Aphrodite and Ares lemon fanfiction where Naruto

The Prince of Olympus - Chapter 18

"Sakura, what happened to you?" Naruto shouted in shock, pointing at his pink haired teammate "Did you get fat after eating too much ?! You look like Kurenai-sense awhile back!"

"Baka!" A pregnant Sakura Haruno shouted and tried to knock him on his head, but Naruto quickly dodged to the side, avoiding her thunderous fist "I'm not fat and I'm pregnant!"

Hestia couldn't help but laughed softly at Naruto's complete dumbfounded face. Today was Sunday and Hestia returned to her weekend duty, bringing Naruto back to his world so he could visit his friends.

It'd been six months since Naruto's last visit, back then before last year's Winter Solstice Naruto returned to his village once every weekend. After the Lightning Bolt was stolen Hestia didn't even have time to visit him, let alone bring Naruto to Elemental Nations because she was too busy calming her two prideful little brothers down.

But now, with things finally settled and more or less returned to normal, Hestia was now free and she immediately brought Naruto back to his homeland for another visit.

"The brat is still as stupid as ever" Tsunade Senju sighed as she sat from opposite of Hestia, looking at the scene while shaking her head.

"But that's how Naruto is, I don't think time could ever change that" Hestia said softly and the former Hokage of Konoha couldn't help but nod at that.

"It means I'm carrying a child" Sakura told him, crossing her arms together.

"For real?" Naruto asked with a grin, which then turned into a mischievous smirk "It's Sasuke, isn't it?" The pink haired medic-nin nodded her head, a small blush on her face "I knew it!" Narito cried victoriously "So when did it happen Sakura?"

"He returned to the village six months ago ... well one thing led to another the next thing I know I was pregnant with his child." Sakura told him, blushing.

"Didn't know that he had it in him" Naruto chuckled "so, is it boy or girl?"

"A girl, we decided to name her Sarada" Sakura then looked at Naruto and smiled softly "Sasuke told me that he wanted you to be her godfather" Naruto's eyes widened slightly at Sakura's annoucement.

"Really? ... I ... Um I'm not sure Sakura." Naruto said unsurely, scratching the back of his head "That is a very huge honor"

"Don't worry Naruto, we both want it" Sakura patted him on his shoulder.

"Then I accept" Naruto nodded before giving Sakura his trademark grin.

"Thank you Naruto" Sakura smiled and hugged him "Sarada will be so proud having a great person like you to be her godfather"

"The pleasure is all mine Sakura" Naruto then got a brilliant idea "you know what? When I have kids I going to ask you and Sasuke their godparent, I bet they will love it as well"

"Speaking of which, I think it's about time you find yourself a girl Naruto" Sakura said "Did any girls or even goddesses catch your eyes at this Earth world?"

"Nah, you can say that I have plenty problem with them" Naruto said, scratching the back of his head "one want to kill me, one want to rape me ... you can get the idea"

"Rape you?" Naruto nodded his head at Sakura's question "who? Is she crazy?"

"Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty" Hestia was the one who said it for Naruto, with a rather amuse smile as well "she is also fomerly his sister in law, but disvorced with his older brother a few days ago"

"She was also the lover of my older brother ..." Naruto groaned "well, you can get the idea"

"Be careful brat." Tsunade warned him "Catching the eyes of the goddess of love and beauty? I don't know if I should congratulate you or not"

"Anyway, I am going to start with her training today" Naruto said "Artemis asked me to train with her, but I'm not her punching bag and not always free, so I wanted to train Aphrodite someone Artemis absolutely hates to be her training partner, plus this will also be a good impression to her demigod children "

"Make sure to be careful Naruto" Sakura nodded her head

"I will" Naruto then grinned brightly when Ayame Ichiraku walked to his table with a massive bowl of ramen with extra fishcakes "thank you Ayame-nee chan!" Naruto held the chopsticks with his eyes shone brightly "Itadakimatsu!"

Line break

"One thing you should know about us Artemis" Naruto said as he caught Artemis' ankle, stopping her leg from making contact with his head.

He promised to train with Artemis, so here he was, training inside the training field of Camp Half-Blood with the goddess of the moon. Naruto still didn't think that this goddess will need any help from him to grow stronger, since she was someone who got three thousand years of experience in battle. However this was also an opportunity to train his body that he couldn't miss, fighting against an experience opponent like her would help him a lot.

