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23 ways in which
Shut up

11. 2. 2009. For the next event in Historic granary in Freiburg Kultur-AG was able to win a very special guest: the author and songwriter Wolfram Eicke from Lübeck. He became known for the poetic texts and wonderful melodies of his (children's) musicals as well as for his cheerful satirical songs for adults. At the Saturday, February 28th, at 3:30 p.m. he will sing and play for children (from 5 years) and families from his musical "Der Notenbaum". Pupils of the Freiburg school will entertain small (and large) guests with cakes and drinks (entrance fee 3 euros). In the evening at 19 o'clock Eicke adults his new solo program "23 ways to fall �n� - cheerful, thoughtful, grotesque and tender from the middle of life (entrance fee 5 euros). The KulturAG will take care of the physical well-being again The event room is heated, but warm clothing is recommended. Larger groups of children should register for the afternoon ([email protected] or Tel. 04779 925232).


Artist festival with
Mermaids and crabs

Rieckhoff woodcut: Paradise in the Ostewatt

21. 1. 2008. The technology of the Color woodcut and motifs from the Wadden Sea got it to the artist Artur Rieckhoff done for a long time. So he has in common with Hagen Zielke the art volume "Störtebeckers Schatz or: The secret of the lugworm" was compiled years ago. in the Year of the oste the wadden duo is dedicated to the Hullen bird sanctuary in the eastern estuary.

Rieckhoff theme Hullen bird sanctuary

At the Sunday, April 19, 2 p.m., is displayed in the exhibition tower of the Natureums Niederelbe the exhibition "Project Graugans und Hullen or: Hurricane over Neuwerk" opens (until May 24th). For the Vernissage is announced "stormy music".

Rieckhoff woodcut: print with Bülkauer larch

Dieckhoff promises an artistic examination of the Hullen, including its flora and fauna: "The secret of this Elbwatt (in the immediate vicinity of the Naturalum) is to be explored." About the content he reveals: "The common one Beach crab and one that suddenly appears mermaid shimmer in bright colors. Nature and culture shake hands with joy. "

Seals in the East Estuary

According to Rieckhoff, he wants to saw beams and boards from Bülkau larch, cut the Hullen motifs "with a damp hand in the wood" and print everything "in a stiff breeze on silk and on the finest hand-made paper". The printing blocks then become a four meter high relief built to guide the visitor into the exhibition. in the Exhibition tower of the Natureum models, woodcuts and proofs are shown. A will appear for the exhibition colored book with maritime woodcuts (24 euros).

Mainly on the Hullen you can find tider beds, salt marshes and flood turf. The areas are partially grazed. The Hullen Nature Reserve (website) is important for breeding birds such as shoveler, oystercatcher, lapwing, ruff, common gull, black-headed gull, common tern and others. it is of great importance for migratory birds, which are favored here by the hunting ban.

Year of the oste

Crime night for the first time
in the Natureum in Balje

Crime expert Hebeiss (r.) At the paper ship event

5. 1. 2009. in the Year of the oste is supposed to be the big crime night that has so far been held every year Drochtersen took place, to be celebrated for the first time on the Oste, in the Natureum Niederelbe at the east mouth. This was announced by the organizer, the Drochters bookseller and Osteland supporter Inga Hebeiss, on the weekend. Also this year seven crime readings on the Mocambo instead of the Oste passenger ship based in Oberndorf: Read it Elke Loewe, Wilfried Eggers, Thomas B. Morgenstern, Wolfgang Röhl, Wolf S. Dietrich, Nana Rademacher and Alexandra Kui (all dates on the website of Mocambo in the SCHEDULE section).

Blood-red Krimiland ships in Eitzmühlen

During the three days Paper ship art action That was also from Sigrid Frömming Krimiland Kehdingen-Oste Also in the game: sit down at the watermill in Eitzte Inga Hebeiss and other crime fiction friends blood-red paper boats into the Oste, plus a few copies that were folded from Krimiland flyers. Crime writer handed over at the eastern barrier Elke Loewe as well as Sigrid Frömming and Inga Hebeiss also a number of bottle posts with texts by regional crime writers about the river (many photos from the action at the Eastern Barrier here).

Promotion for the short crime thriller competition

A five-member jury chaired by Elke Loewe is currently viewing 94 short thrillers that have been received for the "Murder on the Transporter Bridge" competition. At the Sunday, January 10th, the jurors want to decide in a secret session which 20 stories should be published in a paperback, the Wolf-Dietmar Stock (Fischerhude) publishes with AG Osteland. The award ceremony is to take place in April in the Ostener Hotel Fährkrug.


Osteland - a
Well of joy

Vice District Administrator Hans-Volker Feldmann in Balje

3. 1. 2009. At the Eastern barrier in Balje, where well over 100 onlookers had gathered, and in the Old port of Neuhaus The three-day art campaign "From Tostedt to Tonga" by the Großenwörden paper maker ended on Saturday Sigrid Fromming, which handed 365 paper boats folded by students and several items in a bottle - including texts by local crime writers - over to the river.

Over 100 onlookers on the barrage wall

The Cuxhaven vice district administrator Hans-Volker Feldmann then paid tribute to the work of the artist at a reception in Neuhaus on behalf of the neighboring districts of Rotenburg, Stade and Cuxhaven AG Osteland as a "source of joy".

The river, which was "not noticed at all" until a few years ago, has now been "recognized as a precious stone", said Feldmann at the opening of this "wonderful anniversary year", which was proclaimed by AG Osteland.

