Taifur Rahman Chowdhury Bangladesh

With over 8+ years of experience in data collection and impact assessment, crossing more than a million interactions across the world, we have experienced how evidence-based policy results in increased social outcomes and quality of life. Understanding ground-level reality through accurate data has strengthened our partners ’work in achieving social impact for millions of people.


We have a growing number of partnerships across the world, with special emphasis on building a robust network in neighboring countries of the Global South. We are now operating beyond India and establishing Outline India as a key data and M&E firm across Bangladesh. We are determined to conduct effective evaluations, forge partnerships for evidence-based policymaking to scale impact for various stakeholders including the government, donor agencies, CSRs, and grassroots organizations.


With data being our strong suit, we can vouch for being your eyes and ears on the ground!

Innovation in Education Sector & State of Skills

As part of understanding the state of skills in Asia, our present study is focused largely on digital skills for new technology occupations. Bangladesh has already become the second-largest supplier of online labor, according to the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).


The rapid digitization in Bangladesh raises several questions pertaining to nature and credentials for work in this new age. The ongoing study gathers insights into the future of next-generation qualifications and credentials that are particularly suited for occupations at the time of the fourth industrial revolution in the country, and the whole of Asia.

The research will assist in gaining a better understanding of how traditional and degree / certificate-based qualifications are being supplemented or replaced by new online, non-degree credentials. The aim is to identify emerging new types of credentials with a focus on professionals working in digital occupations.