How to make a wicked queen crown

The evil queen and the unicorn

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a large castle. In a kingdom in which lush meadows and fertile fields stretched far across the country. The castle entourage, as well as the common people, loved the princess for her cordial manner. But there was also an angry sister whose manner was not so cordial. Only concerned with her own well-being, she was even selfish and at times also of an insidious nature. She couldn't bear that her sister was prettier than she, and certainly not that the people loved her more. So she always thought about harming her sister.

On the birthday of the good princess, the people celebrated exuberantly, full of joy and happiness. The princess didn't want any presents. The happy faces of the celebrating people were her gift enough. The bad sister, on the other hand, asked for large and sumptuous gifts on their birthdays, so that the people toiled and struggled to meet the expectations of the greedy princess.

But the wicked princess disdained most of the gifts. Not noble or not pretty enough - she threw away the presents. On one of these birthdays she threw all the presents out into the courtyard and shouted: “Don't you love your princess? That you have only trash and unkind bundles left! "When the good princess saw this, she hurried to her sister:" But sister; Even you can't be that cruel. The hard work of the craftsmen, the lovingly spun clothes - and you throw them in the dirt! "Then the angry princess whirled around:" Sister? You are confusing me with yourselves. You say lovingly spun? Made with hard work? Well, maybe our scholars and spinners haven't processed enough sweat and blood. Or maybe they are just mocking me - and it is the hollow mockery that they bring to me with these useless gifts - dear sister. Today is my day and not yours! "

Then the fanfares sounded and the castle gate opened. A special gift was brought from afar. The king had received news that a unique being had even been found in the deep land. And so he sent loyal followers to give his never satisfied daughter this unique gift.

The evil princess scurried down quickly and joyfully to examine her well-deserved present. One that should finally match its uniqueness and beauty. She awaited the perfect gift and then her gaze fell on a horse-like little creature. The little animal stumbled towards them, still awkwardly. But the princess was outraged: "That should be my present?" She cried. “An ugly, little, weak horse. With a disgusting piebald in your fur? Awkward and obviously deformed too. What is growing there on his forehead? A little lance? Is it knight and horse at the same time? ”She laughed scornfully and ordered the hunter to shoot the animal.

The huntsman tightened the bolt in the crossbow and docked - ready to kill the poor little animal by order of the wicked princess. But the little unicorn did not understand the seriousness of the situation and jumped wobbly but cheerfully towards the hunter. At the same time the good princess rushed in front of the unicorn and shouted: “Stop, good hunter! I want to take care of it. ”But the evil princess clenched her fists and shouted:“ Clear the way, sister! It's my gift and I can do what I want with it! "

The queen, however, took her husband's hand and, impressed by the courageous intervention of the good princess, the king took heart and contradicted the evil princess. “Since you don't want it, your sister should get it. So that the animal may not suffer. ”He said and the hunter stopped. The people cheered and the wicked princess ran furiously into her rooms.

Time passed and the princesses grew up. Then one day the time had come and the king and queen died. The wicked princess rightfully inherited the throne as the eldest daughter. Dark times began as the new queen ruled the country cold-heartedly and with an iron fist.

The unicorn, however, thrived more and more splendidly and splendidly. From the small, clumsy creature, nothing was to be recognized anymore. Even the piebald in the fur had completely disappeared. It was a very splendid and strong animal when it grew up. Big and with a golden tail and golden mane. The animal was entirely dedicated to the good princess. Only she could ride it. And when she did, the unicorn was the fastest and noblest animal in the land. And more than that. The unicorn had magical powers. But the good princess kept it completely secret; because magic was not welcomed and the princess was afraid for her beloved animal.

The wicked queen, however, annoyed and grieved year after year that something so magnificent arose out of the animal that she once scorned, even wanted to have killed. The people, meanwhile, toiled day in and day out and suffered from the cold rule. The wicked queen became more and more greedy and addictive. She had the entire castle gilded in laborious manual work. It all seemed perfect. If it weren't for another gorgeous animal with a golden mane, golden tail and golden hooves, which would fit in splendidly with their wealth. She would have loved to call the golden unicorn her own. But she could not snatch the animal away from her sister. The popular revolt would have been too great!

Unfortunately, however, one day the good princess made a grave mistake. This should give the evil queen the opportunity to get to the golden unicorn.

One day the good princess could no longer bear the suffering of the people and began to bring the farmers and craftsmen food and drink. When the wicked queen found out, she was furious. But also happy about this opportunity. "You stupid, stupid, sister." She whispered softly. Then she ordered the good princess to be chained for betraying the crown. But the unicorn should be brought to her. If necessary with force.

The Royal Guard made their way through the people to arrest the princess and catch the unicorn or, in the event of opposition, tame it with all their might. When the good princess was arrested, the people protested and the farmers and traders tried to stop the guards. Meanwhile the unicorn neighed and snorted. It scratched its front hooves and reared up. In this turmoil, the good princess jumped on her animal and rode away. The unicorn was so fast that no guard could overtake it.

Far away and safe, the good princess was relieved to have escaped the royal guards. But it filled her with real sadness that the people would continue to suffer - and now probably more than ever. She made the decision to volunteer and rode to the castle. There she was thrown into the dungeon. But the unicorn was brought to the queen.

The queen was delighted. Her sister was finally out of the way and the unicorn was hers. “You pretty animal.” She said. “With a golden mane and a golden tail. Now you're all mine So be it! ”She approached the animal and the unicorn bowed its head. "A sign of submission," said the Queen. "You are truly a clever animal." But then the unicorn's horn began to glow. The wicked queen was frightened. But when she tried to call the guard, her language failed. Not a word left the royal mouth.

Next, the queen froze and she couldn't move. Not up, not down, not left, not right. Then said the unicorn: “You have brought much harm to this land. But these days are numbered now - my queen. I longed for this day for a long time - and now it has finally come. ”Suddenly the queen twitched and warmth spread from the cold heart to her toes and fingertips. Suddenly she understood how angry she was and it broke her cold heart. Tears flowed down her face. How much suffering she had brought upon her people and families. How many years did it spread fear and terror across the country? She understood it now and would do everything differently, but the pain of her actions was unbearable. She was connected to the unicorn and spoke without speaking. “Let me die, dear animal. You shall be free, as also my people and my sister - from all the suffering that I brought. "

But the unicorn didn't want her dead. It wanted the Queen's insight, and it had gotten what it wanted. So it made all anger, anger, pain and suffering - the evil queen - disappear. But the memory of her deeds left it to her. The queen sank to the ground and wept tears of joy. She had never felt so liberated before.

She let the good princess free and from then on ruled the country together with her sister in a gentle and merciful manner. The land blossomed again in full splendor and the people were happy again, as in the days of the king and queen. The unicorn, however, was never seen again. Even if the good princess was sad to have lost such a friend, she knew that the unicorn's job was done here. And so the brothers and sisters lived and ruled full of meekness and happiness until the end of days.