Hundreds of boats are launched

With a view to the successful efforts to make the Oste known nationwide, the deputy district administrator quoted Schiller: "That is the beam that hits and ignites." Also the mayor of Neuhausen Georg Martens praised the "impressive actions" that contributed to "attracting many people's attention to us here in the north". AG-Osteland chairman Gerald Tielebörger declared that it is already foreseeable that the festive year will help "the community of people on the river continue to grow together".

Sigrid Frömming starts the last paper ship

After Sigrid Frömming and husband Dietrich had once again shown the course of the art campaign with photos and even sent greetings from German freighter captains to the Osteland, this was announced in Neuhaus under "Ahoi" shouts last paper ship surrendered to the floods.

Many photos from the third day of the art campaign are on this SPECIAL PAGE.


Night of nights
in Heimathof Hüll

Sold out: the crime night in the Heimathof

2. 11. 2008. For literature lovers from the Krimiland Kehdingen-Oste it was the night of the nights: from afternoon to around midnight read on Saturday in the 3. Kehdinger crime night seven authors in Heimathof Hüll from their most recent crime novels.

"buch & byte" advertising: logo with distinctive glasses

The occasion was the 20th anniversary of the Drochterser Bookstore "buch & byte" from AG-Osteland member Inga Hebeisswhose distinctive red glasses also adorn the company's logo.

Röhl reads from an as yet unpublished crime thriller

Torches lined the path to the Heimathof in Niederhüll, where the crime fans receive the hospitality of the men and women from the Heimatverein Hüll Ewald Sölter enjoyed. In the hall, under calf ropes and other farm utensils, 150 listeners followed the readings by well-known authors such as Wilfried Eggers, Thomas B. Morgenstern, Wolfgang Röhl, Dietrich Alsdorf and Dr. Reinhold Friedl, but also the crime novels Kai Michael Böttcher and Bianca Fromming, a writing captain from Brake (small photo).

Snacks in the barn

With Onion Pie and Feather White the guests were greeted. In the reading breaks, the Freiburger beckoned Koencke company the audience with their delicacies in the neighboring barn.

Depressing and impressive: Wilfried Eggers

"Stern" reporters attracted particular attention Wolfgang Röhl (Oberndorf), who gave a foretaste of his second, as yet unpublished crime comedy, and lawyer Wilfried Eggers (Drochtersen), who has just returned from the book fair and a reading tour through Germany and an equally depressing and impressive one Massacre scene from his Kehdingen and Turkey novel "Paragraph 301".

Anniversary girl and crime lover Inga Hebeiss

As Inga Hebeiss announced, they will Crime readings on the Oberndorfer passenger ship "Mocambo" continued in the year of the Oste 2009. From May to September the motto is again "Murder on board in the sunset". Further events are to take place in Heimathof Hüll and, for the first time, around the Moorkieker-Bahn.

von Allwörden (center), authors Röhl, Morgenstern

Seen in the audience: crime thriller publisher Peter von Allwörden (MCE-Verlag, Drochtersen), local history researcher Johann surrounding area (Hüll), Vice Mayor Johannes Schmidt (Hemmoor), photo artist Uwe Schaffrath (Chairman of the Kehdingen Art Association) and Renate Boelsche (Spokeswoman for the AG Osteland project Krimiland Kehdingen-Oste).


Fish & Ships
In the storage room

Cultural site: harbor warehouse in Freiburg

4. 9. 2008. News from Förderverein Kornspeicher Freiburg: Even during the renovation phase, the historic harbor warehouse is to be used as a Venue for culture and encounters d are available. Once a month a new one Culture AG in addition to the previous events Themed evening offered.

Comes from the east: photographer Birte Köser

With the start under the motto "We set sail" takes place on Saturday, September 20, from 5 p.m. a Photo exhibition "Tall ships at the mouth of the Elbe" instead of; the pictures of the east native photographer Birte Köser can be purchased. Around 19 o'clock becomes the movie "The Riddle of the Sandbank" shown. In addition, there are culinary delicacies all about fish under the motto "Fish & Ships". After the film, the bar stays for cozy drink open. The Granary Association invites members and interested parties to do so.

More about the club on its Homepage.


Fates of
Slave labor

Camp Sandbostel (UK aerial view)

26. 6. 2008. The 19-year-old Hüller high school graduate and law student is now with a 250 euro cash prize from the regional association Kristin Kammann (Photo here) for a thesis on Warstade High School on the fate of the slave laborers and prisoners of war stationed during the Second World War. Around 30 forced laborers from Poland, the Soviet Union and the Ukraine worked on 18 Hüller farms. In addition, 28 to 30 were mostly French prisoners of war from the Camp Sandbostel used in the village; In some cases they - with (forbidden) family affiliation - "fared comparatively well". - The work was presented for the first time at Science Day 2007 of the Warstade High School.


From Drochtersen
to Selsingen

Advertisement for the open air musical

13. 6. 2008. Suitable for the beginning of summer on Saturday, June 21st, brings Tamara Koch from TVG ballet Drochtersen with her ensemble who is enthusiastic about playing a "slightly different midsummer night's dream", freely based on the Queen musical "We will rock you", on stage. Start: 8 p.m.. Lovers of classical literature will find the famous lovers Oberon and Titania, Lysander and Hermia, Demetrius and Helena and of course all associated entanglements and metamorphoses. An unsuspecting craftsman can turn into a donkey. And with the music of Queen, even those who like it �rock� get their money's worth.

The Selsinger Association "Local culture" is happy to see this piece of love, jealousy, cunning and enchantment, which Shakespeare mainly lets take place in a deep forest, on the rustic one Courtyard of the Pape-Pfau family on Haaßeler Strasse in Singing to be able to present. The spectators will be able to sit and dine at tables and benches on the cobblestone courtyard. cards at the price of 8 euros are available at the Esso station in Selsingen, Hauptstrasse 9, telephone 04284-410, and at the box office.


