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GamersGlobal is there for you in Los Angeles and reports in detail from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012. In this article you will find all E3 reports collected, divided into top news and normal news, from editors and users.
Update of the news from June 4, 2012:
Update from 8:47 p.m.: Nintendo has now also commented on the battery life of the WiiU controller. Accordingly, this lasts between three and five hours. Charging the battery should take up to two and a half hours. Original news from 8:15 p.m .:
After Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft were stingy with real surprises at their press conferences (we want to expressly exclude Ubisoft's Watch Dogs), the last hopes were on Sony.
An embargo will expire on Thursday morning at 1 a.m., so that we can then give you a real preview of the game that goes beyond what has been publicly shown.
After a long break, the alien franchise is slowly picking up speed again.
We just got a closer look at Obisidian's RPG South Park - The Stick of Truth at E3. Project leader Zane Lyon showed us some scenes from the game that begins with you moving to South Park and looking for new friends. Is it really a good idea to get involved with Eric Cartman disguised as a magician?
At the end of the year, new Tolkien material will finally hit theaters with The Hobbit.
Ubisoft announced the Watch Dogs game at its press conference last night. Almost ten minutes of game scenes were shown that are reminiscent of a mixture of Deus Ex and GTA. You control the hero Aiden Pierce from the third-person point of view and can influence the world around him with his mobile phone.
Just yesterday we praised Crysis 3 for its phenomenally good looks. However, after we were able to take a first look at the latest game from LucasArts at E3, we have to put the chances of Crytek's shooter on the graphics crown at E3 into perspective. Because Star Wars 1313 just looks amazing!
At the EA press conference before this year's E3, Bioware and EA VIP Dr. Ray Muzyka (with very restrained applause) the previous successes of Star Wars The Old Republic and the planned innovations.
Whether action adventure is the correct genre name for the new Star Trek game from Digital Extremes remains to be seen. What we got to see at E3 was difficult in the direction of shooters. But one after anonther. The plot of the game, which is very memorable, is between the last film by J.J.
With Naughty Dogs new game, many players probably expect nothing more than a new Uncharted with a new hero and setting. Completely wrong, as we can say after a rather extensive study of The Last of Us at E3!
Reginald Fils-Aimé, President of Nintendo of America, responded to the repeated question about the expected price of the WiiU at this year's E3 to
Last update: June 12th, 8:00 am As part of E3, we received a lot of new image material for most of the featured titles. So that you don't lose track of the number of pictures, you will find a list of the galleries related to the fair, which we will of course update, as well as our own pictures taken on site.
The first part of Dead Space already offered a lot of action, but also a lot of shock moments and creepy phases. Dead Space 2 was more like an ongoing bloody slaughter. Dead Space 3 seems to be continuing this path consistently.
In order to find out new details about the first major content update for The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim called Dawnguard, our colleagues at have invited Todd Howard, the game director and executive producer at developer Bethesda, to an interview.
Immediately after the end of E3, the GamersGlobal reporters on site, Benjamin Braun and Florian Pfeffer, sat in front of the camera to summarize the trade fair. They tell you in six minutes about their most important highlights and disappointments of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.
Microsoft entertainment boss Don Mattrick has just opened the Microsoft PK at E3 2012, following a Halo 4 gameplay trailer. In case you didn't know: Xbox 360 is, according to him, the best console ever and supposedly the best-selling in the world.
"Multiscreen entertainment" is the big motto behind the Xbox Smartglass, which has just been introduced in Los Angeles.
You know that the scenario changes dramatically in the third part of Ubisoft's assassin series. You should also know that the player in Assassin's Creed 3 is traveling in the east of the New World and no longer in European metropolises during the American Revolution.
The most prestigious Microsoft exclusive series has always been firmly associated with the name Bungie. But that should change according to the will of the MS superiors when the new Studio 343 Studios Halo 4 delivers in October this year, and with it the first part of the "Reclaimer Trilogy".
Photo: We dutifully explored the location of GTA 5 in the Hollywood Hills.
We already knew how to use the new controller in a core game from Batman Arkham City Armored Edition (see E3-Allied). Nevertheless, the new Zombi U from Ubisoft manages to go one better in terms of the variety of control options.
The restart of the Tomb Raider series was generously postponed one more time just a few weeks ago. According to Senior Art Director Brian Horton, the reason for this is not the combat system, but rather that Crystal Dynamics wants more time for polishing.
The last part of the Pikmin series (Pikmin 2 for the Gamecube) is now eight years ago, but it was also back on Nintendo's Wii as part of the “New Play Control”. The waiting time for a new part ends soon, with the release of Nintendo's WiiU, probably this winter.
The word "Better with Kinect" is now emblazoned on every pack of Kinect-compatible games for Xbox 360. So far, smaller games have been playable only with Kinect, especially on XBLA.
While WiiSports was the reason for many to get a Wii, Nintendo is also planning a killer app for the WiiU (or hopes to have it in store): Nintendoland. This is a mini-game collection with twelve different games (five of which will be presented at the fair).
Batman - Arkham City was a huge success and got a terrific 9.5 rating in the Gamersglobal test. Now comes an implementation for the Wii U, Nintendo's new workhorse in the stable of living room consoles.
Update from June 15, 2012, 9.30 a.m .: Congratulations! Some of you have found all the right solutions, among these is Torsten A. from D. the lucky one that our random number generator spat out. The goodie package will be sent to him in the next few days. We have added the correct solutions to the respective pictures.
A short video just showed at the Nintendo press conference how games can use the WiiU controller in the future. Ubisoft's ZombiU is a typical zombie shooter set in London in 2012. But the screen controller seems to be used sensibly.