"Shinobi don't play fair" Artemis said calmly before the Naruto in front of her disappeared in proof of smoke and was replaced with a wooden log.

The goddess then make a backflip, just in time to avoid Naruto's punch coming from the ground underneath her. The goddess jumped back several feet before pulling out her hunting knife, leaping forward with her beautiful sliver eyes harden.

A kuani instantly made it to Naruto's hand as he used it to block Artemis' Celestial Bronze knife, sparks appeared where the two weapons met and they both tried to push each other back.

Naruto pulled out a tri-prongs Kunai just as Artemis brought out another hunting knife with her two hands. Their weapons clashed once again, so fast that the untrained eyes couldn't hope to follow.

Naruto gritted his teeth when he was sent back a few feet on the ground by Artemis' violent push, so strong that Naruto felt like he was hit by a whole truck. The goddess of the moon took this opportunity and shot forward with her knife brought back, and when she was close enough Artemis made a strong cut toward his right shoulder.

"Good!" Naruto nodded his head and raised his arm to block it and Artemis wasn't surprise when she saw her knife broke when it came to contact with his arms "but not good enough" his eyes changed and the feeling of nature once again wrapped around Naruto .

"Sennin Modo, finally" Artemis said with a smirk, jumping back to make some distance with him "I thought you were looking down on me when you didn't use this form to fight"

"Look down on you? Of course not" Naruto replied with his own trademark grin "I never look down on my opponents, that will be the last thing I will think about in an actual battle."

"Very well then" Artemis dropped her knifes, including the broken one "I think it's time I push this battle between us to a new level" Artemis charged and Naruto prepared himself for her fist.

Much to his shock, the goddess of the moon got on all fours and in a blink of an eye, Artemis was no longer the goddess of the moon, but a massive Africa elephant that completely towered Naruto.

The elephant charged at a surprised Naruto and crashed into him, sending him flying. Naruto gritted his teeth and turned his body in the air, landing lightly on his two feet and looked up ...

... only to be met with a massive silver wolf leaped at him with its mouth opened wide, the teeth readied to bite his head off.

Naruto turned to the side, grab Artemis' wolf body and slammed her on the ground, hard enough to crack the ground but to his surprise the silver wolf got up almost instantly and used her claws to slash him. Naruto stomped his foot on the ground and jumped back but the claws managed to get to his shirt, tearing it apart.

"Damn it Artemis" Naruto cried, looking at his torn shirt "this is my favorite shirt!" It was Camp Half-Blood's ornage uniform, so more or less they had become his most favorite clothes because of its color.

Artemis only replied with a growl, circling around him slowly like a wolf stakling its prey.

"Didn't know you have this power," Naruto said, moving cautionly. The wolf was bigger than any hellhounds he had the pleasure to encounter, which spoke volume of how big Artemis' wolf-form was "let say ... I'm surprise" Naruto smirked. Artemis' eyes widen when he saw his hand put together and went through various strange hand-seal "But ... Kuchiyose: Yatai Kuzushi no Jutsu" He cried and almost instantly a huge aquamarine color toad with yellow eyes, taller than buildings and trees , carrying two huge katanas on his back, an orange sash around his stomach fell down from the sky, right on Artemis' body.

All that could be heard from her was a painful howl from Artemis before the thunderous sound of the gigantic toad falling down to the ground from the sky completely covered her howl.

"Good morning, Gamahiro!" Naruto shouted with a massive grin, waving his hand wildly at the toad.

"Oh, good morning Naruto Uzumaki, is there anything I could help you?" Gamahiro asked with a grin, completely unaware that he was sitting on a goddess.

"Not thing, just summon you for the tradition Yatai Kuzshi" Naruto grinned mischievously "You can go now"

"Oh, alright, see ya!" the toad said before disappearing in a massive puff of smoke, returning to Mount Myoboku.

When the smoke was cleared, Naruto nearly fell down to the ground, laughing his ass off while holding his stomach when he saw the pathetic form of the proud goddess of the moon Artemis lying on the ground with her body twitching dramatically. Hearing the laughter, Artemis slowly looked up with a hateful expression on her face, blowing a strand of hair that got front of her face away she stood up and walked at him.