Morning star

Attractive cover picture: Kehdingen crime thriller

22. 5. 2008. The successful Kehdingen crime thriller "The Milk Controller" of the Aschhorn organic farmer and winner of the Oste Culture Prize Thomas B. Morgenstern has just been published in a paperback edition by the well-known Piper-Verlag and is therefore available in stores nationwide. In the Publishing advertising will that Hamburger Abendblatt quoted with the verdict: "Morgenstern keeps the tension up to the last page." As you can find out in Aschhorn, Morgensterns will be there second Kehdingen thriller under the title "The listener" to appear in September - the manuscript is with the publisher. - Morgenstern, born in 1952, runs a biodynamic farm with his family in the Elbmarsch near Stade. The qualified biologist, who also studied German and theater studies, has published several books for children and young people. "The Milk Controller" is his first crime novel.

Krimiland reading with Thomas Morgenstern

More about the author on his website hofgemeinschaft-aschhorn.de. The wording of the Laudation for the award of the Oste Culture Prize is on Morgenstern here.

Children's theater

Petra Jaeschke as
Night watchman

The Oberndorferin plays in the cultural area of ​​Hüll

10. 5. 2008. At the Sunday May 18th at 3 p.m. shows Petra Jaeschke from Theater Pina Luftikus in the KunstRaum Hüll, Farmer Row 1, her new piece "Die Nachtwächterin", completely rhymed by Hartmut Behrens (Oberndorf). The piece is suitable for children from 5 years and for adults. The cards cost 4 euros.

Rhythmic narrative styles without rigid verse form up to Dada promote in this cheerful piece quite unobtrusively the pleasure in language. There is more about "The Night Watchman" here.


Science fiction
from thorn bush

17. 3. 2008. The Dornbuscher programmer Kai Biebricher (Photo) - married to the artist Beate Biebricher (Website) - under his maiden name Kai-Michael Böttcher has a science fiction novel with the title "The birch forest" composed. Details and a Reading sample are on Biebricher's website www.der-birkenwald.de. The Tageblatt sums up the content of the book that will be presented at the Leipzig Book Fair as follows: "In the center of the as well oppressive and exciting Science fiction novel is about the young couple Eva and Dirk Friesen. As a programmer at Dr. Grothe created a virtual city map and brain maps in collaboration with a clinic. A scandal ensued when it was discovered that patients had secretly had brainoscopies and that Dr. Grothe spied on people's memories ... "


When silent
Sound of water

27. 3. 2008. "Still water � moving sounds" is the title of an installation by Ute Seifert and a sound installation by the Icelandic Hrolfúr Vagnsson ArtSpace in Drochtersen-Hüll. The exhibition will be on Saturday, March 29th, at 7.30 p.m. opened with an introduction by Professor Martin Roman Deppner in the presence of the artist. Opening times (until April 27th): Wednesdays to Saturdays 2pm to 6pm, Sundays 11am to 6pm.


Krimiland radio
on a short wave

Librarian Wendt with the new travel guide

21. 3. 2008. The efforts of the nonprofit Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osteland e. V., the vast moorland and marshland between the Oste and the Elbe as "Krimiland Kehdingen - Oste" Upgrading tourism is making progress. At the Easter Sunday, March 23rd, reports now also the foreign broadcaster of the Federal Republic, the German wave (DW), about the region around the "German crime street", the Rönndeich between East / east, Grossenwörden and Drochtersen-Hüll, where more than 200 crime novels and crime scripts were created.

On Easter Sunday everyone
two hours worldwide

This is how Kehdingen advertises Krimiland

The contribution of Jörn Freyenhagen is in the German program of DW 7.20 a.m. on the show "Reisen" broadcast worldwide and then repeated every two hours (i.e. at 9:20, 11:20, 1:20 p.m. and so on). Deutsche Welle is best received on 6075 kHz in the 49 m band on shortwave.

After the first broadcast, the report can also be downloaded as a Podcast can be downloaded - as well as earlier reports, some of which lasted half an hour, that Deutschland-Radio Kultur and NDR radio broadcasted. The corresponding web addresses are available on the website www.krimiland.de.

Three sides in the new
Polyglot travel guide

Published at Easter: the holiday route book

The Krimiland, advertised by AG Osteland with the slogan "Murder between Marsch and Moor", has also been making a career for some time in travel literature.

The one published at Easter latest polyglot travel guide "Holiday routes in Germany - on old and new paths" (260 pages, Polyglott-Verlag, Munich), in which 35 of the more than 150 tourist routes in Germany are presented, is dedicated to the shortest theme street in Germany, the 2.5 kilometer long Rönndeich, three full pages - and puts them in line with the classics German Alpine Road, German Wine Road and Romantic Road.

Travel guide author Wolfgang Rössig refers, among other things, to the region's crime novels and thrillers by the bog inhabitants Elke Loewe, Wilfried Eggers, Thomas Morgenstern, Sebastian Knauer and Jürgen Petschull as well as the TV scripts of Rönndeicher, who died in 2005 Volker Vogeler down.

Birch trees flank Deutsche Krimistraße

Rössig recommends that only one day of vacation should be allowed for the Rönndeich itself. Forays into the (fictional or real) crime scenes in the
Districts of Cuxhaven, Stade and Rotenburg on the other hand required "several days".

Among other things, the Heimathof Moor Farming Museum is mentioned Envelopewho have favourited Rüsch Brickworks in Woodlouse sand, the brickwork museum in Bevern, the documentation and memorial site in Sandbostel, the moor museum Gnarrenburg, the moor railway "Moorkieker" at Aschhorn, the Wingst and the Maritime Museum Wischhafen.

