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How to install non-store apps on Nokia N9, MeeGo, Harmattan

Nokia Store is however there for you to get additional apps or games or any thing for your Nokia N9 but sometimes there are some reasons when you want or need to install apps that are not on store. e.g. some developers want their apps to be tested before publishing over to store so they could provide you a standalone installer file to run on your device.

For that you need to enable non-store installations on your Nokia N9 before trying any thing to install from any source other than the Nokia Store. You can do so by going through the following four steps

Tap "Settings" launcher on your home screen.

  1. In the Settings, Go to "Applications".
  2. Then choose “Installations”.
  3. Now turn-on "Allow installations from non-store sources"
  4. Click “I agree” to proceed.

Now what?

  • You have just enabled the installation from non-sources. Now you can run the installer package of any application (.deb) to start installation. You can download the installer via Web Browser in Nokia N9 and just run it right away.
  • Or you can download installer (.deb) package in your computer and then move it to your Nokia N9. If you choose this way, you will need to install a file browser in your Nokia N9 prior to install any thing non-store. Because you need a file browser to browse to a (.deb) installer package. Download links to file browser is given below. There are a few more file browsers in Nokia Store.

Download Fileox

Filebox is the file browser for Nokia N9 or MeeGo / Harmattan. You can download it from Nokia Store. Or you can search "Filebox" in your Nokia N9's Store Client.