"What the hell was that Uzumaki?" Artemis roared angrily. It was so humiliated, being sat on by a gigantic toad.

"That, dear sister, is one of my Jutsu, Kuchiyose: Yatai Kuzushi no Jutsu" Naruto grinned toothily "Basically, I let a gigantic toad fell from the sky and straight down to your body" Artemis' silver eyes flared with power, summoning her bow and quiver which was full of silver arrows "Hey hey, wait a minute, you asked me to train with you, didn't you?" Naruto paled at the hateful glare Artemis was giving him, she notched an arrow into her bow and raised her hands up, aiming at Naruto.

"THE!" Instantly Naruto took the best option in this situation.

He ran as fast as possible

"DIE DIE DIE! YOU DAMN MALE!" Artemis roared and shot a barrage of arrows at Naruto, all aimed for the kill and Naruto got no other choice but use both of his hands to dodge and hit the arrow away before it could impale into his flesh.

Now he understood Aphrodite's feeling whenever she was chased after by an angry Artemis.

Later that day

Naruto groaned out painfully when he pulled a silver arrow out of his shoulder, throwing it away while watching the wound from Artemis' arrow slowly closing up thanked to Kurama's help. Even after dodging at least two hundred arrows Artemis still got plenty of them left and she managed to land one on his left shoulder, which after that she finally got her satisfaction and returned back to her Hunt.

"Is there anything I can help you to help you feel better Lord Naruto" A green hair nymph approached Naruto asked with a hopeful tone.

"You can get me some ramen, I'm really hungry" He told her with his trademark grin, making the nymph brighten up instantly.

"I will bring you to you in a minute, Lord Naruto" the girl bowed her head. Naruto nodded his head but then his eyes caught something interesting.

It was Percy, Annabeth and Grover; all three of them were walking toward Half-Blood Hill with Chiron waiting for them with the many eyes man Argus, his mother's creation.

"Make ten bowls alright, I will return in the second" Naruto stood up, told the nymph before running to the group. With his speed it didn't take long for Naruto to get close to them "Oi guys hey, wait up!" Naruto shouted to them while waving his arm wildly.

"Hey Naruto" Percy greeted the prince of Olympus and the other greeted him as well, with Grover bowing his head as deep as he could to the person who gave out the feeling of nature.

"Stand up Grover, no need to bow like that" he told the goat boy before looking at Percy "so, finally goes on the quest to search for the Master Bolt eh?"

"Yes" Percy nodded his head "We'll bring your father's weapon back Naruto" Percy said firmly, making Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Percy met the Oracle" Naruto nodded his head, he knew about that mummy of Delphi and what it capable of "and she gave him a prophecy about the quest, saying that the stolen will be safely return" Annabeth explained.

"Great" Naruto said with a massive grin.

Then when he was about to say again, Naruto felt someone approaching and turned around, seeing Luke running at them while holding a basketball shoes.

"Hey man!" Luke panted, standing next to Naruto "Glad that I caught you"

Annabeth blushed and Naruto couldn't help but make a grin, the wisdom's daughter always liked this when Luke was around.

"Just wanted to say good luck" Luke told Percy "and I thought ... um, maybe you could use these" and he handed Percy the sneakers before saying "Maia"

"Oh ho" Naruto wolf-whistled when he saw white bird wings sprouted out of the heels, startling Percy to the point he dropped them. The shoes flapped around the ground until the wings folded up and disappeared "Hey Luke, got to tell me where did you get them" Naruto grinned

"Awesome" Grover said in awe

"This is gift from my dad" Luke told Naruto "wait, I thought with your shinobi power, flying is a piece of cake"

"Ninja don't fly genius" Naruto told him blankly.

"Anyway, I hope this give you some helps Percy" Luke told Percy, who was blushing brightly.

"Hey, man," Percy said. "Thanks." he smiled at Luke

"Listen, Percy ..." the son of Hermes looked uncomfortable. "A lot of hopes are riding on you. So just ... kill some monsters for me, okay?" Their shook hands with each other before Luke patted Grover's head between his horns then gave a good-bye hug to Annabeth, who looked like she might pass out.