"Happy horror" in
Erlkönigs Land

The Milky Way is also presented

The "Polyglott" travel guide recommends hotels and holiday homes at the transporter ferry in east, in the center of Freiburg or directly on "Krimistraße" in Drochtersen shell or the quarters at the also presented Lower Saxony Milky Way in Gräpel, Breitenwisch and Heinbockel-Hagenah.

More information is available on the website www.deutsche-krimistraße.de pointed out the AG-Osteland-Vice Jochen Bölsche has been running since 2003.

Before the detailed travel guide chapter with the words "Happy shivering!" ends, the Osteland Culture Prize winner arrives Elke Loewe to word: "I am now dismissing you from my report, hoping you will not let this put you in Erlkönigs Land to travel where the trees hump before the eternal northwest and the river flows back to the source every six hours. "

In the Krimiland the blooms
Literature tourism

Dietrich Alsdorf leads across the Horster cemetery

Locals as well as holidaymakers have the opportunity to find out about the "Krimiland" in the new season Freiburg and Bremervörde ("Every place a crime scene") to inform.

Sylvia Wolter On request, the Kehdingen Tourist Association will again organize relevant group tours. Corinna Kolf from Brobergen Ferry and History Association offered this year with the Hemmoor company "Osteland-Touristik" four bus trips to cemeteries, execution sites and other original locations of the historical thriller "Anna from Blumenthal" by Dietrich Alsdorf; Station is made in, among other places Brobergen, Horst at Grossenwörden and Himmelpforten.

Oste-Oldtimer Mocambo
fit for the crime season

Mocambo classic crime thriller in the shipyard in Neuhaus

In addition, the AG Osteland and its cooperation partners - cultural groups, bookshops and local associations - will be holding 15 author readings in the coming months, for example in Heimathof Hüll or in the Witches Bay near Hemmoor on the Oste-Oldtimer "Mocambo"currently at the Skadow shipyard in Neuhaus is made fit for the new crime season.

For the next reading on Friday, March 28th, 8 p.m., in the Hemmoor cultural center has the one there "Culture circle" the well-known Berlin crime writer Professor Horst Bosetzky ("-ky") can win one of his murderous stories in the diver's paradise close by Kreidesee has settled.


The last gap
in the bridge

Invitation to the bridge building exhibition

14. 3. 2008. 35 years ago the Köhlbrand Bridge built - subject of an exhibition with black and white photos by Uwe Schaffrath, the chairman of the Kunstverein Kehdingenthat on Easter Sunday, March 23rd, 10:30 a.m., in the Kehdinger coastal shipping museum is opened in Wischhafen. The journalist speaks introductory words Gerhard Kromschröder. The exhibition can be seen until July 27th (Sat. and Sun. 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., from July 1 every day except Mondays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.).


Cartoons of
the Niederelbe

Tetsche cartoon: With a fried egg, condom and plunger

14. 3. 2008. At the Friday, April 4th, at 3 p.m. opens the Maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe in the foyer of their office in Grünendeich (Altes Land) the exhibition "Tetsche Maritim", which is open until September 30th on Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm to 4pm and on weekends from 12pm to 5pm (free entry). The cartoonist has been working for around 30 years Fred Tödter (more ..) for the Hamburg magazine "Stern". For a long time he designed "News from Kalau", today his page in the "Stern" is simply called "Tetsche". Connoisseurs know: the artist, who lives in the Altes Land, has hidden a fried egg, a condom and a plunger on each of his cartoons ...


celebrate triumphs

2. 3. 2008. "Beverly Hüll", the village of amateur actors, once again lives up to its noun. "Nix as Arger bi Kröger Max" is the name of the new piece by Hüller Theoterspeeler, which on the weekend in Holten inn in Hüll (Tel. 04775-757) celebrated premiere. Further performances will follow on March 8th (2pm and 8pm), March 9th (2pm), March 14th (8pm), March 15th (2pm and 8pm), March 16 (2pm) ) and on March 22nd (2 p.m. and 8 p.m.).

Bernd Gombold's comedy is from Regina Kern has been rewritten into Low German. The Theoterspeelers reported about the contents: "Max Mahler, the well-known landlord of the 'Jagdglück' inn, has been in a shabby condition since the death of his wife. Together with his friend and postman Sigi, they open the mail to the citizens of the village Do they discover sloppiness and crooks of the mayor and his dignitaries. They want to use this insider knowledge to the mayor and his circle by the nose, the daughter of the hunting luck landlord her chosen one and Max's economy to bring new splendor succeed? "

On stage are Wilfried Mahler, Rolf Kammann, Sandra Hoop, Regina Kern, Thorben Offermann, Klaus Ahlf, Petra Keßler, Wilfried Bartels, Matthias König and Lisa Hoop. Also in the program: the juniors from "Plietsch un Platt" and like always "The catchy tunes" with Wilfried, Sigrid, Marlies, Ute and Klaus as well as Gerhard with the accordion.

watch TV

TV two-part: Land
in the tidal current

TV theme fortress Grauerort

5. 12. 2007. "Land in the tidal current" is called a Portrait of the Lower Elbe, which will soon be running on N 3. The first part ("Hamburg to Stade") begins on December 21 at 8:15 p.m., the second part ("Stade bis Cuxhaven") on December 27th at 8:15 p.m. Repetitions are scheduled for December 27th and 28th at 3:15 pm.

The film follows the broad stream and its Tributaries, tells of an unexpectedly colorful world, always in the race between man and nature, between business and history.

