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Details aboutVölkl RTM 76 length 175 cm vMotion 10 GW model 2018 FREE ASSEMBLY!

Völkl RTM 76

MODEL 2018


v Motion 10 GW binding

The new RTM 76 with tip rocker impresses with its easy handling and closes the gap between RTM 78 and 73 with 76 mm under the vMotion binding. It is predestined for ambitious carving beginners, its partial center sidewall construction increases edge grip and driving stability on all slopes. Of course, the vMotion1 binding is compatible with GripWalk shoe soles


175 cm



Please indicate the desired length after purchase!




Please give us the SOLE LENGTH of your SKI BOOT in mm known as soon as possible after purchase. The sole length in mm can be found on the side of your ski boot slightly above the ski boot sole in mm (e.g. 317 mm) please do not confuse it with the mount point size (e.g. 27.5 ..).






The binding assembly is FREE !!!!


The skis willincluding pre-assembled binding sent. Please let us know the sole length of your ski boot in (mm).DANGER!! WE DO NOT ADJUST BINDINGS, HOWEVER!Please note that the Binding adjustment and binding pressure carried out by a ski sports shop before the first use must become. We do not assume any liability for accidents of any kind! With the purchase the buyer accepts these conditions.




Völkl Stock

Available lengths: 110,115,120,125,130 cm

Price: 26.90


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