"See you later Naruto" Luke said and returned to the camp.

After he was gone Naruto turned to Annabeth and teased her "You're hyperventilating."

"In need." The girl hit him slightly, Naruto only laughed at her blushing face.

"You let him capture the flag instead of you, didn't you?" Percy asked the girl, which further her embarrassment moment.

"Oh ... Why do I want to go anywhere with you, Percy?" She groaned

Percy picked up the flying shoes and then frowned; he then looked at Chiron and asked "I won't be able to use these, will I?"

Chiron only shook his head.

"Luke meant well, Percy. But taking to the air ... that would not be wise for you."

"Ah yes the rivalry between my dad and Uncle Poseidon" Naruto nodded his head before turning to Chiron "wait a minute, I'm a son of Zeus then should I swim in the sea?"

"I don't think Lord Poseidon will mind your present Naruto." Chiron said with a smile "After all, you're in good term with almost all Olympians"

"Yeah, almost" Naruto nodded his head, thinking of Ares

"Hey, Grover. You want a magic item?" Naruto then heard Percy asked the goat boy, making his eyes lit up.


The son of Poseidon then helped Grover putting the sneakers over his fake feet.

"Maia!" hey shouted. He got off the ground but then fell over sideways so his backpack dragged through the grass. The winged shoes kept bucking up and down like tiny broncos.

"Careful" Annabeth shouted

"Practice," Chiron called after him. "You just need practice!"

"Aaaaa!" Grover went flying sideways down the hill like a possessed lawn mower, heading toward the van.

Percy was about to follow when suddenly Chiron caught his arm. "I should have trained you better, Percy," he said. "If only I had more time. Hercules, Jason — they all got more training."

"That's okay. I just wish—"

"What am I thinking?" Chiron cried. "I can't let you get away without this." He pulled a pen from his coat pocket and handed it to him. It was an ordinary disposable ballpoint, black ink, removable cap. Much to Naruto's amusement it was the same pen Percy used to defend himself against the ugly pre-algebra teacher, before Naruto stepped in and finished her off,

"Gee," I said. "Thanks."

"Percy, that's a gift from your father. I've kept it for years, not knowing you were who I was waiting for. But the prophecy is clear to me now. You are the one." Percy took off the cap, and the pen grew longer and heavier his my hand. In half a second, the boy held a shimmering bronze sword with a double-edged blade, a leather-wrapped grip, and a flat hilt riveted with gold studs.

"Balance?" Naruto asked

"Very" Percy nodded, amazed.

"The sword has a long and tragic history that we need not go into," Chiron told him. Naruto was rather curious about this but shrugged it off, if Chiron didn't want to dug in then he too shouldn't dug in in this matter.

"Its name is Anaklusmos."

"'Riptide,'" Percy translated almost instantly

"Use it only for emergencies," Chiron said, "and only against monsters. No hero should harm mortals unless absolutely necessary, of course, but this sword wouldn't harm them in any case."

Percy looked at the wickedly sharp blade. "What do you mean it wouldn't harm mortals?"

"The sword is celestial bronze. Forged by the Cyclopes, tempered in the heart of Mount Etna, cooled in the River Lethe. It's deadly to monsters, to any creature from the Underworld, provided they don't kill you first. But the blade will pass through mortals like an illusion. They simply are not important enough for the blade to kill. " Naruto explained it for Chiron and the centaur nodded his head, he couldn't explain it any better than the prince.

"And I should warn you: as a demigod, you can be killed by either celestial or normal weapons. You are twiceas vulnerable." Chiron added

"Good to know."

"Now recap the pen." Percy then touched the pen cap to the sword tip and instantly Riptide shrank to a ballpoint pen again. He tucked it in my pocket, a little nervous.

"You can't," Chiron said instantly.

"Can't what?"

"Lose the pen," he said. "It is enchanted. It will always reappear in your pocket. Try it."

Percy nodded before throwing the pen as far as he could down the hill and watched it disappear in the grass.

"It may take a few moments," Chiron told me. "Now check your pocket." Sure enough, the pen was there in Percy's pocket.

"Okay, that's extremely cool," He admitted.

"But what if a mortal sees me pulling out a sword?"

Chiron smiled. "Shit is a powerful thing, Percy."