TV theme Elbe deepening

The first part begins on Hamburg's banks of the Elbe, where gigantic container ships scrape across the bottom of the Elbe. Past Hamen fishermen whose nets are filled with ebb and flow. Unique in Europe is the freshwater mudflats, an ecosystem, precious and threatened like the tropical rainforest, right in front of the Hamburg harbor gate. Further downstream, on the Lower Saxon side of the Elbe, the awakens Grauerort fortress out of their deep sleep, a little bizarre, at the latest when the old Prussians start shooting. A swim in the sea of ​​flowers offers that in spring Old country, the largest orchard in Northern Europe. Not far from it Cabbage sand, "Flying" boats save lives and opposite, on the banks of Schleswig-Holstein, the last rush cutters are trudging through the mudflats. A tough adventure with no future. Almost extinct and forgotten like the ribbon tears who once got the butter rolling - at a time when sailing was not yet a leisure activity. The Elbe has changed a lot since then. Straighter, deeper, faster - people reach through Elbe deepening one in their course, more and more, more and more often.

TV theme Elbe estuary

The second part of the film follows the Elbe stream to its confluence with the North Sea. Always on the trail of small and large secrets, such as that of the wandering islands, or the delicious, salty silver pieces Glückstadt. And it shows who for whom the lowest point in Germany is the highest. The Elbe has meanwhile spread. Their banks, driven far apart, are only here by the Ferry between Glückstadt and Wischhafen connected. The maritime history of the Lower Elbe belongs to lovingly restored cargo sailors. With the right wind in the cloth, you travel through time. And a little further downstream, an Archimedean snail turns. She comes from Holland and is not a reptile. Where the river is already flavoring the salt water of the sea, in Otterndorf, roll heads round and ripe until the herb turns sour. And the "fat Berta" tells why the glow in her eyes has gone out. In Cuxhaven, the Elbe leaves its river bed and unites with the rough sea. Here the journey over the great river and its tributaries ends - a journey with the tides, between ebb and flow.


Hamburg press
celebrates Jonas Kötz

Krautsander shanty choir with Kötz picture

11. 11. 2007. In the summer the presented Krautsander choral society "Welfare", as reported, during a stage show the wonderful picture book "Der Krautsander Gesangverein" by the singer, draftsman, sculptor and writer Jonas Kötz. Now dedicate that Hamburger Abendblatt the Krautsander artist a report that here online stands.

A Short video from the spectacular performance of the Krautsander singers here on youtube.com.


in Freiburg

12. 11. 2007. "Simultaneously" organizes the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK) 46 exhibitions across Germany, including in the rooms of the Kunstverein Kehdingen in Freiburg. The exhibition by 18 artists from Kehdingen can be visited on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 6 p.m. until November 25th.

Details in Hamburger Abendblatt.


Art united
in the art association

Exhibition at the Kunstverein Kehdingen

25. 8. 2007. The Art Association Kehdingen was registered as an association in 1987. In 2007 it has been in existence for 20 years. That will be celebrated - with an exhibition opening on Sunday, September 9th, from 3 p.m., and a finissage with music and buffet on Sunday October 21. On display are works by many artists who had an exhibition at the Kunstverein during these 20 years. it is clear which artists they were here.


in the art space

The art space in Niederhüll

12. 7. 2007. An exhibition entitled "Landscapes à la carte" will be held on Saturday, July 14th, at 7.30 p.m. opened in KunstRaum, Bauernzeile 1, in Hüll. The artist Dirk Behrens from Helmste-Issendorf has painted holiday and picture postcards.

The exhibition runs until August 19 and can be viewed Wednesdays to Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. More...

Cabbage sand

Stage show around
a picture book

The shanty choir presents Kötz pictures

25. 6. 2007. A first-class spectacle could be experienced in Drochtersen on Sunday. The Krautsander choral society "Welfare" presented the wonderful in the culture shy during a stage show as the audience had never seen it before new picture book "The Krautsander Choral Society" of the singer, draftsman, sculptor and writer Jonas Kötz.

Jonas Kötz is reading from his new book

In between shanty performances, the island artist read from his book while his singing brothers held up large slides with the Kötz drawings.

Not only the little ones are enthusiastic

The audience watched spellbound - including local celebrities such as the SPD chairwoman in Drochters Rita Beer - the story: A Krautsander sailor, singer and amateur radio operator is depressed about the unsuccessfulness of his choir, which only appears in front of empty halls, and asks his radio friends all over the world for ideas on how the performances of the choir can be made more attractive.

Johnny, the guest from Tonga-Tonga

The enthusiasm of the audience - animated by applause and cheering signs - reached a first climax, as, parallel to the story, a real one Rolls Royce rolls into the culture barn, gets out of the amateur radio operator Johnny from Tonga-Tonga, who is at the club's side with help and advice.

Part of the staging: the cheering signs

The mood cannot be topped when the Krautsander Sangesbrüder implement the recipes from the South Seas in Bast skirt appear and in addition to their shanties also intone groovy hits: "Bananas on the hip ..."

In the audience: local politician Rita Beer

The organizer of the successful afternoon was the bookseller and Osteland supporterInga Hebeiss ("Book and Byte") from Drochtersen.

Cheered: the finale in a bast skirt

The picture book, still an insider tip, is made by Jonas Kötz and the Hemmoorer Mike Behrens self-published. More on the Website for the picture book.

A very nicely designed one new website is about tourist offers on Krautsand here. Not only that can be done via the associated webshop Kötz book but also a selection of T-shirts, caps and buttons with the logo "Independence for Krautsand".


Back to
middle Ages

Brave knights collect the entrance fee

2. 6. 2007. The medieval model village "Op de Hörn" at Gut Hörne from AG Osteland member Kuno von Zedlitz has received the first guests these days: Schoolchildren from Freiburg / Elbe practiced old handicraft techniques there on a daily basis.

