Where can you develop film

Prices for development at DM

When the film is full, it has to be developed. There are different options for development depending on the type of film. A black and white film, for example, can easily be developed at home with the right chemicals and the right equipment. Especially if you are still at the beginning of analog photography or only use very few films a year, the possibility of developing at one of the drugstore chains is a good option.

When shopping for daily needs, for example, you can hand in your films for development at the nationwide DM chain. From there they are sent to a professional photo laboratory and come back developed and can be picked up at the branch. Of course, the quality is not quite comparable to a real professional laboratory, but it is definitely enough for the beginning.

How much does the development cost at DM-Markt?

The film development of a 35mm film costs DM 0.95. In addition, there are the costs for prints and / or a photo CD with scans.

Price for the prints for the first order (January 2017)
Plain paper (glossy only)
9 x 13 cm = 0.05 euros
10 x 15 cm = 0.08 euros

Premium paper (glossy or matte)
9 x 13 cm = 0.09 euros
10 x 15 cm = 0.15 euros

Premium paper (glossy only)
11 x 17 cm = 0.17 euros
13 x 18 cm = 0.18 euros

The development of a 36 color negative film in 35mm format with prints (9 × 13 on normal paper) costs DM 2.75 for example.

There are no shipping costs, as the film is handed in and picked up directly at the branch. An option for shipping to a different address or branch is not possible with DM / Fotoparadies.

How long does it take to develop a film at DM?

The time it takes to develop depends on the type of film and can take up to ten days. You can inquire about the current status of your own order online. There you go to "https://www.fotoparadies.de/service/ordersstatus.html" and enter the order number from the section of the order bag.