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Fallout 76: How to join the Order of Secrets and unlock some of the best quests in the game

Join the Order of Mysteries - where you can find the "Into the Mystery" search

In southwest Charleston, you likely came across the AVR Medical Center during the main Fallout 76 mission. In the alley on the north side of the main door you will find the body of a "young woman" wearing a tattered dress and some old world cash.

Try to loot the body and a cryptic message will play over your Pipboy and a “worn veil” will appear in your inventory.

Take the veil and try to understand the message. They will move you east towards a ruined mansion called “Riverside Manor”. Go there and look out for super mutants. Burned when you get there.

Eliminate the enemies and make your way into the rundown house to soak up the eerie atmosphere of the dim lighting and large portraits.

Go upstairs and find the study terminal. Log in and you'll find out that this is the former residence of Shannon Rivers - the spokeswoman for the Mistress of Mystery on the Silver Shroud radio show that fans of Fallout 4 should remember.

Equip the worn veil you looted from the young woman, if you haven't already, and go down the stairs to the front parlor.

In the northeast corner of the living room you will see a decorative screen that retracts when approached and opens a secret door.

Go down the stairs and go through the blue lasers and you will discover the secret of Riverside Manor.

In the secret bunker, go down the stairs to the center of the room and log into a terminal. Register as an initiate and you will receive a new holotape in your inventory.

It will be revealed that Mrs. Rivers was the leader of a covert organization that trained women to fight like their Mistress of Mystery.

While listening to the holotape, head east down the stairs to the Manufacturers Terminal to have your veil repaired.

Then log in to the central terminal and select “Database Queries” to request a mentor assignment.

This will give you a quest marker a little further south in Lewisburg. Go there and collect what you need and fight the enemies that camp here.

When you return to Riverside Manor, you will have access to a new line of quests related to the Order - have fun!

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