Colorful hustle and bustle between the huts

At the Hörnefest the Secondary and secondary school in Freiburg The new Stader district administrator also showed up on Saturday Michael Roesberg enthusiastic about the educational project (more).

Freiburg headmaster Jörg Petersen

School principals are among its driving forces Jörg Petersen and many committed colleagues.

Petersen shows District Administrator Roesberg (r.) The village

Teachers can also bake rolls

The village chapel serves as a theater backdrop

Colorfully costumed: Freiburg schoolgirls

There is also a farrier in the model village

To a preliminary report of the Stader Tageblattes fine here, a report by Hamburger Abendblatts stands here.


in Kehdingen

Indicates an emergency: Headmaster Petersen

5. 6. 2007. The headmaster of the Secondary and secondary school in Kehdingen in Freiburg, Jörg Petersen, sounds the alarm: 90 of his 112 school leavers cannot find an apprenticeship!

Compared to the Stader Tageblatt (Tuesday edition) explains Petersen: "The hard reality is that 80 percent of our students have no perspective see. "According to the employment agency in the structurally weak Kehdingen there is currently only one training position advertised.

Also in CuxlandWhen it comes to training positions, the gap between supply and demand continues to widen. "But politics must not allow young people to be released from school into a lack of prospects," added Daniela Krause-Behrens, Member of the state parliament and chairwoman of the SPD in the district of Cuxhaven, declared on the weekend on the occasion of the "day of the training place".

SPD calls
Emergency program

The state SPD demands in Lower Saxony 10,000 full-time training places at vocational schools in the short term set up. The trainees could gain practical work experience during this time company internships collect, it says on the Website of the Cuxland SPD. More....

Art association

June 2007 "

Elephant from Biebricher (detail)

20. 5. 2007. Under the title "Experiment June" the Art Association Kehdingen his premises in Freiburg are once again available to regional artists. They show their work under their own direction and will be present in person.

At the June 2nd and 3rd guest "The Schwinger" from Stade. The painting group is an accompanying offer of the DRK-Schwinge workshops in Stade for people with disabilities, which is directed by the painter Beate Gehring in cooperation with the adult education center in Stade. The group meets regularly on a weekly basis. The painting group has existed since 2001 and has since shown their work in several exhibitions in Stade and in 2006 at the Kunstverein Kehdingen.

At the June 16 and 17 comes the Group "complementary", consisting of its leader Beate Biebricher as well as Gabriele Zastrau, Ulrike Grote, Renate Möller-Solich and Renate Dose. She exhibits in the art association on the subject of "elephants and other beauties". The African drum group "Wir 4" plays on Sunday, June 17th, from 4 p.m..

Adametz picture "An der Oste"

At the June 23rd and 24th represents Raimund Adametz out. The painter and picture weaver from Oberndorf shows calligraphic compositions and landscapes in watercolor technique, as well as hand-woven tapestries and textile objects in wool and silk. Portraits in various techniques round off the workshop cross-section (opening times on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.).


Concert reading
on good horns

Gut Hörne - a stylish setting for cultural events

28. 4. 2007. Once again it is Till Sailer from Bad Saarow with a concert reading Good horns (Balje-Hörne, Hörne-West 46) as a guest. At the Sunday, May 13th, 6pm, he will read there episodes from his novel "In Liebe - Ihr Johannes Brahms". In this book he describes six years of development of the boy Johannes Brahms after leaving his hometown Hamburg. A good part of this book was written during Till Sailer's stay as the 18th town clerk (2003) in the Otterndorf garden house on the Süderwall. The pianist Gudula Senftleben (Photo) will help shape the newly put together program for this evening. She plays works by Johannes Brahms, including two movements from his Sonata in F minor, a romance by Clara Schumann and several piano pieces by Robert Schumann. Due to the limited space available, tickets can be ordered by telephone at 04753-362 Family v. Zedlitz recommended. Admission is 10 euros or 7 euros for schoolchildren. Directions here.


Eggers reads in

Restored granary in Freiburg

18. 3. 2007. At the Friday, April 27th, 7:30 p.m., read Wilfried Eggers in the historical Granary in Freiburg / Elbe from his crime thriller "Brick fire". The organizer is the project group Krimiland Kehdingen-Oste of the AG Osteland.

Crime reading with Wilfried Eggers

Entry: Box office 8 euros, advance booking 6 euros. pre sales from March 26th in the old town bookstore in Otterndorf, J.-H.-Voss-Str. 8 (04751-2101), Center bookstore in Hemmoor, Zentrumstr. 1 (04771-5848), Schröder jeans store in Hemmoor, Am Zentrum (04771-2388), Kunst & Kram, Kleine Galerie, Neuhaus, Schleusenplatz 6 (04752-7068), Schuhhaus Krüger in Freiburg, Hauptstr. 21 (04779-396), buch & byte in Drochtersen, Sietwender Str. 24 (04143-7434), Contor bookstore in Stade, Hökerstr. 4 (04141-46286).


Morning star
for Chinese

Author Morgenstern at the Krimiland working group

9. 3. 2007. The regional thriller "The Milk Controller" of the Aschhorn organic farmer Thomas B. Morgenstern should appear in Chinese. That reports that Stader Tageblatt in its weekend edition. The crime story that started with a corpse in East / east begins, is now, as reported, the best-selling crime thriller at the internet provider amazon.de and is considered the surprise success of the year. "A gripping act with many feint, by which the reader is captivated and led on wrong tracks. Playing everything in the Kehdinger milieu and with one heart-refreshing kind written. A little bizarre, enigmatic and funny, sometimes coarse, but mostly in such a way that the people and their characters appear amiable. Kehdinger stop, "writes Tageblatt editor-in-chief Wolfgang Stephan about the novel.

