Nowhere especially the moon

"Pink moon" in the sky - that makes the super moon special

On Monday evening, our terrestrial satellite shines particularly brightly in its circular splendor: the super moon is coming.

Experts call the April full moon Pink Moon - but not because it would glow pink. The name goes back to the Native American people who recognized that the pink phlox (flame flower) bloomed when the phenomenon appeared in the night sky.

The moon doesn't just seem particularly close to us today - it really is, explain the experts at Then only 357,310 kilometers separate him from us - more than 27,000 kilometers less than the usual average.

When the moon is at its furthest point from the earth (406,740 kilometers), it looks up to 14 percent smaller, according to NASA.

But that is also due to its luminosity: If it is as close to us as it was tonight, it shines up to 30 percent brighter.

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The super moon appears most beautifully on Tuesday morning around 5.30 a.m. Then its rounding is complete. He can still be observed until Wednesday morning.

Whoever misses the pink moon this time has only one more chance to see a super moon this year. On May 26th, the full moon will come very close to us again - but then it will be called the flower or merry moon.

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