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Candied fruits are very popular. We have a recipe for candying orange slices from Jürgen Brand from the Kunder praline and chocolate factory in Wiesbaden. They can be eaten like that or used as an edible garnish for muffins or other desserts.


  • 1 large organic juice orange with edible, untreated peel
  • 300 g of sugar
  • 600 ml of water
  • a lot of time and patience


Wash and dry the orange and cut into about 10 thin, even slices. Cores and the end pieces are not used.

The sugar is added to the cold water and both are boiled together. Add the slices, weigh them down with a small plate and simmer over a very low heat for about 90 minutes.

Then cool in the covered pot and let stand for at least 24 hours.

The slices are half candied and can be used for desserts. It is best to leave them in the syrup until they are processed. The slices will keep for at least 2 weeks in a sealed jar and in the refrigerator. This makes them even softer, less sweet and more aromatic.

If the slices are to be completely candied, take the slices out of the syrup and treat them as follows:

  • Day 2: Bring the syrup to 101 ° C, allow to cool and pour over the slices. (Remember to put the plate back on to weigh down)
  • Day 3: Bring the syrup to 105 ° C, remove the slices beforehand and add them to the cooled syrup later.
  • Day 4: Syrup like day 2
  • Day 5: Remove the fruit, bring the syrup to a boil to 108 to 110 ° C. If the syrup is too little, sugar can be added instead of longer cooking. Be careful, the hot syrup foams a lot when the sugar is added. Then add the drained fruit directly to the hot syrup and let it boil briefly. Let cool down weighted down with the plate.
  • Day 6: Remove the fruits from the syrup and let them dry on a rack.
  • Day 7 or 8: the fruits should now be firm and can be processed, just like that for dessert, or covered with chocolate. They last for a very long time, but after a few months they lose their beautiful color and taste.

Tip: Be careful when using electrical thermometers with induction cookers. Always switch off the stove when measuring, as the measurement result may be incorrect and the measuring probe could be damaged. The recipe is also suitable for pineapple slices and other firmer fruits. If in doubt, the fruits should rather be a little unripe than too soft.

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