The one from the working group Krimiland Kehdingen-Oste (website) the AG Osteland e. V. Morgenstern reading held on Friday, March 16, in the vaulted cellar of the Pupke slaughterhouse in Neuhaus / Oste is sold out, as the working group spokeswoman, qualified librarian Renate Wendt, notifies.

Two previous Morgenstern events of the Osteland working group had also been fully booked within a short time.


A camellia for
the crime poet

Elke Loewe (r.) With Sigrid Frömming (Osteland)

9. 2. 2007. The concept of AG-Osteland working group "KrimiLand Kehdingen-Oste"Offering readings in original places seems to be working.

The audience listens spellbound

Every last seat was filled with an event on Friday with the successful author and winner of the Oste Culture Prize Elke Loewe in the castle-like Gut Hörne near Balje.

Premiere: a chapter from the next crime thriller

With much applause, the audience thanked the writer, who read three crime stories and read from her latest book "Schneekamelie" (to be published in autumn). Sigrid Fromming presented the crime poet with a flower present on behalf of AG Osteland - a camellia, of course.

Welcome by Sylvia Wolter (AG Osteland)

At the beginning, the Kehdinger tourism expert Sylvia Wolter the Krimiland working group of the AG Osteland and informed about the next readings.

Host Kuno von Zedlitz had invited

During the break, the audience took the opportunity to talk to the landlady Maike von Zedlitz to have a glass of wine served.

The break provided an opportunity to chat

In the vaulted cellar of the Pupke slaughterhouse in Neuhaus / Oste (District of Cuxhaven), Deichstrasse 23, carries the author and farmer Thomas B. Morgenstern from Aschhorn (Stade district) on Friday, March 16, 7.30 p.m., from his moor crime thriller "The Milk Controller".

Im restored historical Granary in the port of Freiburg / Elbe (Landkreis Stade) the writer and lawyer from Drochters reads Wilfried Eggers at the Friday April 27th at 7.30 p.m., among other things from a still unpublished new crime thriller.

cards for the next readings (6 euros, box office 8 euros), which also include a Snack can be ordered, are among others in the Drochters bookstore "Buch & Byte" of Inga Hebeiss available.

More about the project "KrimiLand Kehdingen-Oste" at www.krimiland.de.


Morning pint with
the "Elbe Cowboys"

Snapshots from Heinrich Uthenwoldt

21. 1. 2006. According to information from the organizer Dirk Ludewig the triple gymnasium in Drochtersen was fully booked for 16 years, when "Truck Stop" occurred. There was also high spirits again when the Elbe Cowboys were there on Sunday for the 17th. Country morning pint played. Among the estimated 1500 listeners, many in western outfits, there were also a number of Osters - some of them had only taken a short break after the fire brigade ball and then drove straight to Drochtersen ...

Medal for

mayor Hans-Wilhelm Boesch thanked the organizer Ludewig and awarded him the "Order of the Congregation".


"Milk controller"
shoots up

Successful author Morgenstern (in Osten-Achthöfen)

4. 2. 2006. Surprise success for the most recent novel from the "Krimiland Kehdingen - Oste": The Aschhorn organic farmer's debut "The Milk Controller" Thomas B. Morgenstern conquers the bestseller lists.

"The milk controller", who plays in the Kehdinger Moor and on the Oste, is with amazon.de meanwhile shot up to number 27 of all titles sold. The book from the is on the bestseller list "Krimi" Drochterser MCE-Verlag by Peter von Allwörden in 9th place. The fourth edition will be released next week.

Readers are thrilled - amazon reviews here.

Surprise success for Drochterser Verlag

As part of the series "Coastal Mysteries" of the Osteland-Working group Krimiland Morgenstern reads, as announced, on Friday, March 16, 7.30 p.m., in the vaulted cellar of the Pupke slaughterhouse in Neuhaus / Oste, Deichstraße 23, from his moor crime thriller "The Milk Controller".

cards are still available in the old town bookstore in Otterndorf, Johann-Heinrich-Voß-Str. 8 (Tel. 04751-2101), in the Cafè Alt Neuhaus in Neuhaus, Bei der Kirche 1 (Tel. 04752-841033), in the Schuhhaus Krüger in Freiburg, Hauptstr. 21 (Tel. 04779-396) and at buch & byte in Drochtersen, Sietwender Str. 24 (Tel. 04143-7434).


Detective comedy
eight times op Platt

Witt's Gasthof Zur Post in Oederquart

19. 1. 2006. They show a Low German crime comedy entitled "Een Arvschop to'n gniggern" Nordkehdinger comedians at the Saturday, January 27th, 8 p.m. (premiere), and seven other dates in Witt's Gasthof Zur Post (website) in Oederquart. Registrations for the performances on January 28, 2 p.m., and February 9, 10, 16, 17 and 23 February, 8 p.m. each time, received. Last performance: February 25, 2 p.m..

The crime comedy penned by Walter G. Pfaus has it all: from time to time Lina von Haagen makes fun of rallying her unloved relatives by telling them that she is about to die. Everyone is hoping for a rich inheritance and they come well. But this time Lina actually dies. The maid Petra received precise instructions from the old lady in this case. She calls the police and the notary. The police establish that Lina von Hagen did not die of natural causes. When the will is opened, there are long faces and a number of surprises. The biggest surprise is that the testator knew her relatives better than they did herself. She accused three of those present of murder and thus posthumously helps to unmask the real perpetrator.


Masked bodies
Krimiland flyer

Flyer presentation in the Wingst with Osteland-
Board members Brauer, Tielebörger, Schmidt

14. 1. 2007. The appearance suited the occasion: three women with black balaclavas presented at the weekend at midnight in the Wingster forest new advertising material for Kehdingen and the Osteland.

