How to view the full file name in Windows

How to view the full folder path in File Explorer on Windows 10

When navigating different folders in File Explorer, the full folder path does not appear in the address bar. You will usually see a path that starts with This PC. The drive letter will only appear if you are not navigating your Windows drive. If you want to see the full folder path in File Explorer, you'll need to install a popular third-party app called Classic Shell.

Classic Shell actually consists of four different apps in one. The most popular app is the classic start menu. However, if you don't want to use the other apps, you can turn them off and just install them Classic explorer.

Folder path in File Explorer

It is a good idea to close all of File Explorer windows before installing this app. Download and install Classic Explorer. It runs by default, and new icons appear above the address bar in File Explorer. Click on the blue shell icon and select the settings option from the menu.

By default, you only get basic settings. On the Basic Settings tab, enable the Disable Breadcrumbs option and click OK. You will receive a message that the changes will be applied to any new File Explorer windows that you open.

You can see the full folder path in the screenshot below.

If you've just changed the settings in the Basic Settings tab, you will likely have more buttons next to the Classic Shell button. To remove these other buttons you will need to access Classic Shell Settings and this time select the Show All Settings option.

Once you've viewed all of the settings, go to the Toolbar Buttons tab. Select an item in the left column, right click on it and choose Remove from the context menu. Repeat this process for all items you want to remove, then click OK. Here, too, the changes apply to all File Explorer windows that you open after applying the change.

File Explorer doesn't always show you the full path to a folder when browsing your Windows drive. The drive letter and your home folder are omitted. Clicking in the address bar shows the path but omits the drive and home folder. Shame users have to install an app to get the full path.

If you don't need to see the full path in the Explorer file, and just need to copy it, you can do so without the app. All you have to do is hold down the Shift key and right click on a folder or file. The Copy as Path option appears in the context menu.