"Yes. Read The Iliad. It's full of references to the stuff. Whenever divine or monstrous elements mix with the mortal world, they generate Mist, which obscures the vision of humans. You will see things just as they are, being a half- blood, but humans will interpret things quite differently. Remarkable, really, the lengths to which humans will go to fit things into their version of reality. "

"What about Naruto?" Percy asked "he's mortal right? Then how come he can see things very clearly?"

"He's a clear-sighted mortal seaweed brain" Annabeth told him "They are someone who don't have a single drop of godly blood within their spines. Clear-sighted mortal can see pass the mist, a feat that not even a half- blood can do. They're very rare, extremely rare "

"Oh, I see" Percy nodded before putting Riptide back in his pocket.

While Percy talked with Chiron, Naruto grabbed Annabeth's shoulder and pulled her a little away from the centaur and the son of Poseidon.

"Grover got a gift, Percy got a gift" Naruto reached into his pocket and smiled at her "so it is only fair you got one as well"

"You don't have to ..." but Naruto stopped her.

"I hope that I can help you three more on this quest, because I have the feeling it everything won't go like how you think it to be" Naruto pulled out a tri-prongs kunai and gave it to Annabeth much to her surprise "Here take this"

"A kunai?" Annabeth asked and looked at the kunai, it was the strangest kunai she had ever seen and was very different from the usual kunai Naruto used to train her.

"This kunai is very special. Now listen carefully to Annabeth, when you're in danger," Naruto said with a serious tone. The three was about to go on a quest to find his father and Uncle Hades' power, which meant sooner or later they would meet Ares. While Ares was weak compared to the other Olympians, two demigods and a satyr of course stood absolutely no chance against him, they would need his help when the time come "pray to Hestia"

"What?" Annabeth was confused "Why?"

"Just do it alright when you three are in danger" Naruto told her.

"I will" Annabeth nodded and put the kunai away "Thank you, Naruto" Annabeth smiled at him and the blond patted her head.

"Be careful, and make sure to use your brain to take care of those boys alright?" Naruto told her.

After that, the trio got into the SUV belonged to the camp, where Argos was waiting. Chiron returned to his centaur form and held his bow high in salute while Naruto raised his hand and waved.

"I hope everything went well," Chiron said when the car drove off.

"Don't worry Chiron, those kids got everything they need" Naruto smiled and turned on his heel.

"What are you going to do now, Naruto?"

"What time is it, Chiron?"

"Ten o'clock, why?" the centaur asked, confused.

"About damn time" Naruto said with a smirk before disappearing in a flash of yellow.

[Aphrodite's palace-Olympus]

The goddess of love hummed a soft tune to herself while sitting in front of a mirror lying on her make-up table, using a silver comb to gently comb her perfect long golden hair.

It was so peaceful like this; she was freed from the unwanted marriage with Hephaestus, meaning that she could now go on a quest to search for her true love without anything holding her back. She also broke up with Ares, who now finally stopped visiting her palace asking for sexual relief regularly like before, giving her even more times to take care of her duty before finally free, having plenty of times to seduce her favorite son of Zeus and Hera .

"APHRODITE!" The goddess of love flinched in shock, nearly jumped out of her seat at the thunderous sound of someone knocking the door of her palace "IT'S TIME FOR TRAINING!" her eyes widened when she finally recognized Naruto's voice and looked at the clock.

"It's time already?" She asked in surprise and stood up from her chair.

Then, a mischievous smile, which could only promise trouble for Naruto, appeared on her face after giving a view at the state she was in. Smiling seductively, the goddess of beauty walked to the door like a queen, her hip swayed side to side sexually.

Naruto stood waiting patiently outside of Aphrodite's palace, yesterday the goddess of love agreed with Naruto's training schedule, started at ten o'clock every morning. With Artemis he only needed to fight her but with Aphrodite she would need a proper training, Naruto already knew how to stir her courage and confidence up, the only thing left was teach her how to fight properly.

"Final ..." Naruto turned his eyes back to the palace when he saw it was slowly opened, but his eyes nearly bulged out of his skull when he saw the state Aphrodite was in.