Vacation in the country
the crime poet

The hooded representatives of Project group "Krimiland" the Working group Osteland with the chairman of the non-profit association, Gerald Tielebörger (Wingst), a six-page glossy paper leaflet, which will soon be available on the Travel fair in Hamburg and on the International Green Week in Berlin to advertise for "vacation in the land of crime poets" at Oste and Niederelbe.

Where every place one
The crime scene is ...

The leaflet arouses curiosity about the area between with idyllic landscape photos and quotes from television and the press ("Germany's crime mecca") Neuhaus and Freiburg, Grossenwörden and Aschhorn, "where every place is a crime scene": Although the "real crime rate is extremely low", the number of fictional crime scenes in the area breaks down over 200 crime fiction and crime scripts have arisen, all records.

Front page of the leaflet with photo
of the Aschhorner Moor information center

"Creepy. Hospitable. Great" - under this heading the leaflet informs that not only the (imagined) crimes are typical for the "eerily beautiful" holiday region. It emphasizes: "The people are hospitable, the nature is magnificent, the quiet Oste, which is moved by ebb and flow, as well as Kehdingen with its rich maritime heritage."

Are listed Notes on places of interest such as the Natureum in Balje, the transporter bridge in the east and the coastal shipping museum in Wischhafen as well as the addresses and websites of all tourist information and bookshops in the region.

ILEK funded
the flyer printing

The printing of the first 10,000 copies of the advertising leaflet was financed with funds from Regional management for the ILEK region Kehdingen-Oste. Before that, the mayors of the member communities in the ILEK steering group had spoken out in favor of giving "all possible support" to the Krimiland project, which was developed on a voluntary basis by AG Osteland.

As a "lighthouse project", the Krimiland concept has a "pilot character" and offers a good chance "to build something for the region at short notice," explains the government director Siegfried Dierken from Office for Land Development in Bremerhaven the promotion of the project that attracted the interest of the Minister of Agriculture last summer at the ILEK ideas fair in Himmelpforten Heiner Ehlen had aroused.


Readings in the castle,
Vault and storage

Thomas Morgenstern reads in this vault

On the occasion of the presentation of the new Krimiland leaflet (see above), the head of the twelve-person Krimiland project group, a qualified librarian, announced Renate Wendt (East), one Series of other "coastal crime" readings in original locations supported by the most famous regional crime writers:

>>> On the castle-like one Good horns reads in Balje (district of Stade) Elke Loewe (Drochtersen-Hüll) on Friday, February 9th, 7:30 p.m., among other things from her crime story "Sieh, eine Sandbank", the plot of which is set on the Kehdinger Elbe bank.

>>> In the vaulted cellar of the Pupke slaughterhouse in Neuhaus / Oste (District of Cuxhaven), Deichstrasse 23, carries the author and farmer Thomas B. Morgenstern from Aschhorn (Stade district) on Friday, March 16, 7.30 p.m., from his moor crime thriller "The Milk Controller".

Wilfried Eggers comes to the granary

>>> Im restored historical Granary in the port of Freiburg / Elbe (Landkreis Stade) the writer and lawyer from Drochters reads Wilfried Eggers at the Friday April 27th at 7.30 p.m., among other things from a still unpublished new crime thriller.

The "Coastal Crime" series was already on December 1st in the sold out hotel restaurant "Seefahrer" in Osten-Achthöfen (Cuxhaven district) with an appearance by the Geversdorf author and former UN official Dr. Reinhold Friedl opened, who presented his oste crime thriller "Tödliches Tabu".

Cards now
in presale

Advance sales are also open at Inga Hebeiss

cards for the next three readings (6 euros, box office 8 euros), which also include a Snack can be ordered are in the Drochters bookstore "Buch & Byte" of Inga Hebeiss, in the Otterndorfer Altstadt bookstore and in Freiburg shoe store Kruger as well as in other advance booking offices, which are available on the website www.krimiland.de are listed.

The AG Osteland is pleased that the "Krimiland Movement" on the Oste and Elbe now includes many other associations, but also individuals, publishers, booksellers and authors who have been given their own events to use the culture and tourism promotion program the tourist "Krimiland Kehdingen-Oste brand" becomes widely known as quickly as possible.


Home club sets
2007 program

Farmer's band at Heimathof Hüll

6. 1. 2007. The Heimatverein Hüll has presented its new annual program, the here can be viewed. The annual general meeting will take place on February 2nd, 7.30 p.m., in the Holten inn in Hüll-Gehrden.


A hundred flocked
to crime night

Overwhelmed by the response: bookseller Hebeiss

3. 11. 2006. The response was sensational 1. Kehdinger crime night on Thursday in Drochtersen: bookseller Inga Hebeiss (Book & byte) welcomed around 100 visitors to the Hotel at the town hall (admission: 12 euros) to the regional crime writer Anke Cibach and their colleagues Wilfried Eggers, Thomas Morgenstern and Wolf S. Dietrich to listen to.

Came with a plastic rat: crime writer Cibach

Organizer Hebeiss wants to work closely with the AG Osteland work together, as reported, with their Project Krimiland Kehdingen - Oste wants to use the high number of regional crime stories for tourism advertising (more under EAST).

The mayor of Wischhafen was among the guests at the reading Heinrich von Borstel, Chairman of the local tourist board (website), Regional thriller publisher Peter von Allwörden (Medien-Contor Elbe), Kehdingen tourism specialist Sylvia Wolter and representatives of AG Osteland.

These thrillers are now available as audio books

Many of the visitors were proud to live in a region with so many excellent crime writers. Of course, many of the crime thriller fans already knew at least some of the texts that were read.

The audience listens spellbound

The audience was all the more surprised when Wilfried Eggers