In the latest work by Netherrealm (Mortal Kombat), the fighting game Injustice - Gods among us, there are no real gods among us, but a considerable number of playable superheroes (and villains) from the DC universe.
At E3, Epic showed the Unreal Engine 4. In the demo, the camera pans through an abandoned fortress, fog drifts around the walls, the wind flickers the flags. A stately built demon can be seen briefly before it leaves the fortress. Then lava flows through the castle.
For those nostalgic about Final Fantasy, Square Enix had something to offer at E3. The latest offshoot of their popular RPG series called Final Fantasy Dimensions will be available for iOS and Android.
Like every year, the battle between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA has flared up again. And of course, as always, the developers of both games firmly believe that they will deliver the best football simulation this year. Last year, FIFA emerged as the winner of the duel, although the competitor was ahead of the game in terms of tempo variations.
For some people, Resident Evil 5 was a bit too focused on the action and offered the players mostly sunlit locations in Africa instead of dark houses. Resident Evil 6 moves the series in October 2012 to China and North America, among other places.
You can find our preview of the multiplayer mode here.
Heavy Rain (GG test: 9.0) was a significant increase over Fahrenheit, and Beyond ... could be a significant increase over Heavy Rain. In earnest.
At Sony's E3 press conference last night, Naughty Dog, the development team behind the Uncharted franchise, presented their latest project, The Last of Us, in detail. The country was hit by a new type of plague that killed a large part of the population.
In order not to let any expectations arise in the first place, it should be pointed out right at the beginning that the new teaser video for The Elder Scrolls Online offers neither longer cinematic scenes nor in-game material.
The supply of block games is not going to dry up anytime soon: LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes will soon be available for all fans of LEGO games from Traveller's Tales, in which you are not only on the move as a bat man and Robin, but also in the roles of Superman and various new villains from the world of DC Comics hatch.
Black Ops 2 had already been announced in the run-up to E3, but now there were live scenes to be seen at Microsoft PK (including the typical "in the interest of time" jumps between missions).
The Belgian Larian Studios have almost won the competition for the most "i" in a game title with their new title Divinity Original Sin: Absolutely six i's or an i-rate of 30 percent is hard to beat. But does the role-playing game, which should appear in a year at the earliest, also have other advantages?
The new offshoot of the Forza series called Forza Horizon, which will be released on October 23, was presented to us in Los Angeles shortly before the actual start of the E3 exhibition.
Epic Games actually wanted to focus on its four new projects, which supposedly should have nothing to do with Gears of War.
This year's Ubisoft press conference was hosted by actress Aisha Tyler.
Metal Gear, that means gripping (stealth) action, long dialogues and even longer cut scenes. But only for Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance is a whole other box. And not just because it is not a Playstation exclusive. We take on the part of Raiden, a ninja in a mechanical endoskeleton.
At E3 2012 the big developers and publishers are showing their top titles this year and also one or the other completely new game. Some of these new announcements also include real surprise hits that either weren't expected or whose first public presentation created a hype.
Warner Brothers Interactive's Batman Arkham City Armored Edition has just been unveiled at Nintendo's E3 press conference. Of course, the WiiU was used vigorously, becoming a bat computer, so to speak. So you can place explosive charges in the room one after the other and then trigger them later via touchscreen when enemies are nearby (shown in the picture above).
According to the organizer ESA (Entertainment Software Association), around 45,700 trade visitors were drawn to the Convention Center in Los Angeles this year, where the Electronic Entertainment Expo took place from June 5th to 7th. For comparison: In 2011 the fair had around 46,800 visitors, while in 2010 it was around 45,600 (in 2005 it was 70,000).
The announcements of new next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony at E3 did not materialize, as expected, and Nintendo was also very reluctant to present graphics and technology demos for the Wii U at its press conference.
With Black Ops 2, Activision and Treyarch presented their annual Call of Duty update at E3.
News picture comes from Castlevania - Lords of Shadow
This year's Electronic Arts E3 press conference also covered the upcoming Simcity, for which a new gameplay trailer was released.
Company boss John Riccitiello opened the EA press conference in the run-up to this year's E3 with the usual pithy words that the presenters read from the two large monitors attached in the auditorium - that is why the VIPs always seem a little up or down, depending on the venue see.
Fans and interested players will have to wait until the second quarter of next year until Das Schwarze Auge - Demonicon is released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation3.
A God of War with a multiplayer mode? That seemed like a joke until it was officially confirmed at the end of April.
At E3 2012 Konrad Lischka interviewed the managing director of, Victor Kislyi, for Spiegel Online. There are some interesting numbers and statements about World of Tanks in this interview:
The first two parts of the Lost Planet series suffered primarily from numerous program errors that repeatedly thwarted the fun of the game for action fans. Therefore, they fell short of their possibilities. With the latest part of the series, Lost Planet 3, that should now change. But not only that.
Nintendo top creator Shigeru Miyamoto has just started the Nintendo press conference with a several-minute presentation of Pikmin 3. Part 1 was one of the top sellers for Gamecube two Nintendo generations ago.
For a long time it was very quiet around Lifeless Planet, but at E3 the future publisher Lace Mamba Global is reporting on the Kickstarter project. In addition to some background information on the history of the game, a trailer and a handful of new screenshots have also been released.
At E3 in Los Angeles we not only looked at the new products from the big publishers and played them ourselves, we also took a close look at the new products from the smaller providers.
As part of E3, the first gameplay images from the upcoming action adventure Star Wars 1313 were shown, in which you take on the role of a bounty hunter to make the crime district of Coruscant unsafe with him.