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Made in Brazil - Brazil's most exported goods

Brazil is both the most populous and, in terms of area, by far the largest economy in Latin America.

The largest national economy in Latin America and the ninth largest internationally, has numerous raw materials and particularly good conditions for the domestic strong agricultural economy. Because the most important exported goods of Brazil in 2019 consisted of soybeans, crude oil and iron ore. The total exports amounted to a total of 201.1 billion euros (2019) and have declined slightly compared to the previous year due to currency effects. Click here to go directly to the TOP 10!

Brazil's agricultural economy

The agricultural sector in Brazil is responsible for around 25% of the gross domestic product and at the same time accounts for around 1/3 of all jobs in the country. The most important Brazilian export sector is the agricultural sector, led by soy, meat, grain, corn and sugar cane. Overall, this represents around 45% of foreign trade.

Around a third of the enormous land area is used for cultivation - an area of ​​around 66 million hectares. The only Portuguese-speaking country in South America has been by far the largest soy exporter in the world for some time, as well as the largest exporter of sugar cane and the world's second largest meat exporter (especially poultry and beef, but also the world market leader in the Islamic-compliant halal meat segment). In addition, Brazil exports significant quantities of coffee (world market leader), corn (second place) and raw tobacco.

Rich in natural raw materials

Alongside the agricultural sector, the raw materials sector has traditionally been a cornerstone of the Brazilian economy. Crude oil is the second most exported commodity in Brazil by value, which is mainly produced by Latin America's largest mineral oil company and at the same time the largest Brazilian state company Petrobras. The country is currently in 16th place internationally when it comes to oil exports. In addition, Brazil is the second largest iron ore exporting country after Australia with global industrial giants such as Vale and a major exporter of gold and copper.


The major export items of Brazil by export value

Product category Export (in billions of €) Export share
1 Soybeans 23,3 11,6 %
2 oil 21,4 10,7 %
3 Iron ore 19,8 9,9 %
4 flesh 13,5 6,7 %
5 Machines (e.g. gas turbines and bulldozers) 11,1 5,5 %
6 iron and Steel 9,7 4,8 %
7 vehicles 8,2 4,1 %
8 Grain 7,1 3,5 %
9 Wood pulp (for paper) 6,7 3,3 %
10 Corn 6,6 3,3 %
Total exports 200,1


The main export items of Brazil by export value

Product category Export (in billions of €) Export share
1 Soybeans 28,1 13,8 %
2 oil 21,3 10,5 %
3 Iron ore 17,1 8,4 %
4 Machines (e.g. gas turbines and bulldozers) 12,5 6,2 %
5 flesh 11,3 5,6 %
6 vehicles 10,7 5,3 %
7 iron and Steel 10,0 4,9 %
8 Wood pulp (for paper) 11,3 5,6 %
9 Animal feed made from vegetable oil residues 6,1 3,0 %
10 Sugar cane 5,5 2,7 %
Total exports 203,1

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