Rothschild versus Rockefeller, whose bill is richer

The Final Wakeup Call - German

The Rockefellers are the offspring of the old, corrupt Dutch East India Company

The real danger lies with the local traitors

Secret criminal cabals rule the earth

The Rothschild family hated the Rockefellers for removing them from the United States

Frenzied power struggle in the world

How big is the swamp that is being drained?

Membership list of the 300-member committee


Rothschild versus Rockefeller

A perceived large happy family is not always what it appears to be. As with any family, the struggle for power is ubiquitous, and so is the Archon Pedigree families. There are 13 “base” or “core” original lines. Yet there are many, many other lines that emerge from these. Think of the 13 original lines as the primary colors that can be mixed to create a variety of other colors. This will help you better understand the global coverage of the Archon family as well assess. They are all extremely rich and well organized in a "satanic cult" to chase after humanity and build their permanent hegemony over the entire globe.


There's no competition on the surface, it's just one big happy family. No competition in the sense of house against house, although in reality it is a world, a dog-eating dog world ’. There is competition between people. Everyone wants to climb the ladder. The entire family society is geared towards this; towards an upward trend.


On the other side of the coin, ordinary people are seen as their "collateral". mere pieces to be maneuvered around the chessboard according to their game plan. British royalty is not the most powerful line, despite having a high standing and high status in the name. The names that are known do not hold the real old power. There are others above these lines of these lines in the hierarchy. The names of these lines are secret, they are the ones behind the curtain, and they manipulate and control their henchmen to do the work in the public domain.


They are all liars and war criminals, some pretending to be Jews who are in fact Khazarian mafioso, kings, Nazis and pedophiles. In truth, they are satanists, including the Pope. - They have offices in the Vatican, the City of London, the Washington District of Columbia and the United Nations City State in New York City. This information comes from an insider who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons:


All those in positions of absolute power like the Queen of England, the Rothschilds, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Rockefellers, the Pope, the hidden Jesuit hierarchy, etc., are all ONE great happy bloodline family. They are all cousins, nephews, uncles, and nieces. I know some of these people so don't be fooled!


Many readers will be stunned when the truth of our story is revealed in the near future.


The Rockefellers are the offspring of the old corrupt Dutch East India Company

The Rockefellers meet the American Archon branch. They got their fortune through John Rockefeller and his founding of Standard Oil - ESSO or EXXON - which made their dynasty fortune especially during the orchestrated stock market crash of 1929. There are a variety of rumors that they initially sold banned alcohol because they owned a whiskey distillery. John Rockefeller was the late grandfather of David Rockefeller and died in 1937. David Rockefeller was the last of John's grandchildren, the most powerful and his favorite. Among other things, he was the CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank.


They are an incredibly powerful family that belongs to one of the 13 main Illuminati bloodlines. Their influence waned after David Rockefeller's death in 2017. Their real wealth is in the trillions, and like the Rothschilds, they just want to appear poorer than they are. Rest assured, the Rothschilds are the richest family in the world, controlling more fortunes than the world's eight greatest billionaires combined - and what's even more shocking is that they are richer than 75% of the world's total population combined.


In 1870, John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company and became America's first billionaire. He used his money to join the Rothschilds in the Federal Reserve in formation and funding, which gave them the ability to print money out of the air. This put them well above the US government in terms of power and influence, and it was a historic event to gain power over the government and the people through a manipulated financial system, which was deliberately never discussed in public. Hence, the Rockefellers were responsible for building the public education system terribly, one of the reasons people in schools or universities never knew about it.


It is not the Rothschilds who are primarily responsible for the misery and deceit in America, but the Rockefellers, Morgans, Mellons and all other actors, and all the other players at America INC mentioned in this deception process. to be set up. They undermine and manage, including President Trump and all government organizations like the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.


For example; It's the Rockefellers who are behind the global warming hoax. The climate has always changed. The fact is that the climate is constantly changing because there are a multitude of factors that influence climate change, such as solar activity and much more. The main argument made by the elites is that CO2 levels are the highest ever measured, which is a big lie.


