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Indola Color Style Mousse - A real all-rounder

Black Headprofessional - known for cool hair care and styling products. And probably a term for everyone who is interested in beauty. Today I'm going to introduce you to a very special product: That Indola Color Style Mousse. It looks inconspicuous, but it is absolutely not!

The all-rounder that you need

The Indola Color Style Mousse is not a normal blow dryer foam ... The product is a real all-rounder and has a lot more to offer. First and foremost, it is a hair color / coloration, which is why the product is also in 12 different colors gives! There are natural tones, colors for "rejuvenation" and as "statement". Regardless of whether you want to emphasize the natural tone, set a cool color accent or hide gray hair quickly and easily, there is something for everyone. But that's far from it: The Indola Color Style Mousse also offers one slight consolidation and thus ensures the best styling. also maintains it the hair, moisturizes and protects against heat. What more do you want?

How does the Indola Color Style Mousse work?

It is about a temporary direct color. The care substances and pigments in the product are absorbed particularly quickly, which should ensure an even color result. Regardless of whether you want to refresh the color, tint the hair color or "pre-pigment" - all of this works very easily and without great effort.


Wash your hair and towel dry. Put on gloves and shake the bottle well. Distribute an orange-sized amount evenly into the hair, comb your hair and style as usual. Sounds easy - it is too.

My conclusion

The Indola Color Style Mousse is a hit. I tested the color "dark blonde", which went really well with my hair color. It really convinces on every line because it is so versatile. I tested the product during the Corona crisis and it absolutely helped me to bridge the gap until the next hairdresser appointment. I notice that I have more volume if I apply it to my hair before blow-drying and my slightly darker roots are concealed. The care effect was less noticeable to me, but that may be due to the fact that I use a different product for this purpose.

If you want to read more about Schwarzkopf products, have a look at this post past. The Indola Color Style Mousse is also available here and in the ROMA hairdressing equipment stores.

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your Hannah <3

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