How to Complete the Heroic Challenge of Waste

Which challenges have you been able to master with ease?

I didn't choose my cancer and that's why you can't speak of voluntarily accepting this challenge. To be honest, it wasn't as important to me at this point as it turned out in the end and accordingly I gave me few hopes, simply because the initial prognosis was not particularly good.

But somehow the thinking next to the therapy led to the fact that the values ​​got better and currently I am in the phase afterwards, where you simply have to expect it to occur again. But I wouldn't call the disease a challenge, rather a step back into everyday life afterwards.

Otherwise, I still see the professional as a challenge. In the meantime I have changed my job several times and not only the employer, but also the divisions themselves. It's always something new, you have to learn new things, get to know new people and deal with them. The tasks that are given to you also change accordingly and that's why I see a lot of professional tasks as a challenge, especially at the beginning. Later it depends on which tasks you are entrusted with, whether it is always the same, or whether even more demanding projects are placed under the supervision of you.