How to make a collapsible list in Excel

Excel: Create drop-down list (selection list) - this is how it works

In Excel you can create so-called drowdown lists. They are also called selection lists. You can then choose from preconfigured entries from these lists. We'll show you how to do it here at GIGA.

Such a drop-down list is relatively easy to create in Excel:


Excel: So you create a dropdown list

In our example we want to provide cells C3 to C6 with a drop-down list.

  1. To do this, mark cells C3 to C6.
  2. Click on the tab "Data“.
  3. Click on the button "Data verification“.
  4. In the small window you choose "Allow" the entry "list" out.
  5. Below you enter all the specifications that should appear in the respective drop-down list under Source.
  6. Separate these entries with a semicolon.
  7. Confirmed with "OK“.

If you now click in one of the cells from C3 to C6, you will see a small drop-down arrow that you can click on and then select one of the defaults (here: Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy).

Excel: Clear drop-down list

To delete the drop-down list again, proceed as follows:

  1. Selects the cells with the drop-down lists.
  2. Click in the tab "Data"On the button"Data review“.
  3. Click in the small window at the bottom left on the button "Delete everything“.

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