What are the 5 ages of tourism

Tourism: an overview of the advantages and disadvantages

The impression can certainly arise that tourism only has negative effects throughout. However, there are definitely some pluses for visits to foreign regions, distant countries and exotic cultures. We would also like to mention these here, so that you can get an idea for yourself and decide for yourself whether you prefer to travel or vacation on balconies.

  • Many countries have set up protected areas and national parks, which are financed not least by the foreign exchange of the holidaymakers. If the tourists were absent, there would be no money in many places to keep such projects going.
  • Especially in the desperately poor countries of the world, tourism is often one of the few opportunities for the local population to find a job and thus a perspective. Because hotels and restaurants need staff.
  • What you know is more likely to be appreciated and also protected. Anyone who is open to the culture and nature of our earth will certainly see a point in preserving these treasures for future generations.
  • Strangers become friends. Especially when you don't just stay in the big castles, but get to know the country and its people, you develop an understanding of other customs and cultures. Tourism can be a way of moving the world towards a more harmonious coexistence.
  • Tourism does not necessarily have to bring about climate-damaging travel. Beautiful places and areas can also be found on your own doorstep. In Europe there are numerous ways to spend unforgettable holidays when traveling by train or bus.
  • Not only in the distant, wide world, but also in Germany there are many holiday regions that benefit greatly from tourism. Here, too, the guests bring the financial means to preserve nature and cultural assets and jobs are created and secured.