What was never mentioned is the fact that CO2 levels were significantly higher in the past than they are today. In fact, the level of CO2 was many times higher and the temperature on earth was much warmer in history than it is today. Without sufficient CO2 there would be no life on earth. The idea that human CO2 emissions are responsible for changes and changes in the climate is not scientifically sound. These are initiatives that do nothing for our environment, that are only implemented in order to put large sums of money into the pockets of the power elite.


Unlike the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds are more like business people. They want to make money and do business. If they can make money or take an advantage they either win or lose. For the most part, they are skeptical and unworldly of the outside world; Not impressed with money and all that it means, they are just very, very adept users of money as a tool like money was intended. They know how to share profits with their business partners and what "money" and "credit" are, and all uses of "debt" and "securities".


By carefully cultivating his unrivaled wealth with the help of his five sons, Rothschild was able to make enormous profits during the French Revolution by providing Austria with funds and war materials that enabled the burgeoning family empire to develop into a multinational organization. from now on an important financier of industry and war.


But considered as a whole family, the Rothschilds in the family are not particularly malicious or hostile. They generally assume that a good deal pays off for everyone on their side. They'd rather milk the cash cow, that is, us, the population, than kill for the insurance money they know will be theirs anyway at the end of the day.


More specifically, the main interests of the Rothschilds are rooted in Europe and long ago expanded to the rest of the world. America is attractive to them, but by no means the only piece there is.


The Rockefellers, on the other hand, are descendants of the old corrupt, criminal, evil and ultimately suppressed Dutch East India Company, such as the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts. Much larger and more powerful than the British Crown, the Dutch East India Company disappeared one day in the early 18th century. Where did the largest merchant fleet in the world go? It went to America. So the US built a huge merchant fleet.


The real danger lies with the local traitors

It is the local traitors who always pose the real threat, and there is no exception. Often one is more likely to be murdered by an acquaintance or relative than by a stranger. The whole conspiracy is often an inside job, carried out by people who have lived in the country for generations but never display allegiances or affections that lead them to become true patriots.


It is correct to conclude that the worst of the current chaos did not come from outside the United States, more specifically from the Rothschilds. It came from the Rockefellers and their allies. So the cause of today's problems lies in the local perpetrators of treason. People who grew up in America.


Do not blame the Rothschilds, but the Rockefellers and their conspiratorial cohorts. Rockefeller and Roosevelts are the main criminals working with the British monarchy and crown to manipulate fraud from out of the US. They sit in Congress and the Senate and betray their own people with lies and deception while murdering anyone who stands in their way.


The story describes events in the world that result from the machinations of a powerful, hidden cabal of secret organizations around the world: the banks, wealthy families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, unofficial organizations like the Bilderberg, the Council of Foreign Relations, organized crime , dark government agencies, secret societies like Skull and Bones, the Jesuits and the Freemasons and so on.


Secret criminal cabals rule the earth

Behind all of these groups lies an even more secretive group that includes the real rulers of planet earth, who count prime ministers and presidents among their direct puppets. Some theorists say that these Illuminati in power are humans; others say they have alien allies. They are a secret society within secret societies, backed by a banking elite led by the Rothschild dynasty, who are pushing the final plan to abolish religion and overthrow civil governments in order to bring about everything under their control, essentially the New World Order centralize.


The criminal cabal that rules the earth should have powerful secret technologies at their disposal, such as HAARP - weather control, mind control, targeted energy weapons, artificially caused diseases like AIDS, EBOLA, SWINE FLU and other almost magical technologies. Together they enable them to face any opposition destroy and control people in ways they never thought possible. They are always looking for new forms of tyranny to impose on people and to expand their power over spirit and matter. They control the world economy and cause economic disasters at will, like the Great Depression of the 1930s and the impending economic crisis that was planned well in advance. They have corrupted the monetary system to enslave hard working people and deliberately destroy our society by eliminating the middle class - the backbone of our economy and society.


Despite all the false statistics and “smoke and mirrors” of Western governments, the Western financial system - the Federal Reserve Board and the ECB - was broke a long time ago. The United States of America Corporation, headed by incumbent President Donald Trump and the European Union, has been publishing fake financial data for years to create the impression that everything is fine.


