9 p.m. to 9 a.m. is how many hours

Otto has enough!

"Time flies by and life is damn short, my boy" ...

As a child, I often heard it from older people and always wondered what they were talking about.
Six weeks of summer vacation in my childhood, what an unbelievably long time it was from then ...
And today I wonder where the last 15 to 20 years have suddenly got to. Just go away. From now on equal….
Yesterday a wild, carefree teenager, today gray temples and that within what felt like 5 years.
In general, time seems to go by faster and faster, or does it just seem that way because everything is moving faster and faster?

Somebody's giving us a shit….

Or maybe a kink in the space / time matrix ...

Maybe it's also because the older you get, you have less and less time for yourself. Most days evenly structured, stress, obligations, responsibility, reason, the days go by one like the other without attracting much attention and BANG !!! - It's been another year.

And if you take a closer look you notice how damn short a normal day is and the older you get, the shorter it seems to be.

A completely normal, average 24-hour week / working day of a modern, working average person in Germany has on average:

approx. 21 MUST-Hours and approx. 3 CAN-hours !!


7 hours of sleep:
Sleep researchers say that 7 to 8 hours is the healthy amount of sleep for the human organism.

8 (10) hours of work:
If I include an hour return trip + an hour break, that equates to ten hours that I have to spend on work. Overtime not even counting ...

2.5 hours:
for shopping, refueling, cleaning, tidying up, sorting out, looking for things, house rules or paperwork such as income tax returns, making transfers or filling out insurance documents, reading the mail, going to the post office, doctor's appointment, standing in a traffic jam, standing in the queue, what feels like hours in any telephone queues from Offices - authorities - Internet or telephone providers have to spend, place orders, make bills, cancel subscriptions, fill out new applications, read new and very important customer information, change providers, change tariffs, be informed about new offers or meet annoying vacuum cleaner representatives, tax advisors, curious neighbors Having to entertain Jehovah's Witnesses or customer service representatives.

1.5 hours:
for cooking, eating, personal hygiene, going to the toilet, listening to the answering machine, doing laundry, talking to grandma on the phone, hanging up the laundry, checking and answering e-mails.

So and now there are still approx. 3 CAN hours left over, in which I can do what I want and not what I have to.

And then there are often days when you are just fucked up after work and only want to spend your 3 valuable CAN hours on the couch, but at the same time you get this oppressive feeling that life is just over Sleeping and working consists and Something begins to gnaw inside ......

Sounds kind of weird, but it's true.

Maybe more people should just stop being just average people …….

Otto N.

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