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The 14 best dressed men in the world

Fashion - Paris, Milan, London, New York but above all top models wherever the eye can see. High fashion is still an absolute women's issue. It's a shame, as we fi nd, because the guys have long since caught up in style. And as different as the different types are, so are their preferences, looks and favorite brands. From sporty to elegant, everything is included. The fact is: men have finally discovered fashion for themselves and sometimes dare to combine unusual pieces. As you know, there are no limits to creativity. We have put together a list of our favorite styles for you.

1. Zayn Malik

For ONE DIRECTION star Zayn Malik, there is more than one direction in fashion. In his private life he likes it sporty and likes brands like “Fear of God” or “VERSUS”, but the Brit always cuts a fine figure even in a fine suit.


2. Marteria

Marten, Marteria's real first name, remains true to his roots and, as a former professional footballer, likes to dress sportily. He prefers to leave Nike on his feet and has recently discovered the Nike Air VaporMax for himself. No wonder, it's a real grenade.


3. Drake

Alongside Kanye West, the Toronto rapper is one of the most influential musicians of the moment. Whatever he wears in public will be a hit - even the pink Juve shirt. Otherwise, Drake is totally into Nike and has also published his self-designed sneakers there.


4. Pharrell Williams

When you think of stylish stars, you just can't get past Pharrell. The rapper and producer always reinvents himself and sets trends all the time, but always remains true to himself. He is currently realizing his own creations with adidas and his human race apparel and sneaker line sells like sliced ​​bread. And his G-Star Elwood collection couldn't do better either.


5. Jerome Boateng

Even if Jerome is more of an Adidas player on the pitch, privately he swears by Jordans. No wonder, as he is considered one of the largest sneakerheads in the country and even has the coveted Jordan IV by KAWS in his collection. His unusual taste in glasses is also striking - but even with this topic he always remains stylish and never loses perspective.


6. Max Herre

Maximi-Maxima from the kolkhoz farm is the gentleman among German rappers. Even in the golden A-N-N-A times, the smart Stuttgart showed a sense of style - whether sporty on the street or elegant at official appointments. MAXimal style, timelessly ingenious.


7. Paul Pogba

The bird of paradise of the British Premier League not only has a weakness for extravagant goal celebrations (after all, he invented the dab), but also for extremely eye-catching fashion. So it's not surprising that he is particularly fond of the Japanese label “A Bathing Ape”, or BAPE for short. Hoodie with a shark snout on the hood? Something like that always works with Pogba. His motto: Always a little louder than everyone else.


8. Ryan Gosling

With all the love for sportswear - a classic suit just looks unbeatable on some days. Actor Ryan Gosling seems to have 365 of these days a year. Enviable, as well as his magical attraction to his female fans. Well guys, every man should have at least one suit in his closet. Then it works with the girls too.


9. Jan Delay

First an absolute, now only a beginner - Jan Eißfeldt aka Jan Delay aka Eizi Eiz is everything, just not a beginner. Especially not in fashion. Because while he prefers to take the stage with DJ Mad and Denyo in Jordans or Nike Air Max, he surprised everyone as Jan Delay in made-to-measure suits by “Herr von Eden” and was even voted Tie Man of the Year in 2012. Hats off.


10. Rami Malek

All of our favorite hackers from the hit series “Mr. Robot ”actually has more in its closet than jeans, chucks and black hoodie jackets. In his private life, he likes to be timelessly classic and casual, but he always takes out his suit for appearances on the red carpet - and preferably from Dior.


11. Dennis Schröder

The German Wunderkind is becoming increasingly important in his Atlanta Hawks and in the NBA. The native Braunschweig seems to want to escape the hustle and bustle every now and then - or how do you explain his weakness for the camo all-over look that doesn't even stop in front of his car? Dennis, your style is impressive. You really don't need to hide.


12. Maurice Ernst

"You have the Schick shock because my Schick shocks you." The Austrian Maurice Ernst and his band “Bilderbuch” have been on everyone's lips for some time. This is not only due to the band's unusual music, but also to the extravagant clothing style of the self-proclaimed “enfant terrible of the New Schickeria”. Everything but normal seems to be the motto here and you can see Maurice with his bleached hair sometimes in golden pants, sometimes in a floor-length coat or in trendy sweaters. Where did he get it all from? We would like to know that too.


13. Sam Riley

There is hardly anyone who looks so good in black and white photos as Sam Riley - and not just since his role as Ian Curtis on "Control". Alexandra Maria Lara's husband prefers to wear the classic suit and always looks fantastic in it. Very British indeed and very impressive, isn't it?


14. Elyas M’Barek

Everybody’s Darling Elyas likes to be sporty in her private life. No wonder, since he recently signed an advertising deal with the sporting goods manufacturer Asics. Otherwise, the “Fack Ju Göhte” star dresses wonderfully normal, which can be refreshingly different. Put aside all vanities and act exactly as you feel - sometimes the best choice. Elyas, we love you just like that.