Remember; Gold and silver were such powerful forms of money in the past that the founding fathers declared that only gold or silver coins could be used as "money" in America. If people don't wake up and do something, they deserve what they get, which could mean getting killed prematurely or enslaved for the rest of their lives.


Don't expect others with more power and influence to set us free. If a powerful group takes the initiative, there is a risk of renewed oppression later. If we start the fight alone, we have taken the initiative and could then seek help from powerful groups without losing our control as initiators. If you still believe in the strength of your nation, now is the time to do something. Later it can be too late. Be concerned. We can still win the fight, but quick action is required.

The Rothschild family hated the Rockefellers for removing them from the United States

The Rothschild family, angry with the Rockefellers, sold them to the United States and Japan in the 20th century. That is why there are so many former Rothschild employees in the Trump cabinet. “Rothschild” should be understood as an abbreviation for a group of aristocratic European families who claim to be descended from the biblical King David on their mother's side. They could be perceived as the leaders of the religious Jews whose beliefs are broadly broken down into the Torah (Old Testament) and Talmud (Babylonian Testament) fractions.


The Saudi royal family, who are Khazarian Satanists and not Muslims, have tried to control Sunni Islam with their petrodollars, but basically only have whores and mercenaries under their wages. Fortunately, they are now under the control of the white US military hats


David Rockefeller, who headed the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, was the absolute head of the petrodollar system and his death created a huge vacuum.


Frenzied power struggle in the world

Much of the chaos and fighting in the US political system can be traced back to a struggle for to fill the vacuum left by it. His henchman Henry Kissinger tried and failed to replace him. Rockefeller's heirs, led by his daughter Hillary Clinton (Rockefeller), have been fighting a bitter rearguard battle since they lost the US election (fight for the electronic election campaign) to US President Donald Trump.


To understand the frantic power struggle in the world, it is worth taking a look at the darkest secret in history behind corporate bankruptcies of governments. The White Dragon Society and Chinese royal family members have presented documented evidence that will force a rectification of twentieth century historiography. The documents describe secret agreements between US Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Chinese nationalist ruler Chiang Kai-Sjek and members of the Manchu royal family. The documents show how Roosevelt, Truman and US Secretary of State George C. Marshall brought 20 ships loaded with Manchu gold to the US over time and fraudulently used the bullion to fund Roosevelt's New Deal and the Marshall Plan.


The gold was brought to the United States in the 1930s to fund the development of East Asia and the creation of a federation with Manchuria, China, Korea, and Japan, royal family sources said. The Americans also gave the Manchurians the printing plates they could use to print US dollars. The two current heirs to Manchu gold are Kim Young Hee and Zhang Sheng Zhi. They claim to have been chased to be killed as they have legal rights to this $ 30 trillion worth of gold.


The Federal Reserve Board office owners Rothschild / Rockefeller / Bush / Clinton / are required to pay their debts in gold to the rest of the world. Because of this, they are desperately trying to establish a fraudulent claim on the Manchu gold they stole all those years ago. In summary; The Khazarian Mafia is desperately trying to steal this gold from anywhere they can get their hands on it.


The invasion of Libya was an unsuccessful attempt to steal Kaddafi's gold. - The March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan with a tsunami attack on Japan's nuclear power plant was aimed at extorting Japanese imperial gold. The Khazarian Mafia furiously hunt down royals claiming historical gold rifts.


How big is the swamp that is being drained?

Add to the list of members below, all of George Soros-funded secret societies and think tanks, NGOs, and virtually all of the Fortune 500 public companies, as well as the immense challenges facing the Trump team. Your progress has been tremendous. This is especially true when looking at the influence of Silicon Valley and Hollywood directed directly against Trump as he seeks to clear this mess and drain the swamp on his campaign promise.

It is noticeable that the entire operation has taken an extremely aggressive stance towards his presidency. Hence, Trump was forced to formulate a counter-coup plan that is infallible.He has absolutely no leeway between a rock and a hard place. And there is no precedent to consider for reference. The story has absolutely no parallel to Trump's misery on planet earth. We must count our blessings; The internet, with the help of Q, has created a whole new universe of cyberspace where this war is really going on.


