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I slept with my husband's daughter

Hello forum members,
Before I pour out my heart to you, I really want to make it clear that this is not a made-up story. In some other forums, assumptions about a fake were aimed at such sensitive topics. It is true and I need your help. To introduce myself, I am 44 years old and until recently my world was still fine. I have been happily married to my husband for 10 years. At that time he brought his 6 year old daughter into the marriage. We got along well straight away and grew more and more into a small family. We've had our ups and downs and especially since she was in puberty we are getting into each other more and more often but are also very familiar, as it is in puberty. She recently brought home a young man she's been with for a while. After he left, she threw herself on our sofa and turned on the TV. However, I was concerned with the question, had my husband and I clarified it enough and now our little girl has traffic and these things. So I sat down next to her and turned off the TV, whereupon she came bitchily towards me again. Then I tried to talk to her. I told her she can talk to me at any time if she has any questions and if she feels ready ... Suddenly she got louder and shouted: "I've slept with him for a long time and that in your shit. Marriage bed and you doesn't notice anything at all. Then she called me a * beep *. And I have to admit that this was bothering me. My hand slipped. She accused me of not being her mother and of nothing to her. Then she is flooded with tears ran upstairs to her room. My husband said I should straighten it out so I went to her room and apologized for my slip. She was lying on the bed and whimpering. I then sat down next to her, the hair off her face painted and she apologized too. It wasn't anything unusual but then she asked me to kiss her. I kissed her on the forehead. She just whimpered no and then pulled my head to hers, whereupon she kissed my lips. I immediately recoiled, of course, and didn't return the kiss. However, she literally pleaded and said: I have loved you for so long, you are beautiful and so loving. With another kiss she woke me out of shock. Suddenly it came over me and this is where the inexplicable part begins, because I mean, of course, I just love her, I just thought it was normal in this way and she is pretty and that is so complicated I have never had anything to do with a woman .... I'm pretty confused, somehow I can't describe it. Well between my husband and me it's not going as well as it used to be, but I love him ... We kissed very long and then she began to moan, her pelvis lifted and I realized she wanted more. My brain was turned off. If someone had told me this would happen, I'd have declared them crazy ... I took them off and was shocked again for a moment, I didn't know what I was doing, why I was doing it. She then pulled me further towards her, kissed me deeply and ... I gave her release. After the S I lay next to her and had the feeling I had just destroyed everything I had. On the other hand, I felt somehow fulfilled and happy. I suppressed all of this. For two weeks we have been living as before. I keep trying to speak to her, but she gets out of my way or blocks. I have no idea if she's hurt, I don't remember anything. I haven't talked to my husband about it. I am writing this to you now because I just don’t know what to do next. Especially now that my husband is on a business trip in Dubai, we are all alone. She had her boyfriend back earlier and treats him as if nothing had happened. The parents' bedroom is next to her nursery and she knew I could hear her. She is alone with her boyfriend and she moaned very loudly and made distinct noises tonight. I don't know if it's provocation or what it is. I have no idea. The fact is, it can't go on. I ask you so much for suggestions. I'm very desperate, please give me advice. I feel so guilty.
MfG Etaeb
PS: Sorry for the long text, I had to get rid of that now.

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