How to Make Halal Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki salmon skewers

Teriyaki salmon skewers

We love teriyaki sauce, whether with chicken, pork, beef, seafood or, as is the case today, as teriyaki salmon skewers. A teriyaki sauce is so versatile and gives every dish the typical Japanese taste. Today we will show you how to prepare the teriyaki sauce and how to quickly turn it into delicious teriyaki salmon skewers.

Teriyaki sauce

The word Teriyaki is made up of the words Teri ("shine") and yaku ("grill", "stew"). A teriyaki sauce is primarily used to marinate food. The basis of the classic teriyaki sauce is a good soy sauce, sake and sugar, the teriyaki sauce is prepared over low heat so that as little alcohol as possible is overcooked.

Since we also make our food for children, our version is of course adapted and does not contain sake. Ginger or citrus fruits are often used to give the sauce a fruity taste. Traditionally, no garlic or onion is used. We'll do it anyway.

Dark soy sauce vs. light soy sauce

There are 2 types of soy sauce, the light soy sauce and the dark soy sauce. If you look at the light soy sauce, you would think that it is also dark, but the sauces differ in taste and area of ​​application.

The dark soy sauce matures over several years and also contains caramel and, if necessary, molasses to preserve the taste. Moisture is lost through storage and the added caramel also makes the sauce thicker. The dark soy sauce is mainly used for cooking and gives the food color and taste and a slight sweetness afterwards.

The light soy sauce is used more for marinating. It is salty than the dark soy sauce and does not color the food so dark, which looks more appetizing, especially with white meat (chicken) or fish.

Grill salmon

We marinated the salmon in the teriyaki sauce for 6 hours and so that it marinated better, we shrink-wrapped the salmon. In principle, a freezer bag or a Tupperware box is sufficient if there is no way to seal it.

When making the teriyaki sauce, only the liquid is sieved off, but we always like to use a teaspoon of the fried vegetables.

Our teriyaki salmon skewers are skewered with yellow and red peppers and grilled for 1 minute on each side. We use our double skewers * to give the salmon a secure hold.

Then the Teriyaki salmon skewers are grilled indiectly up to a core temperature of 54 ° C. Even without a thermometer, it is possible to finish grilling the skewers without any problems. As soon as the egg white comes out of the salmon, the skewers are ready


We love teriyaki sauce and we love salmon, so it is not surprising that the skewers taste particularly good. Not without reason you plastered the skewers quickly.

The Japanese taste of the Terijaki sauce simply goes well with salmon. The sugar caramelises when grilled directly and makes the salmon slightly crispy on the outside. The sweetness with the taste of soy sauce, garlic, ginger and onion can only be recommended and should definitely be imitated.

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