There is no doubt that Donald Trump regularly employs some of the most effective strategies and tactics taught by an ancient Chinese military strategist. It looks like President Trump must have very wise advisers, like the great war leader and strategist, Chinese military general Sun Tzu, to help him clean up this rotten swamp. The world is at a crossroads where the connection of the spirit must be re-established.



Membership list of the 300-member committee

An ex-Illuminati member has a list of the members of the elite secret society and the 300-member committee released. He was a senior Illuminati member who had worked in senior positions in the elite secret society for 47 years and said he would reveal all about the secret society's plans after it was "too much for him".


The membership of the Illuminati or the 300-member committee was always top secret. This is the first time the full list of member names has been revealed in this rare leak from this anonymous insider.


The list of 300 (Illuminati 2016) criminals begins with: -> Abdullah II (King) of Jordan • Abramovich, Roman Arkadyevich • Ackermann, Josef • Adeane, Edward • Agius, Marcus Ambrose Paul • Ahtisaari, Martti Oiva Kalevi • Akerson, Daniel • Albert II of Belgium • Alexander - Crown Prince of Yugoslavia • Alexandra (Princess) - The Honorable Lady Ogilvy • Alphonse, Louis - Duke of Anjou • Amato, Giuliano • Anderson, Carl A. • Andreotti, Giulio • Andrew (Prince) - Duke of York • Anne - Princess Royal • Anstee, Nick • Ash, Timothy Garton • Astor, William Waldorf - 4th Viscount Astor • August, Ernst - Prince of Hanover • Aven, Pyotr • Balkenende, Jan Peter • Ballmer, Steve • Balls , Ed • Barroso, José Manuel • Beatrix (Queen of Netherlands) • Belka, Marek • Bergsten, C. Fred • Berlusconi, Silvio • Bernake, Ben • Bernhard (Prince) of Lippe-Biesterfeld • Bernstein, Nils • Berwick, Donald • Bildt, Carl • Bischoff, Sir Winfried Franz Wilhen • Blair, Tony • Blankfein, Lloyd • Blavatnik, Leonar d • Bloomberg, Michael • Bolkestein, Frits • Bolkiah, Hassanal • Bonello, Michael C. • Bonino, Emma • Boren, David L. • Borwin - Duke of Mecklenburg • Bronfman, Charles Rosner • Bronfman, Edgar Jr. • Bruton, John • Brzezinski, Zbigniew • Budenberg, Robin • Buffet, Warren • Bush, George HW • Cameron, David William Donald • Camilla - Duchess of Cornwall • Cardoso, Fernando Henrique • Carington, Peter - 6th Baron Carrington • Carlos - Duke of Parma • Carlos, Juan - King of Spain • Carney, Mark J. • Carroll, Cynthia • Caruana, Jaime • Castell, Sir William • Chan, Anson • Chan, Margaret • Chan, Norman • Charles - Prince of Wales • Chartres, Richard • Chiaie, Stefano Delle • Chipman, Dr John • Chodiev, Patokh • Christoph, Prince of Schleswig -Holstein • Cicchitto, Fabrizio • Clark, Wesley Kanne Sr. (General) • Clarke, Kenneth • Clegg, Nick • Clinton, Bill • Cohen, Abby Joseph • Cohen, Ronald • Cohn, Gary D. • Colonna, Marcantonio - Prince and Duke of Paliano • Constantijn (Prince) of the Netherlands • Constantine II Greece • Cooksey, David • Cowen, Brian • Craven, Sir John • Crockett, Andrew • D'Aloisio, Tony • Dadush, Uri • Darling, Alistair • Davies, Sir Howard • Davignon, Étienne • Davis, David • De Rothschild, Benjamin • De Rothschild, David René James • De Rothschild, Eve lyn Robert • De Rothschild, Leopold