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3 meal prep hacks

Mealprep can support you a lot in your everyday life and it will be easier for you to eat healthier. If it weren't for one problem or another that might arise: What do I do when I'm on the go and don't have a microwave on hand or need to cool my food? What do I do if I don't like the pre-cooked food and how does a wrap not fall apart?

From food blogger Milena

Keep your food warm or cold on the go

It's very easy with thermoboxes! A good box will keep your food cold or warm for at least six hours. For example, you can pre-cook your food at home, transfer the meal into a thermo mug and enjoy it warm later at work. This is especially useful when there is no way to reheat the food in a microwave. Warm up the Thermobox beforehand by rinsing it out with boiled water. If a warm breeze is blowing outside and your salad shouldn't suffer from it, then put the opened thermobox in the refrigerator overnight and only fill it with the salad in the morning. When pre-cooled, the box will keep it cold longer.

For bland, pre-cooked food

When pre-cooking, the mistake can happen that the pre-cooked food is not seasoned before it is transferred and, if necessary, seasoned. So the meal can turn into a taste surprise later (positive as well as negative!). Make a habit of trying a piece of the meal every time you cook it. In addition, food that has been warmed up or stored in the refrigerator loses its taste a little. Fresh seasoning works wonders here! It doesn't just have to be pepper and salt: Try paprika powder, turmeric, cumin or fresh herbs, among other things. If the food tastes mushy, next time remember to pack the sauce or dressing separately from the rest of the food and mix it in just before you eat.

The food falls apart in the box

The sandwich topped with love and unpacked as a battlefield? The wrap took on a life of its own in the box and fell apart? Everything that should stay together can be fixed with toothpicks.


Milena, also known as Milenas recipe, works as a food blogger and cookbook author.

Instagram: @milenasrezept

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