What's my line episode 175

My child

Because he is said to have harassed Antonia, Konstantin was sentenced to a fine by the court for sexual assault. An objection has no prospect of success and the neighborhood and the press defame him as a child molester. Constantine's state of mind couldn't be worse. With the statement that he wanted to travel, Konstantin said goodbye to Roland at the bus stop. Alerted, he took up the chase and finally saw his son from a bridge on the train tracks. Shocked, he begs him not to end his life. A train rushes up and at the last second Konstantin steps aside.


When Konstantin looks at his father, he only sees Roland being carried away by a large truck speeding by ...

Cliff resolution:

Antonia accompanies Momo to the police and confesses her lie. Constantine didn't bother her.

F.olge 1751 "My child"

Matchday: Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Book: Ruth Rehmet
Director: Ester Amrami

Actors: Arne Rudolf, Anna-Sophia Claus, Axel Holst, Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum, Cosima Viola, Joris Gratwohl, Sarah Masuch, Andrea Spatzek, Moritz Zielke, Valentin Schreyer, Christine Kroop (journalist "Annika Dörschel") and others