David • Deiss, Joseph • Deripaska, Oleg • Dobson, Michael • Draghi, Mario • Du Plessis, Jan • Dudley, William C. • Duisenberg, Wim • Edward (Prince) - Duke of Kent • Edward (The Prince) - Earl of Wessex • Elkann, John • Emanuele, Vittorio - Prince of Naples, Crown Prince of Italy • Fabrizio (Prince) - Massimo-Brancaccio • Feldstein, Martin Stuart • Festing, Matthew • Fillon, Francois • Fischer, Heinz • Fischer, Joseph Martin • Fischer, Stanley • FitzGerald, Niall • Franz, Duke of Bavaria • Fridman, Mikhail • Friedrich, Georg - Prince of Prussia • Friso (Prince) of Orange-Nassau • Gates, Bill • Geidt, Christopher • Geithner, Timothy • Gibson-Smith, Dr. Chris • Gorbachev, Mikhail • Gore, Al • Gotlieb, Allan • Green, Stephen • Greenspan, Alan • Grosvenor, Gerald - 6th Duke of Westminster • Gurria, José Angel • Gustaf, Carl XVI of Sweden • Hague, William • Hampton, Sir Philip Roy • Hans-Adam II - Prince of Liechtenstein • Harald V Norway • Harper, Stephen • Heisbourg, François • Henri - Grand Duke of Luxembourg • Hildebrand, Philipp • Hills, Carla Anderson • Holbrooke, Richard • Honohan, Patrick • Howard, Alan • Ibragimov, Alijan • Ingves, Stefan Nils Magnus • Isaacson, Walter • Jacobs, Kenneth M. • Julius, DeAnne • Juncker, Jean-Claude • Kenen, Peter • Kerry, John Forbes • King, Mervyn • Kinnock, Glenys • Kissinger , Henry • Knight, Malcolm • Koon, William H. • Rice, Susan • Richard Duke of Gloucester • Rifkind, Sir Malcolm Leslie • Ritblat, Sir John • Roach, Stephen S. • Robinson, Mary • Rockefeller, David Jr. • Rockefeller , Nicholas • Rodriguez, Javier Echevarria • Rogoff, Kenneth Saul • Roth, Jean-Pierre • Rothschild, Jacob - 4th Bar on Rothschild • Rubenstein, David • Rubin, Robert • Ruspoli, Francesco - 10th Prince of Cerveteri • Safra, Joseph • Safra, Moises • Sands, Peter A. • Sarkozy, Nicolas • Sassoon, Isaac S.D. • Sassoon, (Baron) James Meyer • Sawers, Sir Robert John • Scardino, Marjorie • Schwab, Klaus • Schwarzenberg, Karel • Schwarzman, Stephen A. • Shapiro, Sidney • Sheinwald, Nigel • Sigismund Grand Duke of Tuscany • Simeon of Saxe -Coburg and Gotha • Snowe, Olympia • Sofía (Queen) of Spain • Soros, George • Specter, Arlen • Stern, Ernest • Stevenson, Dennis - Baron Stevenson of Coddenham • Steyer, Tom • Stiglitz, Joseph E. • Strauss-Kahn , Dominique • Straw, Jack • Sutherland, Peter • Tanner, Mary • Tedeschi, Ettore Gotti • Thompson, Mark • Thomson, Dr. James A. • Tietmeyer, Hans • Trichet, Jean-Claude • Tucker, Paul • Van Rompuy, Herman • Vélez, Alvaro Uribe • Verplaetse, Alfons Vicomte • Villiger, Kaspar • Vladimirovna, Maria - Grand Duchess of Russia • Volcker, Paul • Von Habsburg, Otto • Waddaulah, Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin • Walker, Sir David Alan • Wallenberg, Jacob • Walsh, John • Warburg, Max • Weber, Axel Alfred • Weill, Michael David • Wellink, Nout • Whitman, Marina von Neumann • Willem-Alexander - Prince of Orange • William (Prince) of Wales • Williams, Dr. Rowan • Williams, Shirley - Baroness Williams of Crosby • Wilson, David - Baron Wilson of Tillyorn • Wolfensohn, James David • Wolin, Neal S. • Woolf, Harry - Baron Woolf • Woolsey, R. James Jr. • Worcester, Sir Robert Milton • Wu, Sarah • Zoellick, Robert Bruce •





Peter B. Meyer

August 28, 2019


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