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How do I create a QR-bill?

At the end of June 2020, the QR-bill introduced, which will replace the red and orange payment slips in the future. In AbaNinja you can easily send invoices with a QR payment part create and send.


The so-called QR-IBAN and your Customer identification number needed. You will receive this data from your bank and can be found in AbaNinja, just like with the orange payment slip Finance> Banking deposit in the bank account.

Note: The customer identification number is not required at all banks (e.g. PostFinance). It is therefore also possible to only store the QR-IBAN.

Note: The QR-IBAN differs from other IBANs in terms of the number 3 in fifth place (CH893...). The number range from 3000 to 3999 was explicitly defined here for the QR-IBAN.

Existing bank account

If you have already saved a bank account in AbaNinja and are still using the orange payment slip (ISR account), you do not need to create a new bank account for the QR-bill, you can simply edit the existing bank account.

For this you have to go to Finances> Banking> Bank account> Payment slip only QR account and enter your QR-IBAN and, if necessary, your customer identification number.

Parallel use

You can also choose whether you want to create an orange payment slip (ISR account) or generate the QR payment part (QR account). A parallel use of both methods with the same bank account is however unsupported.

Note:The generation of IBAN QR bills (replacement for the red payment slip) is currently not supported in AbaNinja either and we will probably be offered with a later version.

Create a QR-bill

Have you under Finance> Banking If the payment slip is activated on the bank account and your QR-IBAN is stored, you do not have to do anything. AbaNinja automatically creates the QR payment part for the next customer invoice with this bank account.

Note:The QR payment part in AbaNinja complies with the requirements of the SIX Group (PaymentStandards.CH).

Note: In AbaNinja, the QR-bill is only available for CHF (Swiss Francs) supported. QR bills in foreign currencies are not planned.