How to Delete Tinder from Facebook

How to delete your date of birth from Facebook

There are several reasons why a Facebook user can change their date of birth or hide it on Facebook. The most common reason is to look at your privacy, and you are also more likely to fall victim to identity fraud if you provide the exact date of your birthday. The other reason could be that if you are a minor (under the age of 18) on Facebook, you don't want anyone to know. The third reason is that you entered the wrong date of birth when entering and registering in the portal.

Let's see now how to delete date of birth from facebook, this operation is synonymous with an operation to hide it from other people. Changing or hiding your date of birth is relatively easy: just go back to the Basic Information section of your account and change your settings in a few places.

Start by going from Your Facebook homepage to your profile to return, just click on your profile name at the top right of your Facebook home page. Then go right under your cover photo and click info.

Scroll down in the menu on the left to “Contact and Basic Information”, go to “Basic Information” on the right and move the cursor to the far right of the date of birth and / or the year of birth and click on the Edit button.

Here you can change the date of birth or set it to "Your friends" or "Just for me" to hide it. Hiding your date of birth is like deleting it.

Note: You can also only show your friends the date of birth (not the year of birth) if you want to send them a birthday wish.

On the account of children (under the age of 18), the options are only limited to friends and acquaintances of friends.
NOTE: Many children faked their birthdays to get a Facebook account before they were 13 years old. Then check your child's year of birth on Facebook and make sure they are set correctly for their age so they can benefit from some additional teen privacy settings. .