The goddess of love simply wore nothing other than a pair of lacy black lingerie. With her large breasts supported by nothing but a tiny bra that looked like it was about to bust under the strain from her watermelon size chest, revealing a large amount of the top of her cleavage. Her choice for the bottom was a skimpy, overwhelming revealing thong, but of course Naruto didn't know what it called.

"Good morning, Naruto" Aphrodite said sultrily, leaning against the door with one hand on her hip.

Naruto watched as her tits jiggled at the sudden movement, clearly those bra did nothing to hold her large chest from doing erotic action.

"You know, I don't think Charmspeak is her most powerful weapon" Kurama reminded him "And do remember why you put this goddess the most dangerous Olympian"

He said nothing, only put his hand together and went through the handseals needed for another summoning. After finishing with Artemis, Naruto didn't think that he would need to use this Jutsu for the second time of the day.

Aphrodite looked at Naruto's hands moved in interest.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Naruto shouted and slammed his hand on the ground, making kanji to spread around the palm and engulfed the blond in a cloud of smoke shortly after.



Aphrodite screamed out in shock and disgust when a massive orange toad wearing blue vest and bandage wrapped around his waist appeared, smoking cigarette and wielding a massive tanto in his hand, with Naruto sitting on top of them with his legs crossed together.

"TOAD! FREAKING TOAD!" Aphrodite screamed out in fear and ran inside. How could a toad, a disgusting toad got so big was out of her imagination but right now, all the goddess of love cared about was running away from it as fast and as far as possible.

"Who is she Naruto, why so loud in the morning?" Gamakichi thundered, turning his eyes to look at Naruto.

"Aphrodite, a very girlish goddess" Naruto said in his first language before pointing his finger to her palace, which completely towered over by Gamakichi's size. The toad was also drawn a lot of attention from the citizen of Olympus as well "Grab her!"

"You got it!" The now boss of the toad brought out his incredible long tongue and it moved inside Aphrodite's palace through the front door. Naruto couldn't help but chuckled when he heard another scream "Ah yes, I got her" Gamakichi said before pulling his tongue back, bringing Aphrodite out of her hiding place, she was struggling with Gamakichi's tongue wrapped around her body, her legs kicking wildly to get free.

"LET'S GO OF ME YOU DISGUSTING CREATURE!" she screamed like a banshee

"Aphrodite," Naruto said, smirking "Meet Gamakichi, and the Toad's boss, my pal"

"Yo!" Gamakichi greeted her and it wasn't like the love goddess could understand what he and Naruto was saying.

"This will teach you a lesson for forgetting about the training's time" Naruto said with a grin "Gamakichi will also join the training with us, I have a feeling that with him around you won't try to run away"

Aphrodite could only gulp nervously.

"Okay Gamakichi" Naruto said to the toad "Can you bring us to Mount Myoboku?"

"Of course I can" Talk about Gamakichi and his ego.

Gamakichi exploded into a cloud of smoke, returning to Mount Myoboku and also brought Naruto and Aphrodite with him.

Line break

"Aphrodite," Naruto smiled as he stood on top of Gamakichi, with a fully clothed Aphrodite right beside him struggling to stay on the head of the gigantic toad "Welcome to Mount Myoboku"

Even though Aphrodite wasn't in the mood for sight-seeing, the love goddess couldn't help but gasp in awe at the land of the toads.

"This ... is amazing" Aphrodite had never seen such a rich and beautiful land like this in her life. The place completely surpassed any lands on Earth in term of nature.

"It sure is" Naruto smiled.

"Is this how you impress a girl Naruto?" Aphrodite asked teasingly, leaning against him "cause it's working"

"Yeah, keep trying" Naruto replied blankly.

A few minutes later, the trio arrived at an area where there was a fountain pouring a strange color water that looked like oil and lot of toad statues came in various sizes around the place as well.

"This is it" Naruto grabbed Aphrodite and jumped down from Gamakichi's head "you will train here Aphrodite"

"Here?" She asked in surprise.

"There are certain rules that you must follow while you're here" Naruto said and pointed his hand to the lake and foutain "Whatever you do, don't touch that oil."


"Because that oil will turn you into a toad" Aphrodite paled instantly "This is the place I trained to become a Sennin, or Sage in your language, I used this oil during the training to help me absorb the natural energy. Without a proper training, anyone who touch it will be turned into toad and become a statue shortly. " Aphrodite nodded in awe. That would explain why Naruto's eyes became toad-like whenever he got to that form.

