen of a western country is likely to have seen a music video by now, it still seems to be very difficult for science to agree on the most important features and characteristics of the media form - a problem that children recognized as early as 1984:

Depending on which mass media reports you read, music video is a new means of extending the unique aesthetic possibilities of the avant-garde formerly restricted to independent film-making and video art, a new combination of music and images that redefines audiovisual relations in the mass media, a new means of marketing records and tapes that is saving the pop music industry, or a new source of violent sexist sadomasochistic images infecting the minds of our children. (Children 1984, p. 2)

The situation has certainly not become clearer since then, on the contrary: A multitude of different forms of music videos and various music channels make it more and more difficult to identify similarities. On the other hand, e.g. advertising and music videos, but also individual clips, are often so similar that the differences can hardly be made out.
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