Munibur Rahman Chowdhury Tabassum

Arthur Cayley and the Abstract Group Concept
In this article, we examine in considerable detail Cayley's first three papers on abstract group theory (1854-59), with special reference to Cayley's formulation of the abstract group concept. We… Expand
W. H. Young at Aberystwyth
Abstract The object of this note is to draw attention to two bibliographical items of considerable interest in connection with Young's stay (1919–1923) at Aberystwyth as Professor of Pure Mathematics… Expand
A simple approach to countability
A set S is said to be equinumerous with a set T if there exists a bijective mapping from S onto T. Many authors say S is equivalent to T, but we prefer not to overuse the adjective “equivalent”. A… Expand
Koblitz, Klein and Kovalevskaia
Ann Koblitz's article "Sofia Kovalevskaia and the Mathematical Community" in Math. Intelligencer, 6/1 (1984), 20--29 (hereafter referred to as [K]), makes fascinating reading. Thanks to her, we are… Expand
The Infinitude of Prime Numbers Revisited
We present here a proof of the infinitude of prime numbers based on the sequence n! + k, k = 2, 3, ..., n. GANIT J. Bangladesh Math. Soc. Vol. 37 (2017) 185-187