"Second, treat these statues with care and respect" Naruto said seriously "Goddess or not, these are all Gamakichi's ancestors and of people who tried to learn Senjutsu but failed and was turned into toad statues."

"You mean ... they used to be human?" Aphrodite asked in shock. Now she just wanted to stay away from the oil fountain.

"I don't know what will happen when goddess like you touch the oil, but we better not try our luck" Naruto said before walking to stand in front of Aphrodite "today we'll start with your physical strength, got to find some use in that enormous godly strength of yours "

"What do I need to do?" Aphrodite asked.

Without saying, Naruto walked to the nearest toad statue and entered Sennin Modo, he crouched down and put his hand on the leg of the toad before lifting it up effortlessly. Naruto carried the toad statue to the other side of the area and put it down very carefully before turning back to Aphrodite, who was gasping.

"You need to move all the statues over there," Naruto pointed his hand to the other side of the field "to over here" Aphrodite's eyes opened wide as dinner plates "and remember to treat them with respect"

"Seriously? Those statues must weight over a ton or more!" Aphrodite cried.

"Gamakichi!" Naruto called and the toad's boss brought out his tongue.

"Alright alright!" Aphrodite quickly ran over to the nearest statue, the smallest one and lifted it up, walking to the other side with heavy steps.

"Train hard Aphrodite" Naruto said loudly "your children is counting on you"

Line break

It was Sunday, night o'clock in the morning; it was the time for Ring of Fighters' Audition.

This audition's purpose wasn't just for finding the young actors for the film but also a part of a program to find a new, young and potential talent for the professional entertainment world as well.

So of course, very soon in the morning many people gathered into lines in front of the studio even before the audition start. Naruto arrived at the last minute, right before the gate closed up.

Many of them, of course, were boys around his age and they got here hours before to be able to get ahead of the rest. This wasn't just an opportunity to become famous and try their luck in the entertainment world but also a chance of working with the new icon Caitlyn Sharpe as well.

And on Daniel's words, the first male on the planet could get his eyes on her naked glory.

The crowd was sorted into two groups, boys and girls but the boys were also sorted into many more smaller group of fifteen. Naruto stood at the bottom of his group with his hands in his pockets, waiting patiently for his group turn. He was rather curious about the Audition, about what kind of tests they're going to put him through and what kind of requirements he needed to be chosen.

Naruto waited and waited ... luckily enough he wasn't a demigod or else ADHD would kill him.

At last, after two hours of waiting it was hi group's turn.

Naruto walked in the studio and got on a state, writing his name down a register book the secretary waiting outside Naruto then stepped into a stage.

He saw Caitlyn; the girl was sitting beside a middle age looking man with a mic. in his hand, talking to him with a low tone. Her haired was tied into a large braid at the back of her head; wearing casual clothes consisted of a black shirt, denim jacket and long jeans that hugged her long legs nicely.

He could see John standing at the other side of the stage; Caitlyn's bodyguard was always on guard and around her anytime, anywhere.

"Okay boys" the one said using the mic. to have his voice become loulder "Caitlyn will give each of you a copy of the extract of the film script" after he saying that Caitlyn stood up and took a stack of papers from the secretary standing near them and gave each one of them a copy , also flashed them a beautiful smile.

When she gave Naruto's the copy, Caitlyn winked before slipping a small piece of paper to him before heading to the next boy. Naruto looked at the piece of paper in amusement.

Ganbattene, Naruto-kun!

Opening the piece of paper, Naruto couldn't help but chuckle silently when he saw Caitlyn's words for him, which was written neatly in Japanese.

"Okay, give the copy a look and wait till your name is called" the director said before turning to Caitlyn "so that's your boyfriend?" He asked teasingly, motioning his head to Naruto.

"He's not my boyfriend director" Caitlyn defended with a blush on her face.

"You're right, overall he definitely the one we're looking for." The director said with a smile "but will he has what it takes to earn a role in the movie, we will see about that"

"I'm sure he will" Caitlyn nodded her head, smiling at Naruto who was looking at the film script with a look of shock on his face.

