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Minecraft Realms: costs, mods and information about the server

Announced as a great opportunity for cross-platform games, Mojang announced Minecraft Realms in 2014. With this service you can rent paid servers to which you can restrict access and invite players directly. We'll tell you all the information about costs, the use of mods and the availability for Xbox One and PS4 in this article on Minecraft Realms.



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who Play Minecraft in multiplayer wants has different options. For some time now, Mojang, the Minecraft maker himself, has been offering a way to play with other players on a server. The solution is called Minecraft Realms and was originally supposed to offer cross-platform play. However, this is currently not possible. We explain to you what Minecraft Realms is and which one Costs you can expect for a server.

In the video - Minecraft Realms presented:

Minecraft Realms: what can the server do?

A realm is a kingdom or a separate area. Mojang also wants to create that with its Minecraft Realms service. In contrast to the free servers on which several players can interact with each other, realm servers are on maximum 10 players limited. The biggest difference, however, is that one Administrator invite other players can. If you do not have an invitation to a world, you cannot join the server either.

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With Minecraft Realms, it doesn't matter what you do on the server. So you can build and discover together or butcher each other. The administrator can use the Set difficulty, but also choose the mode. So you can between Survival and Creative choose. The administrator invites other players and can also throw it from the server again. He can also delete the world and create a new one. If the host has invited his friends, they can play on the server at any time. However, the Minecraft Realms server noticed no activity after 10 minutes, so no one is online, it will shut down and start again as soon as someone enters the realm.


Information on costs, mods, admin rights and Co.

If you start Minecraft, you will have noticed Realms as a new tab next to your worlds. Here you can start a personal server. In the settings, the server owner then chooses whether the realm is first for 30 or 180 days should be rented. The only difference here is the money that goes into your account. You can extend the contract at any time so that your kingdom does not disappear after the specified time. If you have bought a server from Mohang, you can either get one generate new world, one upload existing ones or Select worlds from a list. These were built by Mojang and Minecraft players.

The servers for Minecraft Realms are powered by Amazon or.Xbox Live hosted. Because of this, it can happen that you get one Create an Xbox Live account have to. You can do that even if you don't have a console; the process is free. Further information on Minecraft Realms in the overview:

  • available platforms: Pocket Edition as well as Windows 10 version and PC and Mac version
  • maximum number of players: 10 people (exclusive admin)
  • Admin commands are only supported on the PC / Mac version
  • Mods are not supported at all
  • Consoles cannot (yet) participate in Minecraft Realms
  • PC / Mac version has one Activity monitor, which shows who was online and when
  • the latest Minecraft version must be installed

You can also use your Export world from realmsif you have quit or want to quit. This feature will still work after you've canceled your subscription - but not for long. Many features such as this are only available on the computer version. Within a Realms version, the different devices can playing together. So this applies to the Pocket / Windows 10 version: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 and Gear VR; in the Computer version: Mac and PC.

The specialty with Windows 10 owners: If you want to own a realm together with mobile players, you should opt for the Pocket / Windows 10 Edition. This also applies to everyone who uses Minecraft Windows Store have acquired. Anyone who bought Minecraft through belongs to the PC / Mac version.

The costs again differ in the two editions. Do you decide for the PC / Mac version, you have to pay the following:

  • 30 days: 8.99 euros
  • 90 days: 23.99 euros
  • 180 days: 42.99 euros
  • Renewal / per month: 7.19 euros

This amount is paid by the admin, the remaining players can join for free. Of course, it makes more sense here if the players share the price. Do you have the Pocket version realm, you have the following costs:

  • maximum 2 persons plus admin: 3.99 euros
  • maximum 10 people plus admin: 7.99 euros

There is one on some versions one-month trial monthwhere you don't have to pay anything.

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