How to reverse the direction of the fan blade

Reversing the scrolling direction in Windows 10

Under Windows there is no specific setting that can be used to reverse the scroll direction. This can be done with an intervention. You can change the mouse wheel and trackpad so that the scrolling direction matches that of the Mac's mop.

Windows registry: reverse scroll direction

  1. Open the tool "To run" with the key combination Windows + R or by entering Windows 7 in the search field in the start menu or in Windows 8 simply on the start page "To run" and click on the entry found.
  2. Give "Regedit" and confirm with the Enter key. You may have to ask your computer with a security question "Yes " answer.
  3. Change to the directory "HKEYLOCALMACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Enum / HID".
  4. There are several folders under HID that can vary. Open each folder by clicking the little arrow and opening its subfolder.
  5. You will find the entry in one of the sub-folders "FlipFlopWheel". Right click on it and choose "To change".
  6. Change the value from 0 to 1 and confirm with "OK".
  7. Close the registry and restart your computer. The scroll direction is now reversed.

In the next practical tip, we'll show you how to change the mouse button assignments in Windows 10.

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