'What the fuck!' Naruto screamed inside of his head, his eyes glued to the film script 'This is ... you're kidding me right?'

Line break

"Next, Naruto Uzumaki!" The Director called out his name and Naruto walked on the stage, being the last person whose name was called.

Overall, the Director was unimpressed by this group, because Caitlyn would step on the stage and act with them as well, none of the boys before Naruto was able to stop stuttering and acting like a professional actor, they even wasn't able to take their eyes away from the film script and more or less read the whole things out loud.

He didn't need robot for this master piece of him, he already fought a lot with other Studios just to have Caitlyn in this movie, he needed someone who could actually act and be professional.

And his eyes widened when the blond haired boy stepped onto the stage without the copy of the film script.

"AND, ACTION!" The Director called when Naruto stood in front of Caitlyn.

Naruto turned to Caitlyn and took a deep breath; this shouldn't be too hard for him. He would play as Sean Houson, the main character of the Ring of Fighters and Caitlyn was going to play as Sarah Jones, the daughter of the host of Ring of Fighters, the worldwide underworld MMA and also the most powerful mafia boss in the world.

When he saw the world MMA in that film script, Naruto's interest perked up and thought how right he was when he agreed to come here.

However ... what shocked him the most was the dialogues in the film script

"Oh the parody" Kurama said inside of his mindscape

Just like how she acted before, this time, Caitlyn was also in full professional actress mode. She lowered her face and tears began to flow from her eyes. If this girl was born at Elemental Nations, she could seriously be one of the top Kunoichi in deception.

"Sean! I beg you!" she sobbed "Please ... please bring my brother back"

This part of the film was exactly like when he was about to leave for Sasuke rescue mission and Sakura come to him before the team could leave the village.

"I couldn't do it ... I couldn't stop them from taking my brother away" her shoulders shaking "the only person, who can probably save Kevin now is you, Sean" she looked at him "only you" and her eyes clearly reminded Naruto about the day he made that life-time promise to Sakura.

'Let's start! "Naruto thought to himself before lowering his face, forcing a smile to his face before smiling at her" having a family, a brother to love ... is great isn't it? "He asked. The dialogues were a bit different but everything was basically the same "I know how much pain you're in right now, with your farther murdered and your little brother taken away by them" he said "I can understand"

"Sean ..." She sobbed even louder, using her hands to wipe away the tears.

"Do not worry!" Naruto said with his trademark grin "I will bring him back!" he gave her a thumb up "It's a promise of a life time!"

"AND CUT!" The Director shouted and stood up from his seat, clapping his hands loudly "Brilliant, simply brilliant"

"Hehe, thanks" Naruto scratched the back of his head while smiling.

"Wow, you surprised me Naruto" Caitlyn said in amazement, wiping away the last of her tears "you got a lot potential to become a great actor you know"

"Thanks" He grinned at her before walking down the stage.

"You're in young man!" The director announced loudly "you acted like ... like you're actually Sean, promising to save Sarah's little brother.That smile, it was so real, your words weren't even a force one "He grabbed Naruto's shoulders and shouted" I NEED YOU IN THIS! "

"Wow, no need to overreact like that director," Caitlyn giggled.

"Say young man, do you know how martial arts?" He asked.

"Yes sir" Naruto nodded his head with a grin "I'm also a big fan of MMA sir"

"Brilliant" Caitlyn was pulled toward Naruto by the Director "Now Miss Sharpe, now is the time for you two to get to know each other more because in a few days when we start filming, you two will have a lot of scenes together" Caitlyn blushed brightly and Naruto only laughed nervously "Further information will be sent to you soon Uz ... can I call you Naruto" Naruto nodded and the director walked away after patting Naruto on his shoulder.

"So ..." Naruto looked at Caitlyn who instantly turned to her bag and pulled out a document.

"This is the full film script" She told Naruto "It is ... very uncomfortable to talk about some of the scenes inside so you should just read this" Naruto nodded and took the script "Congratulation by the way Naruto"

"Yeah thanks" he nodded "Say, are you hungry? Crying hundreds of times probably took a lot from you right?" The girl nodded "I know a really good restaurant, do you want to come?"

"If you still have that hat of yours, then yeah, why not?" Caitlyn smiled and the two walked out of the stage.