What do Wolfsheim's cufflinks symbolize?


Cufflinks - the jewel for women and men

Like many pieces of jewelry, cufflinks are a relic from bygone times. The early 17th century is the source of the cufflink, which served as a replacement for the traditional button. At that time only the practical purpose was considered, whereas today this button has become a welcome accessory that is worn as jewelry.

The main purpose of a cufflink is of course to be able to close the shirt on the wrist, provided that there is no sewn button attached at this point. But in addition to this very pragmatic approach, it should not be forgotten that a cufflink has a very decorative effect. It can be found in all materials and price ranges and the cufflink is particularly suitable for individualists. There are models with great motifs on the decorative upper side, which indicate the personality of the wearer. Since cufflinks are now also suitable for everyday use, these emblems can also be a little more unusual. For example, you will find cufflinks with characters from the computer keyboard or cute animal motifs. A particularly beautiful and individual idea is to have the accessories printed with your child's photo. This makes the cufflinks absolutely individual and truly unique.

In the past, the cufflinks were reserved for men as they were a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Other houses were supposed to be impressed with the piece of jewelry and the cufflink was simply part of formal clothing. But today the situation looks a little different. The ladies also use the eye-catching accessories and like to replace the large watch or the pompous bracelet with them.

The cufflink is a piece of jewelry that is particularly popular to wear on important occasions and is also more and more popular with women, as there are also examples that impress with their grace. You can choose a great pair of cufflinks at Schmuckladen.de, because the advantage of these accessories is that they will definitely fit. All you have to do is choose the pair that you like best and you can prove your sense of style and elegance. Among the many products that are offered to you at Schmuckladen.de, you are guaranteed to find the right cufflinks for you!

Cufflinks for women

One of the favorite pieces of clothing a woman is a great light blouse, with which she can combine many great pieces of jewelry. But if you are not always in the mood for very large pieces of jewelry that will attract the attention of your fellow human beings, then try two small, decorative cufflinks on the waistband of your sleeves. These accessories are not immediately noticeable, but one thing is certain: once they have been discovered, they will be greeted with some envious looks.

The great fashion icons of the 20th century Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo already knew how to appreciate and use cufflinks.

The gold cufflinks are particularly popular with women. The material has a very elegant and glamorous effect and is very feminine in the right combination. There are very pompous cufflinks that should not be worn with any other jewelry, as they will be the highlight of your outfit. But of course there are also buttons in wonderful pastel tones and very simple shapes for women.

But Schmuckladen.de also has a few models in its range for women who love being playful and teasing. There are, for example, great accessories in the form of high heels or blood-red lips. As is usual with the chain pendants, the pretty hearts are very popular here and take away the severity of the cufflinks.

Cufflinks for men

Cufflinks are without a doubt one of the most elegant accessories a man can wear. A white shirt, a well-fitting suit and the matching shoes only become a completely perfect outfit for a great appearance by putting on the color-coordinated cufflinks.

The history of the cufflinks goes back many centuries. Back then, the noble accessories were worn by wealthy men to signal wealth and pride. In the course of time, however, these pieces of jewelry were unfortunately more and more forgotten, so that they were only worn by tradition-conscious gentlemen. But the cufflinks are celebrating their return and are increasingly finding their appropriate place on the shirt sleeves of charismatic men. The cufflinks have found their place in men's jewelry again today.

The practical attachments can be made into a unique specimen by printing or engraving, which will attract a lot of attention at the next event. For example, the cufflinks can show playing cards and thus symbolize that you are a passionate poker or skat player. But of course the pieces of jewelry can also be worn in their classic form made of gold or another precious metal. The choice of a pair of cufflinks is certainly also dependent on the occasion for which it is to be worn.

However, it is only possible to put on the cufflinks on shirts that have a designated opening at the end of the sleeve. Basically, most cufflinks fit into the shirt openings, but a distinction must be made between round and elongated cufflink holders. The round variants offer the advantage that they do not slip out of the opening as easily, while this can happen more quickly with the elongated models.

Cufflinks are a very often chosen gift for a boy for his confirmation, as this special day is supposed to demonstrate the journey into the world of adults.

Which cufflinks do you wear with which shirt?

The only requirement for wearing cufflinks is that the shirt has a cuff. This is a hem at the end of the sleeve that has two holes on the wrist. These are placed on top of each other and closed with the cuff. Normal shirts with buttons and buttonholes on the sleeve are therefore not suitable for wearing cuffs. Which cufflinks you wear with which shirt is up to you. When choosing the right cuffs, however, you should make sure that the cufflinks are well matched to your tie, shirt and other jewelry. The cufflinks can be combined very nicely with watches or a belt; these two types of accessories are made for each other! Cufflinks can not only be worn on suits in black, but are suitable for all colors and styles.

Cufflinks are the perfect accessory for men to set themselves apart from others in a humble way. They never seem too intrusive, but allow you to express your own style and individuality. Cufflinks show that you have a fashion sense and style. And even if you have an alternative taste in fashion, you are guaranteed to find something suitable for your look in the selection at Schmuckladen.de. Because there are at least a hundred different, matching cufflinks for every shirt - you just have to decide. Whichever cufflinks you want to wear with your shirt. In addition, cufflinks allow you to set an individual accent, for example at work, despite the possible dressing requirement.

Because of the different variations and the large selection between different shapes and colors of the cufflinks, you, dear men, have a great variety of accessories for your high-quality suit.

Engraved cufflinks

Cufflinks as a special accessory are not enough for you? Would you like to go one step further and make your cufflinks something very special with an individual engraving? No problem! With many manufacturers it is possible to submit your own wishes as to what the engraving should look like and these are then implemented quickly and easily. Your new cufflinks are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher! And the engraving gives the accessories a lasting value. What the engraving expresses is then always connected to the cufflinks. Would you like to give your sponsored child cufflinks for confirmation or communion? Then it is best to have them engraved with the youngster's initials and give him a gift of very special value. But it doesn't always have to be letters - small motifs can also be engraved on the surface of cufflinks. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren will proudly wear cufflinks decorated with their own family crest. Simple motifs such as notes or a golf club can be engraved to express your personal interests. In any case, cufflinks with engraving are the best choice for individualists and everyone who loves unique items.

Wedding cufflinks

A self-respecting groom who wants to shine with a perfect outfit on the wedding day should definitely not do without cufflinks on the shirt. These round off the groom's appearance wonderfully. If you want to underline your style with classic cufflinks, but still don't want to forego humor and lightness, you will find many cufflinks with funny motifs or sayings that fit the theme of weddings. If you like it more subtle, but also want to wear individual cufflinks to the wedding, you can use an engraving. For example, the names of the bride and groom or the date of the wedding can be engraved on silver cufflinks.

Put on cufflinks

The ordered cufflinks have arrived and shine promisingly from the packaging. But how do you put the cufflinks on your shirt? How can you put on cufflinks? Here are a few tips on how to put your cufflinks on correctly: First, the cufflink holes must be on top of each other. The cufflink is now passed through the holes in such a way that the top with the button points outwards, i.e. away from the body. The cufflink is therefore passed through the cufflink holes from the outside. When it is through all the layers of fabric, all you have to do is flip the latch and the cufflink is closed and sits properly and securely on your shirt sleeve.

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